self discovery

chapter 1


"Oh man, you live over a pizza place?" he exclaims as we climb the exterior staircase to my second floor apartment. "That would be so dangerous for me!"

"Best pies in town," I say, unlocking the door. He carries his duffle bag inside and sets it down carefully before turning to me.

"Hello," he says.

"Hello," I reply, grinning at him like a fool. Then I've got my arms around his neck, kissing him while pressed against his belly, his arms seizing my waist. It's a while before we surface for air, laughing. It's been two whole months since I left the city, since I saw his handsome round face. I don't want to stop touching him.

His tummy rumbles.

"Are you hungry after the trip? We can order a pizza," I say.

He hesitates.

"I should - Ah, what the hell. I'm on vacation. Vacation calories don't count, right?"

We settle on an extra-large pizza, half Hawaiian, half meat lovers. I call downstairs to place an order, while he cleans up a bit. He comes out of the bathroom, stretching, revealing a glimpse of the soft belly that turns me on. Even though he's been talking a lot lately about how he needs to lose weight, I secretly hope he won't lose too much.

The pizza arrives and we snuggle on the couch to eat and talk and enjoy each other's company.

"Mmm, this is really good," he mumbles through his sixth slice. "If I lived here, I'd weigh like 400 pounds for sure."

I make a funny hmmm noise in my throat, picturing a hundred more pounds on his already hefty 5' 9" 300 pound body. I put down my second slice of pizza and start to touch him more seriously. Soon we're topless on the couch. He lies back but I'm unable to straddle him properly. There's nowhere to put my legs. He looks embarrassed but I quickly pull him toward the bedroom, admiring the way his belly bounces as he scrambles into my bed. I climb on top of him and give him a belly rub, before moving lower to rub other things. I love the soft little moans and sighs he makes as I do all the work and he lies there panting, the crest of his belly blocking his view of what I'm doing. I use my hands and mouth before unrolling a condom and taking him between my thighs, riding him to climax. The base of his penis is buried in a roll of chub, but there's still plenty left for me to play with.

The week goes by in a blur of sex and showing him around my town and eating and laughing and more sex. I cling to him as we kiss goodbye at the bus station.
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GrowingLoveH... 5 years
I don't iknow why I never commented on this ffancy gem, but ....

Damn, this is good!
Javigm 7 years
please continue
Girlcrisis 7 years
This is excellent. I really hope you've got more planned.
BeSoft 7 years
Great so far! keep goin' please!!
Built4com4t 7 years
Yay! Finally :-)

Love it, you never let us down ffancy