ripe for pregnancy

Chapter 1 - the spur of the moment

Sarah and her husband Jeff had a successful home business together buying and selling stock from one company to the next, were both in great shape, had a beautiful home but the late 20's couple seemed to have lost that exciting spark they once had. They still loved each other but nothing seemed to be exciting anymore, everything just felt like they were just going through the motions.

Sarah, with her shoulder length dark blonde hair tied in a high pony tail, cute elf like nose and blue almond shaped eyes stood in front of the mirror in her crop top sports gear that showed of her tight abs and wide hips that complimented her ample C cup bust and wondered why she put her self through such a rigours workout routine every morning when it didnt seem to make her happy anymore. She turn to stare at her tight and Shapley bum and her smooth toned legs in her favorite pair of grey sports leggings and ran her hand up and down her flat tummy and playfully cupped her breasts and marvelled at how soft and warm they were. She was never anything but slim her whole life but had the perfect "baby carrying" frame as her mother would tell her every day.

"Jeff....have you...have you thought about...babies at all lately?" Sarah asked with a nervous lilt to her voice while slowly making her morning smoothy after her work out.

"Hmm" Jeff looked up from his computer rather calmly "sure, we've been together long enough and I think we are ready" to which he just went back to the random clicking and abnormally calm manner.

Sarah's heart started racing "oh!" She blurted out "So you're not worried about it being a big step...or...or me gaining weight and growing a big fat belly?" Sarah was testing the waters as carefully as she could trying not to let her excitement come through at the idea of gaining some weight for once but didn't seem to be doing it as subtly as she hoped.

Jeff closed his laptop and walked over to his sexy wife and held her from behind and ran his hands over her flat belly and statred playing with her perfectly shaped breasts, "If this belly becomes as soft, round and perfect as these then I don't think you have a thing to worry about"

Her heart felt like it was hosting a tap dancing tournament "Well you certainly know how to comfort a women don't you!?" Sarah wasn't sure about what brought this about but it seemed Jeff was as keen to see her body go through changes as much as she was. "Do you think you could handle a big sexy belly huh?" Her imagination started running wild "Imagine me crawling across the bed on all fours with a huge round belly brushing against your crouch before I sit down on you lap and your hands caress my new soft curves and belly that bulges out under my soft pillowy and plump boobs?" Oh no, had she gone to far?

Jeff seemed to be breathing a bit heavier, she only just realised the throbbing erection that was pressed firm against her tight bum. She turned around and put her arms around his neck and his hands sank down to rest of her wide hips. "That sounded amazingly hot...You are amazingly hot but I've always had a thing for...bellies on girls" he seemed to struggle to get that out "Ever since I saw those pregnancy photoshoots where the women is completely naked under a sheet and laying down and arching their back slightly so all their curves are perfectly rounded and lushish..." He caught himself realising he too was over sharing.

It had been almost a year since she had been this turned on, she could feel her legs quivering and felt warm between her legs aswell, hearing Jeff go on about a women with a huge belly sent her brain wild. She turned back to her smoothy that she was only half way through making and grabbed Jeff's mass gain protein powder and started scooping big scoops one after the other, impulse and addrealine spurring her on and she turned the blender on "take a seat baby" she said to Jeff who happily accepted the offer. She raced to the fridge and grab the large container of protein brownies she had made them to last the next 2 weeks and then started nearly inhaling them two bites at a time, even with her toned tummy the amount of food she was going through it was hard to not notice her belly slowly expanding with every bite. She was like a women possessed, she couldn't control these urges, she had had cheat days before but this was another level, she reached over and turned the blender off and continued to shovel down the thick, rich and moist brownies, one hand slowly slid down to massage her warm, growing tummy. It felt so strange to be enjoying it so much but after dening these feelings for so long it was like forbidden fruit.

Her crop top slowly started to rise up towards her breasts while she pulled down her pants slightly to show off her new found girth. With amply breasts and hips to frame her belly it looks like she was three months pregnant already but she wasn't ready to slow down just yet. She took her smoothy mix with enough mass gainer to supply a body builder for weeks and seductively waltz over to her husband who had been enjoying the show so far. "So you've secretly wanted me to have a big belly all along have you?" She whispered with a slight moan to her voice and she climbed on his lap and press her belly against him. "You know I always want to make you happy" as she took his hand and placed it on the side of her rounded belly and started rubbing it back and forth with her hand "can you hold this while I finish my drink?" Sarah said with a coy smile.

She raised the massive blender full of the fattening drink to her lips and started swallowing small mouthfuls at a time as it was like a thick paste but determined to see it through she pushed on. Jeff slowly massaged her belly as it expanded and subtracted with every breath and marvelled at how big it was getting after each gulp, the pressure started building in her stomach and the immense pleasure it gave her caused her legs to tighten around Jeff's legs. The tingling between her legs grew with every inch that her belly grew and the endorphins were rushing through Sarah giving her a natural high. As the last drop of the huge blender of mass gainer mix slid down her throat and settled in her stomach she took a deep breath and moaned uncontrollably while grasping her now 5 months pregnant sized beach ball belly. Her legs were trembling and with every deep breath her belly rose a few more inches before settling again. She had to get Jeff to remove her pants because the sports leggings were not exactly comfortable now. As she lay down on the floor cupping her massive belly that pinned her down she had the urge for a quick dessert, "ba...babe" she struggled out through moans, "I think it's time to bust out that tub of icecream your mother bought us because she thinks we are too skinny" more belly massages helped move around the think protein blend in her pregnant like belly.

Before she knew it Jeff had seated him self beside her on the floor and rested his hand on her smooth sexy bloated belly and started spoon feeding her the extra stuffed chocolate ice cream one big spoonful after another. With every bite it caused her body to wriggle in near orgasmic pleasure and as the tub emptied her belly grew like a women entering her third term of pregnancy. Waves of pleasure surged from head to foot through Sarah and she went crossed eyed trying to sit up, "urghhhh...oh god my belly...ohh it's amazing!" She groaned and her two hands and Jeff's caressed every inch of the massive pregnant shaped belly. "I think I need...a shower Jeff...urghhh it's so tight!" What a sight she was right now, her thick and toned legs that lead up to her juicy and wide hips that emphasised her smooth and tan seven month sized belly nestled up next to her plump and perky boobs.

Jeff helped her up and held her from behind and cupped his hands under her massive belly which just the feeling of alone nearly made him cum and helped her slowly walk down the hall to the huge double shower they had custom made to have some adult fun in. He helped undress Sarah and ran his hands under her lushish breasts and lifted them up and could feel the size of her belly protruding out from under neath them. Is was a sight he had only imagined before and now it was real, as she waddled forward like any heavily pregnant would even though this was just a food baby and turned the over head shower on to nice and hot. She turned around and started at Jeff with that desire she had on their honeymoon and asked "so are you going to get me all slippery and wet or am I going to finish this off myself?"
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Theswordsman 3 years
Something tells me she's going to jeep gaining after the baby is born
Karenjenk 4 years
this is one of my all tiem favorites now.
I like how he didnt read the directions
and how she came to embrace her new self
Wadegain 5 years
Glad to see this back up!
Lalalove18 6 years
Will u be updating cause I really enjoy this story
Darkwarrior 6 years
So nice to see more of this. Really looking forward to Sarah going hog wild
Catslover 7 years
Wonderful story can't weit the next chapters for read
Tommmy 7 years
Please write more soon
Pinkmess 7 years
I'm not one to come back to stories and read new chapters as they're written. But good god am i addicted to your tale. You, have a gift my dear friend.
Harris 7 years
Authors note:

I am open to suggestions on where the story will go and if I think it can work I'll write into the story I have planned out.

Thank you all reading so far smiley
Zoll2008 7 years
I love this so far!
Harris 7 years
Thank you smiley I don't know how it will end just yet but I have a few more chapters already outlined in my head smiley
Baroquerubens 7 years
Wow, outstanding story. A Girl becoming big even before pregnancy is such a turn on. And very sexy writing smiley
Hope to read lot more
Nok 7 years
very sexy. Love the idea of gaining weight to be more fertile or attractive. Something very primal about it