secretary gains

Chapter 1 - 1. new job

Lily was very excited since she had finally gotten a job with a salary above the minimum. "It's going to be an easy work" she thought.
Her first day on the job she was really nervous. She dressed in a tight tube skirt and a shirt that marked her splendid and slim figure. Instead of having breakfast at home, he decided to give herself the luxury of going to starbuks where she bought a frapuccino with extra cream and a chocolate muffin that she ate before entering the office. After they gave her a little explanation, the young woman started to work. She was a little nervous that day, so halfway through the day she made tea in the break room. Once there, she found an almost entire donut box and decided to accompany his relaxing infusion with two donuts. At the end of her day at five, the young woman decided to go to Macdonals. For some reason, that night the young woman felt a voracious hunger and instead of ordering a small menu as usual, she decided to order two large menus that she ate without problems. At the end of that great meal, the young woman felt her skirt somewhat tight. "I can't eat like this again, no donuts tomorrow or I'll end up being a cow" she thought to herself.
In the way home, Lily stopped at the grocery store and bougth some not so healty snacks like bags of Doritos, soda, some chocolate bars, pasta and frozen pizza.
"I'll start the diet next week, now I'm going to enjoy the food as much as possible" she said to herself. When Lily got home, she decided to lay on her sofa while watching tv and having some Doritos. After two hours and three bags of Doritos, the Young women decided to get up, have a shower and have dinner. She finally choosed to have some take away from pizza hut. She ended up ordering a big peperoni pizza, her favourite. When the pizza arrived, she ate It with no problems and went to bed with her little tummy full of calories.
"Next monday I'll start dieting"she lied to herself

Hi! This is my frist feederism story, I Hope you liked the frist chapter. Also, english is not my frist lenguage so if I made a gramatical error ir something please tell me and help me to solve it.
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Theswordsman 3 years
The only mistake i noticed is that at the beginning you said he decided instead of she decided. I liked the story so far though