shaped by hands

chapter 1

You wake up slowly and heavily, in your subconscious you feel yourself raised, kneaded and pushed by hands. You become more aware that they are touching your skin directly, the cold creeps down your back and in panic you want to open your eyes. At the same time someone pulls a kind of harness over your head and face. A fabric is stretched tightly over your eyes so that you cannot open them. Something is blocking your ears, any sound is deafened, all you can hear is your blood rushing. It seems like you are sitting on cold stone, leaning against the legs of a stranger. Someone is holding your lower jaw and pressing uncomfortably into your back lower gums with their thumb, like a horse being harnessed. The moment you loosen and open your jaw and squirm to avoid the grip, he clamps a kind of rubber teether between your teeth and claps something heavy painfully on your tongue, you have no choice but to let it hang out. Then someone stuffs a piece of cloth into the opening of the teether. Something pierces into your neck and your body feels even heavier and slacker, out of your control. You feel a leather strap that is placed tightly around your neck and other wider straps that are placed on your naked body. First they squeeze your C-breasts together, encircle both of them with a strap, a strap around your upper arms as well as above and below the breasts. One around the waist and the hip. The leather is soft but tight and presses against the skin. This is followed by straps around your thighs like a slip. Someone grabs both of your ass cheeks while other hands lift you up and hang you up at the ceiling with the strings on your upper body. After straps have been placed around your lower thighs and over your ankles and your hands have been tied to your waist with additional straps around your wrist, you feel your body floating and someone begins to spread your legs. When the strain becomes too painful, a twitch goes through your legs and buttocks. The spreading stops and two hands each slide from the ankles to your thighs and knead them softly. You feel warmth around the bottom and that your face becomes warm too. They spread your legs further, stop and massage and spread them further, on and on. Again someone grabs your ass cheeks, which are already quite tense due to the flat angle and the straps. Then you are lowered, your vagina briefly touches the stone floor, which makes you shudder, then it goes up a bit again. As if to calm you down, large hands caress your head, back and breasts and finally hit twice flat under your pussy. It feels damp. Goosebumps have formed on your skin and your nipples are hard from the touch. Suddenly the cloth is removed from your mouth. Before you can even try to plead or scream, a hose is roughly stuffed down your throat, making you choke. You can feel a vibration setting in and something warm running down your throat and into your stomach. The weight is clipped off the tip of your tongue and it hangs numb and full of drool like a damp rag next to the hose. Again hands are stroking you gently, fingers pinch some soft spots on your stomach. The room becomes cozy and warm, your back hurts and is tense. The hands have disappeared, you can feel no more movement around you. Only the tube vibrates slowly and steadily, pumping your stomach full and fuller.

The paralysis slowly starts to disappear, making you painfully aware of the growing tension in your stomach, which tries to find enough space to grow between the straps. Every attempt on your part to change your position, perhaps to be able to free yourself, gives you pain, the straps press too much into the skin. At some point you are in so much pain because of the tightness of your stomach that you faint and surrender yourself to the situation.

Deprived of your senses and still hanging in the uncomfortable situation, you lack any sense of time and space in your waking moments. You imagine that you feel movement every now and then, but they seem to give you drugs with that thick, warm, all-consuming cream in your stomach and so you cannot have a clear thought.

At one point the machine stops, no idea how long it has been pumping you to the max. However, it seems to you that your body has expanded properly around the straps. You appear to be hanging in several ways, and your stomach feels wobbly as you swing lightly in your anchor.
Hands touch you again, carefully, scrutinizing, then more courageously. They pinch your newly formed fat pads, shake your bacon, feel your chin area on layers of fat and tickle your nipples. Your pussy gets really hot and you get even more restless. It goes on for quite a while, the heat below becomes unbearable, you think you're dripping with moisture. You are ashamed of your desire for relief, your desire for an orgasm through those hands that do something so incomprehensible to you with such hardness. The isolation of your mind drives you insane.
Suddenly a hand grabs your pussy flat from the front and shakes you in your hanging installation. You inhale sharply. Other fingers pinch your nipples, still others help themselves to your wet, soaking pool and then slide into your asshole. The hand stops shaking and pushes into you with two or three fingers in a rapid rhythm. Any resistance that you would have wanted to show them is gone, in just a few seconds you come into the palm of one of your tormentors and piss yourself with a hard jet out of excitement. A wave of orgasms trembles through your body and lets your new, softer and well-padded butt shake.

While your plump thighs, arms, and sagging stomach continue to be clapped, shaken, and kneaded, someone is releasing your breasts from their straps. With a sharp pain they surrender to gravity.
A warm jet of water surprises you on your back, but you relax and while they are showering and massaging you, they slowly change your hanging position from spreading into a kind of hanging chair. Then the vibration in the hose starts again and the room freezes in its icy silence. When the cream hits your still bulging stomach, you want to scream in despair.
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