room a4

chapter 1

Katie was a very attractive female and she knew. She was sorta chubby but she carried it well. Her giant DD breast caught the attention on many men while her thighs caught the attention of the rest. Today was her appointment at her doctors for a cold she had recently she opened the door but no one was in the office. She looked around, puzzled. The only thing she noticed was a small note that said keep out of room A4. Being curious as she was she walked down the hallway to room A4. She opened the door and a blinding light made her stumble back. Covering her eyes she made her way into the white room. The door slammed behind her and a metal tube came from the roof and locked to her mouth. Her eyes wide she struggled to remove the tube. A thick cream pushed it's way into her. She felt her belly bloat out and touch the cold floor. She started to become sleepy and fought to stay awake but the ooze took over and she feel asleep. She awoke to find her belly sitting in her lap she tried to stand but was not used to the new wieght. Her massive breast grew even more and impeding her ability to move. Her mind now becoming fuzzy she struggled to crawl towards the door she had entered in. Each inches she moved a pound was added to her immense and growing frame. Her fingers became mini sausages before her eyes and her arms became more fleshy and useless. She couldn't see her legs but she could tell that the would never walk again. The tube endlessly pumping into her and the closer she came to the door her mind went blank. She didn't remeber where she was or how she got there or even her name for that matter. She forgot why she was leaving this paridise. She closed her eyes in newfound pleasure at the sweet goop (which she never remembered being sweet before). She attempted to turn but her massive body just stayed put. She continued spreading out like a sea of fat. What used to be just a chubby little belly now covered he legs and most of the floor. Her breasts that had attracted so many men before now spread along with the rest of her flesh
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