schoolgirl stuffing

chapter 1

Angel stood in front of her mirror, grimacing at the outfit choice her new high school had provided for her. It was classic, white button up tucked into another button up plaid skirt- It was all too classy for her.

She was used to ripped jeans and tanks, not this cookie cutter prep outfit. Of course, it was partly her own fault, for getting into so much trouble her parents had forced her to go to a private all girls school.

Angel smirked after looking at her reflection for a moment more, and decided to undo the first few buttons so her ample cleavage was on display.

"Sure, I may be dressed as a prude but I sure won't act like one" She muttered to herself.

Angel was curvy. Puberty had bumped her hips to a full hourglass shape and she wasn't afraid to show off her body. She was used to being the subject of frequent stares of both lust and jealousy whenever she walked the halls.

Although she was nowhere near chubby, she still felt the blouse fit snugly around her middle, a side effect to her sedentary lifestyle.

Halfway through the beginning of the first day, Angel was already drained. Although she had grabbed more than a couple snacks from the vending machines, she felt very hungry.

It felt like heaven when the bell finally rung, and she was the first one out of the class to get to lunch. She was awarded with a buffet of smells when she stepped in. The cafeteria seemed massive, about four times as large as the one at her old high school.

It seemed as if it were set up as a buffet, silver rows of steaming food ready for students to self serve. There were already dozens of teenage girls at each row, and even more sitting in the many seats of the cafeteria.

After taking in the scene with amazement, Angel wasted no time in grabbing a tray and piling it with foods. Macaroni and cheese, buttered sweet potatoes, chilli cheese fries, corn dogs, assorted puddings, and pizzas were all dumped onto her tray before she realized she probably wouldn't be able to eat it all.

Walking to the side with one of the empty tables, she shrugged, accepting the fact without much desolation she'd just have to eat everything.

As Angel forked her way through her heaping pile of cheesy pasta, she observed her surroundings. Many of the other kids had gotten more or less the same amount of food Angel had piled on, and many of the plates were eaten by some of the fattest girls she had ever seen.

Nearly all the girls had a little chub, but some were exponentially bigger and waddled around with swelling midriffs tucked in tight plaid skirts.

At her old school, there was barely anybody to compete with at being the curviest and she noted that she might run into some competition here.

Angel was so busy hypnotically watching a student's ass jiggle as they walked nearby that she didn't even notice when one of the students had plopped right next to her.

"Amazing, isn't it?" She heard in her right ear, and she nearly jumped from her own seat. Angel turned to see a girl with curly brown hair cut real short, low enough to show off her soft round face and body. She was grinning mischievously with a curved smile and gazed at her under dark lashes. She was roughly 100 pounds heavier than Angel, and Angel found herself both figuratively and literally loss for words.

"Uh." Angel managed to bleat out, her cheeks puffed with high caloric foods.

"I know what you're thinking, I was a lot like you junior year." She continued, not waiting for Angel to respond. "Parents send me to a private school as a form of discipline. At first I was complaining, but it all makes up for the mass amount of food here." The stranger said appreciatively, rubbing her bulging muffin top and watched it wobble with a chunk of satisfaction.

She suddenly seemed to snap back into reality, although her eyes were still glazed over. "Fuck, oh right. I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Avery."

Avery jutted out a hand and Angel shook it, marveling at how even her hands seemed to be layered with warm softness.

Angel smiled. "I'm Angel, but I suppose if my parents really believed that I was one I wouldn't have been sent here."

"Oh really? I guess that's just too bad, because you really do look like one."

"Most people don't think I'm so good after getting to know me." Angel flirted back smoothly, her smile getting bigger. They both laughed and somehow instantly fell into a comfortable ease of both talking and eating, as if they were old friends reunited.

So much comfortable so, that when the bell rang for students to go to their next period she was still eating the last of her fourth plate of food.

"Come on Angel. Just stuff it all in your mouth so we won't be late."

Avery was standing, her food already cleared. She had gotten less to eat than Angel, but her stomach was still bloated against her school uniform, generous love handles spilling out at both sides.

Angel moaned, rubbing her own bloated stomach. She had to untuck it and undo the button on her skirt moments ago, and her stomach steadily sprung forth to take up more room on her thighs.

"I'm too full." Angel whined. She stared at the food dejectedly. There were still a couple slices of lasagna left that she wanted to eat, despite her engorged state.

"Hey... If you finish your food in under five minutes I'll give you two of my candy bars."

Angel looked up hopefully. "Seriously? What flavor?"

"Reese's cup king sized and another king sized snickers."

"You're on."

Angel picked up the pace with renewed speed, shoveling heavy lasagna inside her open mouth with strain. Her belly was pressed painfully against the sides of her skirt, and with every mouthful it seemed to cut more into her flesh. She was forced to undo her second skirt button and she belched while doing so.

Angel stood up as soon as she finished, the action making her feel dizzy. Her belly sloshed with the sudden movement, and she was hit with a wave of euphoria. Without thinking, she grabbed Avery's unfinished carton of milk and chugged. She drained it in a couple of gulps and knocked it back on the table as if she had just taken a shot.

"Damn. For a skinny girl you're pretty fat." Avery remarked impressively.

Finally coming to her senses, Angel realized that they were the only ones left standing in the cafeteria.

She felt her face light up on fire. "Yeah well. Can't deny what my stomach wants, can I?" She sheepishly tried to play off, knowing damn well her stomach did not want what she had just endured upon her figure.

Her stomach felt and looked massive, it was the most she had eaten her whole life. Sure, she had always binged from every now and then but the school's deliciously prepared food was addicting. She hadn't even realized she was on her last plate until she felt the hard tautness of her stomach completely filled with carbs.

Angel unleashed a loud burp. "Anyway, I want my candy bars. How much time did it take?"

Avery tossed her the candy bars. "Guess you've earned it Angel. It was 4 minutes and 47 seconds."

"That long, huh."

"What, you think you can beat that score tomorrow?" A smug grin tugged at Avery's lips.

Angel smirked back. "Of course."
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