second chances

Chapter 1

Second Chances

By: Lizzy

“What do you think you’re doing?” Vince asked, curling his lip in disgust.

“Just finishing lunch,” his wife, Jenna replied, looking up from her plate of leftover stew in surprise. Vince hadn’t been expected home until close to six.

Vince stormed into the kitchen putting his Coach briefcase on the center marble island. He quickly observed the empty Tupperware – nearly licked clean.

“Stand up and hold out your arms,” Vince demanded.

Acquainted with Vince’s infamous temper, Jenna swiftly complied, standing very straight. It would have been difficult not to spot how well defined Jenna’s belly was under her stretchy top. Since returned from New York City three months ago, she had packed on another thirteen pounds which brought her weight gain to a whopping thirty-six pounds in seventeen weeks. This brought her current weight up to 253 pounds.

Vince had not allowed her to buy new clothing to replace the clothes that were now too tight or couldn’t get around her larger expanse. He had given his reasoning as “hoping she would gain some sense and shed the weight”. He felt her lack of appropriate clothes would give her “some food for thought” as he put it. “When you’re bursting out of the last of your pants, you’ll be forced to go on a diet, Tubby,” Vince had said with venom.

But she had defied him – not that she could help it. Her appetite and sheer capacity pushed her to eat more and frequently overeat – always craving more.

Vince started his daily tirades about her weight gain the evening she had met him at the Waldorf Astoria after her week long stint in Manhattan being stuffed to gills by her feeder, Sloane. Vince had some very important clients he was entertaining from Egypt and he wanted Jenna to accompany him. She had graciously acquiesced as was her custom when Vince asked her to business-related functions. Although her secret hope had been dashed that he actually wanted to see her and have if not a romantic dinner – at least a pleasant one to themselves.

So tightly she laced herself into a corset so she could be able to fasten the evening dress Vince had brought her from home, made it difficult if not impossible to breathe let alone eat. Jenna was pleasant and held up her end of the conversation, but her lack of appetite was noticed even by one of Vince’s clients. “You’ve barely touched your meal,” he said.

Jenna had answered, “I must have gotten caught up in all the pleasant conversation.”

“Well, we mustn’t put you off enjoying your dinner,” Vince had laughed, putting a dinner roll to her lips. Although his face was all smiles, his eyes were shooting her daggers. She took his offering, swallowing it with a half smile.

Jenna busied herself cutting her chicken cordon bleu into small pieces as the men spoke of business dealings. Vince eyed her urgently. Jenna sighed inwardly, plastering a smile on her face and put the first of many morsels in her mouth. Vince smiled almost triumphantly and continued his discussion ignoring her presence at the table almost entirely. I MUST BE ALMOST DONE BEING OF ANY USE, Jenna thought to herself.

In the meantime, Jenna played the role of the demure housewife leaving the business talk to the men as she struggled to keep her breathing steady as she felt her belly swelling becoming tightly girdled…squeezing…no place to go. Jenna felt like a balloon stretched to the ends of its elasticity, but still being inflated. Luckily, the waiter began to clear the table, saving Jenna from the last few painful mouthfuls. She was finally able to excuse herself and take refuge in the ladies room.

In the stall, Jenna huffed and puffed, trying to readjust her undergarments. But it was useless. If she loosened it, she was sure to bust out of her dress. She looked at her watch. DINNER COULDN’T LAST TOO MUCH LONGER, she thought.

Upon her return to the table, Jenna was horrified to discover that Vince had taken the liberty and ordered everyone dessert and brandy. Jenna was glad for the cordial which she drank quicker than she would normally. It dulled the pain of the bloat. It gave her the vigor to tackle the velvety chocolate mousse. But, the dessert was soon finished and the dinner was finally at an end.

She was barely able to hold off her groaning. Soon as the elevator doors closed with just her and Vince inside, she leaned against the wall, both hands wrapped around her midsection as she moaned in agony. Looking around as if to see that they weren’t being observed, Vince helped Jenna from the elevator and half-carried her into the hotel room.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Vince demanded.

“Help…I need you to help me out of my girdle…”Jenna cried.

“Crap! How much weight have you put on?” Vince asked, unzipping her.

As Jenna unhooked herself, her flesh poured out.

“God, what have you been eating while you were staying with your sister? “ Vince exclaimed. “How did you get so damn fat?” He had put his big hands on her belly and gave it a good shake. It barely moved, it was so tightly packed – a full day of eating.

That twenty-two pound gain caused her so much grief. Vince was on her case constantly asking how much she ate on a particular day…how much exercise she had…how much of a pig she was becoming.

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Lizzyny 15 years
Ok, Disco Timelord. Ask and you shall receive. smiley

The next installment "Chances Are" is being written now.
15 years
That was awesome. In fact, I love all of your work. Wonderful job as usual. I can't wait for the next installment.
Lizzyny 16 years
Glad I tickled your fancy...or perhaps it's more of a good old-fashioned belly rub?
Built4com4t 16 years
wild and wonderful...i have a feeling where this winds up will be mind blowing