seduced by her belly

  By D99

Chapter 1 - Seduction

“You” could be whatever gender.

She’s noticed you watching her. She sees your fixation on her body despite your best efforts to hide it and put her out of your mind. Alexis knows she’s been gaining weight and she’s made sure you know. All the years you’ve known her she’s payed attention to how you eyed her when she ate. You’ve never said a word about it, but she was too smart. She knows everything she needs to. You, however, are unaware of this.

You’ve both been out drinking with your best friend, her younger brother. You’re all a little tipsy, and when her brother leaves, she asks you to walk her home. Knowing she’s having to walk a few blocks in the night, you agree. You want to make sure she’s safe, especially as she’s intoxicated. Once again you find yourself struggling not to look at her belly. She’s really been packing on the pounds lately. You’ve watched her eat more than ever before, and you’re pretty sure she isn't going to the gym either. She always comments about it around you too, almost like she’s doing it on purpose. As you walk her home, her chubby little pot belly hanging out of her shirt is driving you wild. It’s bulging over the waist of her jean shorts as well. They’re practically painted on. She’s always been hot, but lately she’s becoming the perfect example of the kind of woman you dream about.

You reach her door and go to say goodbye, but she insists “please, please, come in and stay a while.” You can’t say no to her, you couldn’t even if you’d wanted to. You walk into her small home, and it smells of cinnamon and pumpkin. It’s warm and inviting, you’ve been here plenty of times before. However, it looks a little different than before. Alexis normally kept nothing on her countertops, but now there were snacks everywhere. She looks at you and says, “Yea I know, I’ve been eating and snacking like crazy lately.” She waits for your reaction and when you blush a little, she knows she has an advantage. She continues, “I just can’t help myself, I’m literally soooooooo addicted to all this food, I just can’t stop eating.” She pats her belly. As she speaks, she unbuttons her shorts and the zipper undies itself. She starts unwrapping a Twinkie, and if your eyes aren’t deceiving you, she is definitely eating it suggestively. She doesn’t break eyes contact with you until she finishes the Twinkie and throws the wrapper away.

“Do you want anything?” she asks, “I think I’m going to have dessert. Stick around for some wine?” You of course say yes, and are secretly overjoyed at getting to watch her eat more. She pulls out a cheesecake from her fridge, cutting herself a large slice and putting it on the table. She pours you both a glass of red wine. She motions you to sit across from her as she picks up a fork. As she slowly eats the huge slice of cheesecake, she exaggerates her enjoyment.

“Damn. I really just love food, you know that?” she asks.

“uh, yea, sure.” you mumble, in a bit of a haze.

“I especially love dessert. I guess I have a bit of a sweet tooth huh?” she says.

“yea, totally,” you respond, still surprised this is happening to you.

“Fuck, this is so good. Cheesecake is so heavy and filling.” Alexis is really playing this heavy handedly.

“It is, yea.” you say, staring very hard into your glass of wine and trying to act extremely interested in it. She eats silently for a while.

“I can already feel it in my belly, it’s sitting like a rock in my stomach.” Alexis giggles a little.

“I’m really full, but I just can’t hold myself back, it’s too good, and I’ve already started. I’ve just got to eat every last bite.” Alexis states, looking you square in the eye. “Do you ever realize you’re overeating halfway through and feel like you’ve got to commit?”

“oh yea, that happens,” you say, thinking “holy fuck why, why does she have to do this now.” and trying not to show your arousal.

Alexis finally finishes the slice and makes an exaggerated moan of fullness, leaning way back in her chair and patting her bloated belly. She belches and holds her lower belly, saying, “ugh… told you I was eating too much. I knew this was going to happen.” You’re speechless by now, so she once again takes the lead. She stands up from her chair, saying, “ugh, this kitchen chair is so uncomfortable, let’s take this conversation to my room.” She gulps down the rest of her wine, grabs your hand, and leads you there.

Standing up, you can see that Alexis’s belly is even more swollen than before. It’s out on full display, and she’s cradling her underbelly with one hand. It’s as if she’s posing for a maternity picture. You know full well it’s all food and fat though, having just seen an example of how she grew it. In her room now, she turns to speak to you. “Hey, we’ve known each other forever, you don’t mind if I take these shorts off right? They’re so tight and they’re really starting to hurt. Even unbuttoned they’re digging into me.” she says as she grabs a handful of belly fat from her side and bunches it into a roll with her hand. She doesn’t wait for an answer, knowing you can’t really talk right now, just tugging her shorts off of her wider hips and plumper ass and sliding them down her thickened thighs. She kicks them off across the room, belly and thighs quivering as she completes the motion.

Standing in her room in her panties with her tight grey t-shirt riding above her belly, she looks absolutely perfect to you. She is full as a tick and her belly was already a decent sized beer gut before she ate.

“You wouldn’t lie to me, right?” she asks, poking and prodding the rubbery squish on her midsection.

“Do you think I’m gaining a little weight?” she questions.

You don’t speak and don’t know what to do. You can’t even think properly at the moment.

Alexis once again gently grabs your hand, pressing it against her soft belly. “Is this bigger than it used to be?” she asks in a mock-worried voice, “It doesn’t feel quite as flat as I remember…. Do you think it’s just the bloating, or am I actually… you know… getting… maybe a bit of a gut?”

Your brain and heart are melting. You have butterflies in your stomach and your blood is pumping fast. “Uuuuuuuh…?” is all you manage to vocalize.

“Here, let me show you,” she says. Alexis then moves back from you, and starts shifting her body around sensually, taking different positions all to show off her gained weight. She twists her core and bends forwards to show the rolls her fat makes at her sides. She arches her back and lets her belly hang loose to show how big she’s gotten, running her hands slowly down its bloated mass. She sits on her calves, making her thighs spread out and hang over them while her belly pools out onto her thighs. “Maybe I really am getting a little out of shape, I don’t remember feeling so… squeezable.” She says this once again in a teasing voice. She’s known full well what she’d been doing to herself, and her body is certainly having the desired effect on you. You have a tight pressure in your chest. You want her more than you can put into words, but she’s your best friend’s sister. What are you even doing here? How did this happen? Alexis continues to show off for you, doing a few jumping jacks to show how her body jiggles and moves now that she’s gotten a little heavier. She exaggerates how out of breath she is, panting with her hands on her hips, but she is a bit surprised at how much the jumping jacks actually take out of her. Damn, she really is out of shape. Well, if she gets what she wants it will all be worth it. Alexis pants, “Wow, maybe I really am gaining weight. I mean, look at this belly and these thighs. My ass is bigger too. I could feel my body jiggling as I jumped. I’m definitely a little softer than I remember.”

You’re beginning to legitimately wonder if she’s doing this to you on purpose. Could she really know about your desires? You thought you hid them so well. Alexis continues, “Whew, I’m so out of breath. It’s hot as hell in here. I guess it’s the extra… insulation.” She smiles up at you deviously. No way this is a coincidence, it has to be on purpose. But… that means she wants you too? Fuck, this is wrong. What’s even going on right now?

Alexis finally stops playing with you and cuts to the chase. “Look at me. I know you want me. You’ve wanted me for years. Now that i’ve got this… (she slaps her belly), I know for sure that you can’t resist me. I’ve been stuffing myself full every night and thinking of you. For weeks I’ve been packing myself full of food until I couldn’t stand. I really, actually can’t help it anymore. It started just to watch you react and to get you to chase me like I know you’ve always wanted to, but now I want you personally to keep fattening me up. I know you’re worried about my brother, but now I have you hooked. You can’t say no, I’m everything you’ve ever wanted and everything you’ll ever need.”

Shit. She’s figured you out. You can’t do this, you know if anything ever goes wrong the fallout will be horrible. Plus fucking your best friend’s sister will be so awkward, especially as her family already thinks of you as part of the family. However, you also can’t not do this. Standing in front of you is the woman who you’ve always resisted your feelings for, now physically attracting you stronger than you thought possible. Alexis might as well be a fucking succubus. A pot bellied succubus. This girl is seducing you right here and now, and you can’t bring yourself to look away. What the hell were you supposed to do?

Alexis begins making a show of stripping her tight grey shirt off, revealing her patterned bra underneath. You can see that her tits have grown too. “Don’t make me wait baby. I built this body just for you. Don’t you want it? Wouldn’t you like to touch and squeeze it? It’s so squishy and soft, I need you to use it as your pillow. You’ll sleep both with me and on me. Don’t you want to wrap your arms around this fat gut I’ve given myself and squeeze my big ass? I want you to heft my bulging belly. I want you to see how it squishes around you. You can do whatever you want with it. I’ll be dough in your hands. Fuck me however you like. You can feed me as much as you want whenever you want and I’ll eat it. I’m ready to become such a fucking hog. I’m already greedy and gluttonous, you just have to keep stuffing this fat belly. All you have to do is fuck me now and I’m yours. I’ll belong to you. All this belly, my jiggly thighs, all of my body yours to do whatever you want with.” She’s teasing you and urging you to act. You’re powerless before her. Your body is literally shaking as you slowly move towards her. She tells you to get on her bed.

Alexis begins stripping off her panties as well. Her bulging love handles are now free to melt into her hips. She was dripping wet. “I’m yours and you’re mine. I want you just as bad as you want me. You’re going to feed me and fill me and stuff this fucking belly until I can’t move. You’ll keep feeding me even in my overfed stupor. I want to smother your face with my belly flesh. I want you to worship the body I’m going to create for you. See? This wasn’t so hard. You’re already doing exactly as I say, laying there on my bed, waiting for me. I command you. My body commands you. I can’t believe you ever thought you were going to resist. I won the second you came to my room. Now, touch me. Feel this thick layer of lard I’ve gotten. I’ve done this to myself you know. I did it for you. Just as much as I’ve turned myself into a food addict for you, you’re going to be addicted to me for the rest of your life.” She says all this as she climbs onto her bed and begins crawling, slinking, prowling towards you. Her belly hangs below her as she crawls, swaying back and forth. You can hear it sloshing and gurgling as she gets closer. You gulp and then your mind gathers. She’s right. Fuck the world, this is all you want. You’re going to feed this bitch until her belly almost pops and then fυck her senseless on the nightly.

You leap to action, grabbing handfuls of her buttery middle and soft silky inner thigh. Her fat squishes between your fingers. She’s on you like an animal at the same time. “Tell me what a ***ing bitch I am! Tell me how I ruined myself for you! I’m such a hog now, I’ve destroyed my body!” she called out.

You know she hasn’t yet done anything to her body she couldn’t come back from, but it doesn’t matter. You’ll make sure she won’t get back into shape. You’ll make sure she never gets the chance to change her mind. By the time she stops to think her thick gut will be out past her knees when she sits down. You respond to her, “This is only the beginning Alexis. I’m going to turn you into my ***ing slut. You’ll be my personal beer bellied whore. I’m gonna pump that gut so full and so huge you won’t be able to see the ground in front of you.” You slap her belly and continue, “I’m going to turn you into a worthless blob! You won’t be able to do anything without thinking of food. You’ll get used to being full to bursting 24/7. You’ll learn to confuse ‘not painfully full’ with starving. I want that gut packed tight every time I see you.”

You’re both somehow even more turned on than before, and she says between sexually pleasured moans, “You’re my belly’s servant. Fatten me, fill me, stuff me, make me huge. This useless belly needs more. I am your queen, and you’ll treat me like one. I’ll eat like a queen for you. Spoil me. Spoil this big tank of fat I call a belly.” The two of you are still going at each other like rabbits.

She moans, “Fuck, look at my useless body. What’s all this squishy jiggly chub good for? Nothing! It’s good for nothing! All it does is slow me down and make it harder to jump and run! I get out of breath walking up stairs and I have trouble doing sit-ups now. I used to be a cheerleader and now I have so much belly. My core is too weak to do a sit up. Plus my gut gets in the way! You know, you watched me do jumping jacks. You see how fucking worthless my pathetic excuse for a body is becoming. This is all because of you! I got like this for you! I made it this far, now it’s your job to help me get fatter!”

The two of you fuck for hours, both finally free of years of pent up lust for each other, her belly squished between you.
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AndiFive 6 months
continue, please!!!
GrafenbergsP... 6 months
I'm chuckling at how if "you" is a male, Alexis is basically raping him via mind control. I'd stay inside a burning building to listen to what she's got to say.
Curiousicey 7 months
I've read this several times already. U have wonderful describing skills and skill to make it cute but also hot. The plot is intriguing. Could do more chapters, but I just keep re-reading this until..
Supercode 7 months
A great start! I hope you update this soon!
Fanedfox 7 months
Great plot! I loved your descriptions of fattened body. Very well written.