sarah wants a real belly

  By D99

Chapter 1: Cuddle Fluff

Sarah lay in bed in her dorm feeling her flat, toned belly. Except, a flat and toned belly wasn’t actually a belly, just a “middle” or a “tummy” or one of those less descriptive terms. Too many people use the term belly to describe the place where their belly is not, but should be.

A real belly isn’t just a flat surface between the ribs and hips. It’s supposed to have a third dimension and an element of size to it. To “belly out” means to swell or expand, and the belly of a ship is the round underside. Those things are exactly what a real belly is meant to be: swollen and round.

Sarah had long felt dissatisfied with her lack of a belly, longing to eat and eat and watch it grow. She slowly began to take action.

At first just an extra snack here and there, she began to purposely add to her caloric intake. It took months to get her first results, but from there things began to speed up.

Sarah’s first signs of growth has been a layer of pudge just below her midsection, the soft, warm, and inviting pudge that many woman try and fail to get rid of. Sarah had cherished this first sign and as her appetite had increased, she began to eat more and more at meals, working herself up until she was used to being full all the time.

As she ate more, she saw more and more progress in her belly. Sarah had grown a full layer of pudge starting from below her tits and flowing softly over her body down to her hips. She loved to run her hands across it and squeeze it.

Gradually, Sarah gained squishy little love handles and squishy thighs. These, along with her slightly grown tits, provided a silky soft framing for her expanding belly. Her belly soon began to push outwards past her tits even when empty. This encouraged her to eat even more, and she savored the feeling of a warm, cozy stuffed belly covered in an even cozier layer of fatty insulation.

Sarah’s body was softening rapidly and her belly was packing most of the weight. She loved how squeezable her thighs and ass felt and how much bouncier her tits were, and she absolutely adored the way her belly bulged out in front of her. It had begun to cause an arch in her back, as her body wasn’t used to supporting any weight in the front. She loved that as well because it made her belly seem even bigger.

Sarah wasn’t quite fat or chubby yet, but she was well on her way. She loved how warm and cozy her body felt, how silky smooth and pliable the layer of fat around her was becoming. She wasn’t fat… yet— for now just comfortably soft and cuddly.
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