rhéa (english)

Chapter 1 - Rhéa

Rhéa was a twenty years old young women, who just succeeded in enter a Grande École as student in history of art. She was clever, had a sharp mind, and of a open and generous temper. Rhéa was also sporty, she ran regularly an she often exercised to deal with the stress of studies. She was tall, slender, and her pretty oval face with fine lines was framed by thick black hair that stopped at the level of her shoulders. Her life was happy in the ancient meaning of the term, that is, free from pain. Then she met Nathan. She didn’t know exactly how it had happened—well, yes, she liked him, he liked her, they talked, made dates, etc—but they had ended up falling in love and getting together. They didn't live together at first, but they often saw each other, once at her place, once at his place. Interestingly, food was at the heart of their relationship, both of whom loved to eat. Rhea sometimes ate a lot, but her practice of sports had prevented her from gaining weight until now. She would have dreamed of doing sports with Nathan, going to the gym or running with him, but he had suffered a serious injury as a child that prevented him from playing sports. However, they enjoyed themselves in other ways, such as going out for ice cream in town, buying pizzas to watch in front of a movie, going out to restaurants or cooking at home. They spent more and more time together, not to the detriment of Rhea's work, no! But rather to the detriment of the hours she devoted to physical exercise. The years that followed this encounter and the beginning of this relationship were among the happiest of Rhea's life. Supported by her lover, they stimulated each other, which enabled her to succeed in her studies and her work. She was radiant and loved more than ever by those who took advantage of her contagious good humor. However, she began to gain weight. She didn’t noticed at first, not giving too much importance to her appearance. Not to mention the fact that Nathan was getting bogged down at the same time that she wasn’t causing her to be alarmed. She was happily fattening, in the absence of sport and in culinary and romantic delights. Her face became rounder, her limbs thickened, her belly and buttocks swelled. It was by making love that they brought about these changes. Nathan’s slim and sturdy body, as well as the scent of the perfume he used to hide his masculine smells, carried her with pleasure when they began their relationship. On the other hand, Rhea's athletic silhouette, the softness of her skin and the warmth of her scent drove Nathan crazy with desire. But as their physiognomy changed, they experienced orgasms, beyond anything they had ever known. This was done by discovering silly things: the sweet taste of their mouths when they kissed, kneading Rhea’s imposing breasts and Nathan’s nascent tits, playing with the meat rolls that make up their massive bellies. Their way of achieving orgasm also changed, as they moved from Rhea’s vagina to her buttocks and anus. As for the belly, nature was also generous with them in this particular area. All these new discoveries linking food and sex made them accept their new state very well, and also sought to amplify it. They ate more and more, increasing the portions, and never gave in to fast food, because healthy fattening and good cuisine was very important to them.
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Ao01 1 month
Only one chapter? Will it be continue?
ElieDeldon 1 month
yes I write very short short stories, but I hope you liked it anyway!