rise of the queen

chapter 1

Chapter 1

Rose was a pretty girl. With perfectly wavy blonde hair and sweet round blue eyes which pierced even the toughest of hearts. Everything in life had always come easy to her. As a result, Rose never really applied herself to anything. She was a lazy girl and not a rather bright one either. Despite her laziness her parents always provided her with healthy food options and kept her on a healthy diet. So, Rose, who stands at about 5’7, was fairly slim at about 130 pounds. However everything would soon change.

Rose wasn’t really interested in going to college and so her parents sent her off into the workforce. Rose worked as a dishwasher at a local bakery. The tantalizing smell of sugary pastries and the heavy aroma of butter and bread was heavenly to the lazy girl in fact irresistible. She spent her days at work constantly snacking on whatever she could get her greedy hands on. On her lunch break when her manager wasn’t looking she would sneak around the bakery and grab treats off the rack and hide them in her bag. Afterwards, she went across the street to a local burger joint. She spent her whole hour-long lunch break stuffing herself. One by one the cheap greasy fries seemed to disappear right in front of her. Then the two pattied behemoth of a burger would slide its way right down her gullet. She felt a rush as she filled herself up. Guzzling down sugary sodas and eating bags of fattening pastries. After she finished off everything her distended gut made her feel unstoppable.

However, as soon as she would getup her excesses caught up with her, she felt sick. She waddled her way across the street back to the kitchen. A few days she even had to call in sick after lunch because she felt so ill. This cycle of stuffing only lasted about a week however as Rose’s manager realized that the missing baked goods and Rose’s nearly 7 pound weight gain had to be linked. Rose was fired. On her way out she sneakily grabbed a whole sheet of cupcakes. Returning home with a slight paunch and a face smeared with frosting she broke the news to her parents.
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Tablesofacha... 2 years
This is great! I wouldn’t have known it was your first story if you hadn’t said so.
Red5678 2 years
This is my first ever story so please don't be too hard on it!!!