Chapter 1 - accident stuffing

Sasha was a cute teenage girl who was pretty athletic during school as she did dance and other extra curricular activities. She stood around 5 foot 4 and had golden blond hair with bright blue eyes behind it. However once the busy commotion of school had ended for her junior year for summer she she started slacking off a bit. She spent most of her days lying on the couch watching TV or browsing the internet on her computer. Besides meeting up with friends she rarely ever did anything too extraneous

Sasha always had a flat stomach due to her dance routine, but because of her new “activities” she started to develop a little pudge in the front. It wasn't a lot, but a layer of fat had slowly and surely started to grow over her once flat stomach. She never thought that her trim body could ever get fatter due to how slim she was when school ended. Oblivious to her belly getting chubbier she just continued her usual TV marathon routines and junk food intake.

“Honey, would you go out and do something?”, her mother said to her one day, tired of seeing her daughter lying on the couch all day. “All you've done is sit inside with your electronics for the past three weeks.”

“Yeah, sure I'll go out sometime.” Sasha replied uncaring as she got up to go to the kitchen.

“Okay just promise me you'll do it soon, it's not healthy to not get any exercise.” Her mother then noticed Sasha venturing into the kitchen. “And don't eat anything Sasha! We are going to have a really good dinner tonight that I'm preparing.”

“I'll just get a little snack!”

“No, just wait until dinner.”

“But... fine.” and with that Sasha stormed off to her room. She always obeyed her parents wishes so she wasn't about to argue. Entering her room she got on the computer and started browsing the web for some sort of entertainment. But an hour later her stomach started to growl and moan for not having it's regular snack intake.

“Shut up tummy.”, she said pressing into her chubby stomach. “Gosh, my belly's getting pretty soft. Great! I've gotten chubby...”, she sighed as she pinched and poked her newly formed chub. Her stomach then let out another growl. She tried to wait it out as long as possible but the longer she stayed in her room waiting for dinner, the hungrier she got. Soon her mouth was watering at the thought of some potato chips.

“Bleh! Enough of this! I'm getting something to eat.” Hopping off of her bed, she stealthy exited her room and ventured toward the kitchen. While her mom walked out, she tiptoed in and grabbed a big bag of cheese potato chips and two sodas and tiptoed back out and hurriedly got back to her room and locked the door. “This is so exciting” she thought. She had never had a pig-out session before and the prospect of disobeying her mother was somewhat exciting. She crawled on her bed and and opened the bad of chips and soda as well as flipping on the television. It didn't take long, but around a TV show later she had vacuumed almost the whole bag and both sodas.

“That hit the spot!” she giggled with a smiling face, and patted and rubbed her bulging soft belly. With the TV on in the background, she looked down at her belly bulging from underneath her light blue shirt. “Is... is that my belly?”, she stuttered nervously. She poked it and felt the chips and soda slosh around inside. “Huh?” She then pulled her shirt up and pushed her stomach out and she was amazed at how far it would go. The tan soft flesh bulged out incredibly far. The distance it swelled outward made her mouth drop in awe. Carefully, she sunk her fingers into the plush softness that was in front of her. She pinched and jiggled her belly back and forth while smiling dumbly. “This is kinda fun, ahaha!” She was wobbling it left and right as the new fat was oddly enjoyable.

However she was suddenly cut off from her “play time” as she was startled by a loud knock at her door. “Sasha! Dinner's ready!”, called her mother.

After composing herself from the sudden shock she sighed to herself. Now that she had already eaten those chips and soda she wasn't even hungry. But she couldn't just not eat anything, because then her mother would know that she ate those snacks. After a thinking it over she decided to eat dinner anyway. It wouldn't be that much and plus picturing how big her belly would get after stuffing a whole dinner into it made her giggle in glee. She imagined it as big as a beach ball while rubbing it contently. With a smile on her face she took off for the dinner table.

She sat down at the table next to her little brother and littler sister, while her parents sat opposite to them both. “Now Sasha, I know your probably hungry so now you can dig in.” said her mom.

“Thanks mom!” replied Sasha smiling devilishly.

And then the dinner began. Sasha loaded her plate with mashed potatoes, rice, chicken, beans, and bread while she got another soda to drink. While everyone was talking Sasha was mainly thinking about eating. Even though she was full she could still stuff some more food into her tummy. She ate everything on her plate and relished in eating the mashed potatoes. She loved them, they were so soft and puffy. Just like her belly would be. After she cleared her plate, she took a secret look at her belly. She was surprised to see her shirt bulging in her lap.

Now she was full, and could finally leave. But before she could she thought about something. How big would her belly get if she were to eat another serving? She imagined in bliss how much of a balloon her belly would be if she was to stuff it even more. She could lay in her room and hold it's bulging warmth.

“More please mom.”, she said with a smile.

“See I knew you were hungry”, her mother replied happily.

As she ate more her belly slowly swelled greater and greater. Her belly slowly filled more of her lap. Her shirt started to rise up her belly too. So much that her cute deepening belly button was now visible. After the rice and beans her belly groaned in protest. After the chicken and bread her belly was packed tightly. She felt like a zombie while eating the last of her mashed potatoes because her belly was so stuffed. “I'm so full!”, she thought, “but I wonder how big my belly will be after I'm done.”

Her stomach was throbbing and sending waves of full sensations through her body to her brain. But everyone one of them just gave her more motivation to finish, to see how much she could really pack away into it. Another swallow of mashed potatoes and she moaned quietly, she didn't think she could really eat much more. There was only a small bit let on her plate though, and she clenched her fingers and toes tightly as she attempted to finish it.

Once she finished her second helping she was absolutely full. Her belly throbbed massivly in front of her and bulged onto her lap. She couldn't relax the way she wanted however as she didn't want to alert her other family members about how stuffed she actually was. All she could do was slowly rub her overstuffed belly under the table awkwardly while pretending to interested in her father's story. Once the opportunity presented itself she excused herself.

“K mom, I'm full, urp! excuse me.”

“Alright sweetie, here take a slice of cake, I know you were hungry so I got you a slice.”

Sasha's eyes widened and as she had one hand on her belly under the table. Could she eat another bite? Or would she explode right here?

“ugh...thanks mom... I'll... uh... take it to my room”, she said thinking quick.

“Okay sweetie, enjoy.”

With that Sasha took her cake slice and scuffled into her room as fast as she could with a massive gut throwing her off balance in front. She got in her room and locked the door, and turned the TV volume up to hide her moans and groans. Finally, she laid splayed out on her bed, with her slice of cake and her massively stuffed belly heaving up and down.

“Why did I think this was a good idea?” Sasha moaned. “Ugghhh...” Although Sasha was moaning in pain, underneath her moans was pleasure. She felt her big ball belly and how fat it was, Rubbing it as it wobbled from side to side from her hands pushing it. She looked at her belly and could barely see the tips of her socks. Her plushy belly bulged out from her abdomen and was blocking her view to see her feet. “Oh my gosh, it's so big...”, Sasha said as she tried to suck in her belly. “I guess I might have overdone...”, she started to say until she saw the slice of cake.

Did she dare eat that piece and risk exploding? She carefully picked the piece up and placed it on her bloated gut. She stared at it for a couple of minutes. She couldn't decide if she should eat it or not. Before she could second guess her self she started to stuff it in her mouth. After every bite her belly tightened and grew a few centimeters. After she finished she just laid in her bed and caressed her swollen midsection. She poked it with a finger and felt how hard and stuffed it actually was. “I can't believe I just ate all that...uuuuggghhh. I'm... gonna pop...”

Her stomach groaned and sloshed as she pushed it in the air, sending pleasure through her body from how far it was bulging. She held her stomach and let out another moan as she was simply not used to eating this much. After lying on her bed with more rubbing and moaning over how stuffed she was she finally fell asleep with the giant orb of a stomach in front of her trying to digest such a big meal.
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