sabra's final moments

Chapter 1 - 1

Nutrient shake pumped into her stomach from a hose attached to the ceiling. The pumping machine was set to medium speed, keeping her elephantine body stuffed to the gills at all times. Her sight was nearly shrouded in the fat deposits which had grown significantly in size over the past couple years and threatened to bury her ears and halt her breathing. Not that she needed to do any of those things anymore. Oxygen tubes led down from her nostrils and into a tank next to her “play mat”, or rather, a massive blue tarp usually used in construction, which she sat on day in and day out for easy cleanup. The tarp was affixed to a soft, super-sized custom mattress, one which would need to be switched out soon. It was wearing out quickly due to the immense weight placed upon on 24 hours a day.

A sea of rolling waves of fat expanded effortlessly in every direction, taking up nearly half of the sterile room. She could remember clearly the events leading to this moment; her memories were all she had at this point. Sabra, was her name. She used to be a svelte, tall flight attendant, she remembered longingly. Her streamlined body was the envy of her family and her friends, and allowed her to wear just about any clothing piece with ease. The comments she received about her figure boosted her confidence sky high- eventually too high. Her hubris is what led to this moment. She teared up as she remembered the fat, short passenger on one flight who asked her for a third glass of cola. She was wearing a cable sweater and glasses, and looked very studious- nerdy, Sabra thought. She sneered at her, filling her tiny plastic cup with all ice and just a splash of soda.

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough?” Sabra jeered, and tossed another bag of pretzels on her tray. The fat girl adjusted her glasses to get a better look at Sabra’s name tag.

“Mhm...” is all she said as she examined her empty cup. Her face was stone cold.

Little did Sabra know, that would be her final flight.

Sabra exited the plane with the other staff, laughing and gossiping about the different passengers. She broke away from the group and headed towards the airport bathroom, where the fat passenger girl was waiting. She injected Sabra with something... and that was the last memory she had of the outside. Next thing she knew, she was affixed to this machine.

Sabra snapped out of her memories as she heard the door to her special room unlock.

“My, my. Look how big you’ve grown!” The girl passenger said loudly, making sure Sabra could hear her. Sabra desperately tried to get away but found she was too far gone. She could no longer even wiggle her fingers as they were simply encased in too much fat. She groaned loudly in an attempt to make the whole situation go away. She wanted to be thin again, she wanted to be free!

“I’m so sorry,” She cried in her mind, but it was too late. She could only make guttural animal noises now.

“By the way,” the girl passenger began. “I’ve lost quite a bit of weight. I know you can’t see me any longer, so I’ll describe my new body to you.”

Sabra groaned again, tears pouring out of her eyes.

“I’ve lost my chubby cheeks! My face is slim now and very attractive. I have cute, full lips and pretty amber eyes! Hmm, now to my chest. I’ve slimmed down everywhere; My collarbones are visible now and I am wearing a piece of jewelry you might recognize! I found it in your luggage from when you first came here. It’s that beautiful gold and pearl necklace!” The passenger girl grinned mischievously and chuckled as Sabra began to lose control of her tears. She choked slightly on her food tube.

“Oh? Does that bother you, honey?” Passenger girl asked before continuing. “Now, let’s get to the good stuff. My arms are oh so strong now! I could probably lift a car!” She flexed before running her hands down her well-muscled middle. “Oh, right. You can’t see me! If you could, you would be so jealous!” she giggled cruelly. “My tummy is tight and flat! Unlike yours,” she said, poking the mountainous fat pile that was once a recognizably human body. It was impossible at this point to tell belly from arm from leg. Sabra began to scream in frustration and attempted to will herself to move. Alas, nothing happened. Her muscles were atrophied to nothing.

Passenger girl threw her head back and laughed at Sabra. “You did this to yourself!”

“There was something else I came in here to tell you,” she remembered, tapping her forefinger to her chin. “Oh yeah. So, according to your metrics, your body is starting to give out. I’m amazed you actually got this far, seeing as your size is comparable to a bull elephant.”

Sabra took a pause. “My body is giving out...?” she thought.

Passenger girl grinned. “You’ll be dead in a matter of days, but I think I’ll speed up the process a bit,” she continued. “Bye bye, Sabra!” she cackled and walked up to a control panel on the other side of the room. She set the pumping machine to max speed and left the room, locking the door behind her.

Sabra’s stomach began to fill at a rapid pace, even faster than before. Though her mid-section was covered in hundreds of pounds of pure adipose tissue, a mound began to form as her stomach bubbled up from underneath. Her enormous belly began to lift as her deeper guts began to fill up with weight gain mixture and serum. The usual tightness in her gut gave way to a pressure which built every second. Sabra moaned in pain as her digestive organs expanded further and further, each turn and tube of her intestines filling up with more and more mixture. The pressure was quickly becoming too much as Sabra’s guts began to overfill like fat sausages with a human casing. Tears quickly formed in her digestive tract as Sabra’s eyes began to water from the pain.

Sabra began to scream- her organs suddenly burst open inside her, leaking stomach acids and weight gain mixture into her abdominal cavity. The acids burned her other organs and the pain sent her nervous system into overdrive. Screaming as loud as she could, she desperately attempted to do something, anything to stop the pain. She screamed for help, but it was too late, and no one was coming to save her. No one would be able to hear her through her feeding tube, anyway.

The machine continued to pump mixture into Sabra’s body, even after she passed away from infection. What was left was a huge, bloated, mountain of lard rotting away in an abandoned warehouse, never to be found.

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So dark. I love it. So erotic again ❤️
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smiley thanks!!!
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Thank you! smiley
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Darkest one yet
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I think I'm going through a phase xD
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