chapter 1

My name is Linda and I have a secret to tell you. Promise you won't tell anybody? OK, I'll take your word for it. Ever since I reached puberty I've had a very strange umm... fetish maybe? Let's just call it a kink. I'm turned on by the idea of gaining weight, and not just a little weight, but a lot!

You see, right now I'm seventeen years old with a bod that most girls would kill to have. I'm thin and athletic (due to all the activity I do). I'm of average height with a rather curvy body for a girl my size. I'm told my bum is pretty cute and I know that my boobs are round, biggish, but still perky. To top that all off I have the face of a fashion model.

I actually do a little modeling. Not only am I a bit of an athlete, but my grades at school are good as well. I play basketball and run on my school's team, and I also love to dance. My little sister Maggie, well she's a different story.

She's thin, but her body's kind of a stick, she's not as pretty, as athletic, or as book smart as I am. In spite of all that Maggie and I have always been really close Maggie. She's only two years younger I am.

Mom treats me like a princess, CONSTANTLY praising me, and constantly berating my sister for not being able to do what I do. It upsets me how my mom berates her, even though my sis always tries her best at everything. It's really not Maggie's fault.

Dad, on the other hand, is a different story completely. Though both my parents jog regularly and stay in shape, it's only my mum who's the health nut. Dad really seems to love us both no matter what. He tried to give us candy as rewards when we Maggie and I were children, but Mom wouldn't have any of that.

Now how did everything begin to change? Oh, that's right! I was at my friend Stephanie's birthday seventeenth birthday party. I was staying away from the cake, as I had been conditioned to do so by Mom. I was turning a corner (maybe just little too quickly), and a girl I didn't know knocked into me.

She must have stumbled because she ended up on top of me. I was being squashed under this girl who was quite large, and I was more than just a bit turned on. 'Sorry' she said, as she very awkwardly got back up. My chest must have bumped her plate because there was all over her chubby cheeks, lips, jaw, and chins. It's OK I choked out. It was difficult to me to speak as I was so turned on. Stephanie came over to help me up; evidently, I was still staring at her from the floor. I heard other people giggling. The other girl looked really embarrassed and then waddled off as quickly as she could to the bathroom, which was not very quick at all. I should also mention that I'm bi, and wouldn't have loved to lick all that messy cake oof that plump face.


Ahhh... fat Moira does it again,' I heard some say, followed by more giggles.

*It will take me a while to write the whole story, so follow if you want to know whenever it's updated.*
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Karenjenk 3 years
another promise of building on your story.
Get back to it!!!

This is the second beginning to a really good premise and a promise to keep it going.

PlumpSoftKitty 3 years
A very well written, intriguing start!
Theswordsman 4 years
Just to clarify is she a junior or senior
Danimal 4 years
Thanks, guys smiley
SyabLovesChub 4 years
Love the intro so far! Looking forward to reading the upcoming chapters