scaring them fat

Chapter 1

The company I work for does research on obesity, over eating, weight gain, basic food consumption, calories and carbohydrates. We do this by actually becoming obese and indulging to conduct research on our subject, our employees.

With a weight obsessed America, our research was vital to many large food producers. Therefor we were able to pay our employees very, very well. It is not usual at the company for an eating researcher with just two years with the company to make over two hundred thousand a year. This certainly helped with recruiting but it also created some false impressions with of what the side effects of working for us would entail. The issue of course was the high starting and future salaries. When asked about our pay scale, of course most applications jumped at the chance to join the company. However, our job duties not only entailed research and writing reports etc. but of course eating massive quantities of food, hence becoming obese was a condition of employment. This is where one of my duties comes in.

I’m Matt Fox, a Senior Vice President in carbohydrate and fat calorie research. I, of course am morbidly obese. I get dressed up in a nice suit, with a tie, etc and essentially conduct the first interview for the company of potential new hires. Like many companies we go to job fairs and college campuses to recruit. Of course we get a very large number of applicants, given our very generous salary, benefits etc. I come in give a lecture and mass interview to the applicants from each job fair or campus visit.

I waddle into the room, very well dressed, but usually accentuating my massive girth. I currently weigh three hundred and seven pounds. My waist is sixty three inches and my hips/ass/thighs sixty inches. My trousers are fine wool, but tight, to show off how big my belly and butt are. I do waddle naturally letting my belly sway. I get several gasps, mostly the young women, chuckles from the guys.

I sit down heavily to accentuate my girth/weight. I start off with a power-point presentation. “Good afternoon everyone, my name is Matt Fox. I’m the Senior Vice President in charge of carbohydrate, fat and calorie research. I have been with FoodCorp for fifteen years. Here is a photo of me in the medical office at our main research facility. In this photo I weigh one hundred and eighty pounds. I am five foot ten inches in height. So I was a bit overweight when I came to FoodCorp. I started in the “carbo/fat/calorie” department my first day. I, up to that point anyway, had never eaten as much food as I did that day. I ate donuts, pizza, pasta, bratwurst, hamburgers, breads, buns, pastries and I can’t even remember what else. I left the evening bloated and lethargic. The next day the same routine, and the next and so on and of course I started to gain weight. Here is a picture of me after three months.” (Gasps, again from the young women and a few snickers from the some of the guys.) “I weigh here two hundred and seven pounds. My waist grew from a modest thirty six inches to a plump forty-two inches. I very soon got used to eating, thousands of calories, carbs and grams of fat a day. Here is my six month anniversary photo. (More gasps and snickers were heard.) I weigh in this photo two hundred and forty pounds, gaining over thirty pounds in three months. I continued to eat massive amounts of food, writing reports on what the overeating was doing to my body, but at the same time critiquing the food quality and taste. Here is a photo of me at my one year anniversary.” This time there were a few “Oh my God” and some explicative deleted comments. “I weighed two hundred and eighty four pounds in this photo, my waist was now over fifty inches, my thighs were bigger around than my waist used to be.”

“Now I know what some of you are thinking, “I have a great metabolism and I can exercise and not gain any weight working at FoodCorp.” Wrong! You will heft yourself off you chair after the fourth or fifth day working with us. Your stomach will ach it is so full, you have already started to gain weight, though not much, but you are now bloated all day. You get into your car carefully and undo your belt, unzip your trousers, skirt or dress. You rub your stuffed belly, hoping to relieve the aching. You think to yourself, “I need to workout.” But you feel so lethargic from eating all day, there is no way you can motivate yourself to do anything but go home and lie down.”

“Okay, so now guys you have resigned yourselves that you are going to gain a “few” pounds. You have now worked for us for six months. The holidays are here and a friend calls you for a game of touch football at the park with a group of buddies from out of town. You are just about to say yes when you realize, you can’t fit into your old sweat pants anymore. You have a forty eight inch belly bulging onto your lap. None of your t-shirts can even cover your gutt, not to mention even trying to fit into any of your college athletic jerseys. Then you remember you can’t even walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded and sweaty. You make up an excuse, you have to go over to your girlfriend’s parent’s house for dinner really early even though she dumped you thirty pounds ago. “

So ladies, you have resigned yourselves that the money is so good, putting on a “little” weight will be no big deal. You have worked for use for eight months. It is now summer and pool parties etc. are in full swing. You have managed to avoid most of your friends, because, well your fat now. A girlfriend who recently moved back to town calls you up and asks you to her pool party at her condo complex. You think that would be fun, I haven’t seen her in ages, but then you remember, you’re fat now. You used to be a size six, now you can barely squeeze you fat bottom and tummy bulge into a size eighteen! Your belly sticks out so far, you are getting tired of strangers asking when you are due. You make up a polite excuse and hang up. Then you waddle into your kitchen and get another box of “Ding Dongs” and start eating them while writing the report on their flavor and chocolate coating being inconsistent.”

“I hope I have made my point with all of you. If you work at FoodCorp, you will become obese! There is no way around that fact. If you are not resigned to getting fat and becoming obese, please do not apply to work for us.”

I look up and nearly everyone (no surprise) gets up to leave. I had been watching and I can tell who is repulsed by our conditions. The women squirm, the guys adjust their ties and look around the room. There are a few that catch my eye though, they are watching my every move, as my belly shakes and jiggles. I adjust my body, as I get uncomfortable with my fat ass sagging over the too small chair.

The room cleared. I looked up and there were only two people left, a young woman, though, a little older than the “just out of college” crowd we usually get and a chubby young man, who could only be twenty two or three. I called to them, “Please come down and introduce yourselves.”

Both got up and came down. The guy, Ned was shy and nervous. He had a pretty good start on a belly too. The woman’s name was Claire. She was slim, wearing a nice suit and blouse. I was a little taken aback that she was slim. Most of our female recruits are already becoming heavy when they join us.
I gave Ned one of my cards, I wrote his name on the back and initialed it. “Ned, you report to our downtown office tomorrow at eight o’clock, wear elastic waist band pants and a loose t-shirt.” Ned replied, “Yes Mr. Fox, eight sharp.” He left, I knew when I first saw him he was meant to work for us. He reminded me of me when I started with the company. I was already overweight, not huge, but a good start on a beer belly. My thoughts were interrupted.

Claire stepped up to me. “Mr. Fox, I would like to join FoodCorp also.” “Claire are you sure? You have a slim figure and you heard my presentation, you know what to expect.” “Yes Mr. Fox, I’m sure.” I noticed she seemed to be shaking a bit with what I thought were nerves. “I really want to work for FoodCorp. I love to eat, despite what my figure would indicate, I really can eat a lot. I also really enjoy analyzing different tastes and textures. I don’t mind putting on weight either, plus the money is excellent.” I took out another business card and wrote Claire’s name on it, initialed it and handed it to her. “Eight o’clock sharp, wear very comfortable clothes, elastic waist band, loose fitting t-shirt or blouse and be prepared to eat.” “Don’t worry Mr. Fox, I’ll be there and ready to do whatever it takes.” We shook hands and she left.
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