samir & andy

chapter 1

Andy was afraid he couldn't finish. It was his third double cheeseburger with bacon and he was full. The meal in front of him tasted delicious, and juicy but he just couldn't push himself to take another bite. His breathing was already heavy and clogged and his stomach spread out unencumbered over his lap. It heaved in and out as he lay back on his comfortable sofa. He had given up trying to suck in his gut a few bites ago.

A breeze of cold crisp air dove in as Andy shivered and looked up. His boyfriend Samir had walked in with a big cheeky smile on his face. Immediately, Andy sat up straighter and moved his shirt down to cover his massive belly. They hadn't been together for long and he was still a little conscious about his rotund figure. He coughed and wiped the few crumbs off his face as Samir sat down right next to him.

"Are you not going to finish that?" Samir asked.

"No, no I'm just taking a break," Andy replied almost immediately.

Why had he said that? He had so much difficulty admitting that he was full. Samir seemed to take a lot of pride in Andy's size and appetite. In fact, he had been suggesting that they should train for one of those food-eating competitions together.

Samir was not as big as him, but he had a good appetite himself. In fact, in the few weeks that they had been together, Andy had seen how much Samir could put away and how big his belly could swell to accommodate the big portions he ordered. He would never admit it, but it turned him on massively to see Samir eat huge amounts of food.

Normally he was a chubby happy-go-lucky guy with a burgeoning dad-bod. But after one of his massive dinners, Samir transformed into a beefy man with a muscle gut that just wouldn't quit. It drove Andy crazy just thinking about that. Plus those tight shirts he liked to wear, were just the cherry on top.

Andy took a breath and reached out for the remaining half of the cheeseburger. He wasn't going to admit that he couldn't eat anymore. Especially now that Samir had already noticed he hadn't finished. As he strained to take the burger, Samir slapped his hand playfully away and took the cheeseburger right off the plate.

"Too slow!" Samir said and with that big smile still on his face he took a gigantic bite and chomped down the rest of the burger. "Wow, you got the one with the bacon? Delicious!" he announced smacking his lips.

"Hey! I wanted that," protested Andy, secretly grateful his chubby boyfriend had wolfed down the rest of his meal. "You owe me a half a cheeseburger. With fries, and a coke."

Samir turned to him and grabbed a hold of Andy's belly fold and jiggled it. Andy felt a stream of pleasure as Samir held on to his oh-so-abundant belly fat. It was something he had wanted for so long, but hadn't realised until this very moment. A very tacit demonstration of Samir's love of his plump well-fed body. He wanted Samir to grab harder and really feel how big and fat he had become since they had started dating.

"I think you've had enough cheeseburgers for one day Andy. Have to save room for tonight. We're having steak."

Andy's heart sank at the thought. He loved steak. But just the thought of having to go out and leave the comfy confines of the sofa tired him. Plus Samir still hadn't let go of his belly, and he wanted a bit more of that tonight

"Maybe we should stay in tonight. Watch a movie, maybe some video games," suggested Andy.

"We are staying in. I've ordered the steaks. They should be coming in any minute. I'm in no mood to go out with all these stupid covid restrictions about." Samir said as he finally released Andy's belly.

Steaks and staying in? Could he get anymore perfect? Andy thought. He had the sudden urge to strip his partner and feed him that leftover peach cobbler that was in the fridge and make his belly swell up in time for the steaks.

As Samir consulted his phone about their dinner orders, Andy couldn't help but size his partner up. He had certainly put on the pounds since they had gotten together. And with little help from Andy too. Samir had turned into a ravenous eating machine since their first date together. Just watching him eat often made Andy feel hungry and he had ordered seconds and thirds just to keep up with his boyfriend.

They had been gaining weight and getting fatter together, like bears before hibernation. Just the very thought of how much more weight they could gain made Andy squirm in his seat. Samir was already filling up those shirts and his love handles had been getting more and more prominent. His constant trips to the gym meant that underneath all that newly-grown fat was thick powerful muscle, making his arms big and his chest broad.

Next to him, Andy had been growing softer and plumper. His moobs were more prominent than ever and his belly now made up most of his torso. 240 pounds. That was his weight, but that had been several weeks ago. He was of course, a short stubby figure at only 5'6. Samir wasn't that much taller at 5'8. He wondered how much weight his partner had put on.

The ding of the doorbell interrupted his thoughts. Samir got up and answered. He came back carrying two massive dinner bags and set them on the coffee table. The smell was spellbounding and Andy suddenly felt empty and hungry all over again.

Samir opened up the containers with their steak, and the delicious smell of seasoned meat and heavy black pepper sauce wafted up Andy's nose. He leaned forward, almost drooling for meat. Had it only been a few minutes ago when he had been too full for a cheeseburger? That moment seemed a lifetime ago.

Samir wiped little beads of sweat from his forehead. He had been sweating a little more since he had gotten chubbier. Plus the steam from the steaks was filling their tiny apartment. He took off his shirt and draped it neatly by his side before leaning forward to eat his steak. Andy stared in wonder at his partner's tubby amazing body moving as he attacked his dinner with his usual vigor.

Samir caught him staring. He gave a sly smile.

"Let's finish up our dinner first. Then maybe we can have a little fun after dessert. Come on big boy."

Andy didn't need a second invitation. He dove into his steak, and chomping into it. He was a big boy and he was hungry.
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