Chapter 1 - the first meeting

It was a clear sunny day when you decided to go for a walk. Nothing long or strenuous but just a short walk around the block to stretch your legs. You had been cooped up inside all day in a movie marathon binge. Not to mention a tiny bit of a food binge too. You were never one to over eat but something about today made you so eager to fill your mouth with sweets and chips. You had reached the end of the powdered donuts bag when you finally looked up to see the wrappings of candy, chips and other sweet treats laying on the table in front of you. Guiltily you looked around to see if anyone else saw but of course you lived alone. Still the shame was there. You had never done anything like this before. “A walk” you thought that would solve everything. Quickly before you left you chugged the rest of the slushee sitting in front of you. “It’s a hot day outside” you thought and you didn’t want to be thirsty on your walk in the sun. In only a pair of short and spaghetti strap tank top you walked outside to enjoy some fresh air. While letting your mind wander you noticed something. A motion. What was that? Carefully looking down you noticed a bulge where your stomach was and it was shaking with every step. Not only this but your tank top had risen up trying to contain it but failing. A guy you’ve seen jogging around the neighborhood many times was headed your way. You tried to cover your gut with your arms but felt too awkward walking like that. You decided to let it just show as he passed by. He got closer and saw the jiggling pouch and smiled to himself or maybe it was at you. Something in the air changed. It was charged with sexual energy. But over your belly? You wondered. As he passed your head followed him and saw that he went into the house next to yours. That’s right! That’s where you knew him from. He was your new neighbor. The encounter intrigued you and didn’t leave your mind even when you returned home to find your massive wrapper grave. Quickly you cleared the mess feeling sluggish and slow and laid back down on the couch to resume your movie watching. Not even fifteen minutes later your stomach growled signaling it was ready for my food. “Already?” You wondered. Quickly picking up your phone you ordered takeout to be delivered to you. All of your Chinese food cravings. It was as if you were in a haze while ordering and then a fog while eating. Box after box you gorged until you could barely breathe. When the last morsels went into your mouth you finally looked at what you had done. How had you done this twice in one day?! How had you not noticed! Looking down your gut stretched out further than earlier as you laid back trying to breathe once more. “What is going on?” You thought to yourself. The strange thing is you were curious when gazing upon the damage you had done.
About an hour and a half later there was a short knock at the door. Carefully getting up to answer the door it revealed your neighbor with a large dish full of what looked like lasagna.
“Hey what are you doing here?” You wondered. “I thought I’d introduce myself. You caught my eye earlier. Thought we could get to know each other over dinner” he shrugged. “I know it sounds stupid” he said before turning to leave. “No wait!” You called out and he stopped, “I’m starving” you admitted. And it was true. It was shocking to you how hungry you actually were.
You pulled out two plates and forks and sat them next to the dish where he took over. You picked out two glasses and poured them full of wine before sitting down. He presented you with a plate that had a mountain of pasta on it. “Oh no I don’t think I can eat all of this!” You protested. “Try it. You might surprise yourself” he encouraged with a wink. Hearing those words coming from him made your stomach flutter.
Conversation overtook the both of you as you began to eat. The pair of you laughing and sharing stories that seemed to make time move faster. “I told you” he said smugly and you looked down to see an empty plate. “Whoa I never knew I could do that” you practically whispered in shock. It felt amazing to you to know you could eat like that. You had no idea where these thoughts were coming from. He grabbed your plate a look of intrigue across his face. He returned seconds later. “Do it again” he said calmly. You looked at him unsure but he just nodded his head supportively and firmly at you. “Ok” you squeaked as you began to eat again. This time he sat there with nothing on his plate. He simply watched you eat. Something about him doing that made you ravenous. You shoveled big bite after big bite into your mouth and washed it all down with wine as fast as possible. Your stomach grew hungrier with each mouthful. You couldn’t and didn’t want to stop. There was this lightness in your chest that made you want to keep going and a slight tingle in your pants. Pretty soon you felt your belly pressing against the buttons on your shorts. He carefully and slowly leaned over and unbuttoned them for you noticing your discomfort. Your belly burst forward happy for the escape. Your eyes grew wide at the sight of your expanded abdomen. You had never seen your body like this before. You liked it. No loved it. And loved the way he was looking at you. “How much do you weigh?” He wondered while putting more food on your plate. Another full plate. “Im at 145” you answered with a full mouth. “Let’s change that. By the end of the week I’ll have you at least five pounds heavier” he stated confidently. “How?” You asked curiously before loading more lasagna in your mouth. “I have my ways” he stated devilishly. It excited you. You wanted to become heavier for him. He made it sound exciting. Within minutes you finished your third plate feeling as if you couldn’t breathe. “I can’t” you pleaded. “One more” he stated as he piled the very last of the lasagna dish on your plate. You moaned and whines but began eating at a slower pace this time. “Not good enough” he said taking the fork into his own hands and pushing a gigantic fork full into your mouth. You protested but chewed anyway. “Good” he encouraged. He put fork full after fork full into your mouth barely giving you time to swallow. Your body was so full it became overwhelmed and sleepy. Your eyes closed without you knowing it. Slumped on the chair he took a good look at you leaned back belly exposed and mouth slightly open. He grabbed all the dishes and started to clean occasionally stealing a glance at his work as he watched your significantly bigger stomach move up and down. Once he finished putting away the now clean dishes he noticed your eyes beginning to open. “What happened?” You asked groggily. “You had a stuffing from me” he explained and you smiled looking down at your now giant belly. “Oh my gosh! How did you do this?” You wondered. “I have my ways” he said, “I’ll be over tomorrow. We’re going to do a full day of this” he decided. All you could do was nod. Your entire body lit up at the thought of it. “I’ll show myself out” he said. “No let me” you protested but could barely move form being so painfully full. “That’s ok you relax. You have a big day ahead of you tomorrow.” He stated before closing the front door. Minutes later you attempted to move again and made it to the couch before your stuffed belly forced you to stop moving. Sleeping on the couch it is. Your eyes closed quickly as you laid on your back your belly a small mound under the blanket. The next morning you woke with the same mound still present and your eyes were wide. It didn’t hurt anymore it was just there. “What was he going to do to me today?” You wondered breathlessly.
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