sasha's blubbery life

chapter 1

I woke up at 10 am, as normal. That was my life these days, normal normal normal. I was about to go back to sleep when I heard my mom.
"Sasha, sweetie! " she yelled from downstairs " Come and get your breakfast! "
" Can't you just bring it up here ? " I shouted back.
No, I can't, so come down here and eat, you might be big, but you're not that big!"
I, begrudgingly, got out of bed and went to get my breakfast, my 250 pound body jiggling the whole time.
As I reached the staircase, the smell of all the food my mom made hit me. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, the whole 9 yards. I was so excited that I rushed down the stairs as fast as I could.
I saw it all on the table, and I was confused. My mom normally makes big meals, but never this big. I mean you could feed 5 families with all of this food!
"Mom, are we expecting geusts?" I asked her, tilting my head curiously.
"No, silly! It's your 18th birthday, and I thought you might want to celebrate, so I made you as much food as I could and invited your boyfriend over! Wait, Jason is your boyfriend, right?" She said. I was too stunned to respond, too encapsulated in the world of good smells and good news. Then I heard the doorbell ring.
"Oh my god! He's here already?" I freaked out, after all, I was still in my Bob Ross pj's. I rushed back to my room and threw on the first outfit I could find. I rushed back down to see my mom and Jason chatting away.
"Hey babe," He said "those clothes look a bit small on you."
I looked down, and sure enough, I was wearing a t-shirt and leggings that stopped properly fitting me years ago. I guess I was just in such a rush I didn't realize what I was putting on.
"W-well yeah, they're a b-bit tight." I managed to stutter out, feeling my face get redder with each word.
"Hey, no need to get embarrassed over it." He came up behind me and started grabbing my belly and boobs "You know I like it when you wear chlothes that are too small."
"N-not in f-front of my mom, we t-talked about this." I said, so quietly I could barely hear myself.
"You're right, we did," He said, as he let go of me "Now, let the feast begin."
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