she'll be ready for thanksgiving

Chapter 1 - tammy is lured in as an honorary thankgiving guest

Tammy was a curvy 21 year old girl that had the appearance of having had been fed well on more then one occasion. Her upper thighs were thick and slightly dimpled leading up to her plush bottom that stuck out in the sexiest of ways, the bikini she was wearing as she vacationed with her boyfriend Rob showed that her plush bottom was not only meaty and curvy but also starting to dimple. Her sides were thick and just beginning to overflow from the confines of her bikini bottom and her lower belly was poking out as to look like it was pouting, which was perfect as it caused her belly button ring to jut out as if she were showing it off. I think everyone knows the type of body Tammy had......most would be drawn to her sexy soft curves but also agree she was on borrowed time, it wouldn't be long before she became somebody's BBW and was no longer wearing the type of skimpy bikini she was barely able to wear know what I more burger might just push her over the edge.

It was mid August as she was vacationing with her boyfriend in a beach town and this is when she met Amanda and her husband Mike. Amanda and Mike were a little older then Tammy and her boyfriend, in their later 30's, and also very wealthy. Amanda was very pretty with blonde hair and blue eyes, very spoiled, as she was the product of having been raised by wealth parents and also very much a BBW bordering on SSBBW.

Amanda had spotted Tammy on the beach wearing her barely fitting bikini and was immediately drawn to her, she knew immediately that Tammy was going to be this years catch and was going to do everything in her power to get her! It didn't take long or much effort as Tammy was very friendly and Amanda's attempt to start conversation lead to a round of drinks for both the girls and the men. Amanda's personality was also very outgoing and complimentary and she made Tammy feel very good as she complimented her on her bikini and how good she looked in it. Tammy, being the curvy girl she was that gained weight easily loved hearing the compliments but kept answering Amanda, "thank you so much but I'm just getting fat and feel self conscious, I know I probably won't be able to wear something like this much long." Little did Tammy know but Amanda already had plans for her and knew she wouldn't be wearing it much longer at all. Both couples were at the beach for the week and continued to get together daily on the beach for drinks and conversation and getting to know each other better.

It was near the end of the week that Amanda mentioned the fact that her and Rob had a very large estate with several buildings on the estate and actually mentioned that they had one building that they called the "Thanksgiving House." It was a house that Amanda, her friends and family all gathered at yearly just for a Thanksgiving feast and that the house was only used for Thanksgiving and the preparation of Thanksgiving and that she was looking for someone to stay out the house from now until Thanksgiving and help with some minor preparations. Amanda continued on that the house was very beautiful and whoever stayed and helped would be so privileged to not only a pay, but get to stay at the house, enjoy all of the food that would be provided and get to enjoy all of the amenities of such a house, Amanda's trap was set! She wanted Tammy as her honorary Thanksgiving guest and was going to get her..........Amanda remembered that in early conversation Tammy mentioned she was between jobs and looking!

It didn't take long for Tammy to take the bait, "Amanda, would you consider me for the job, I mean it would be me and Rob, but I would be interested if you would have me?" Amanda quickly answered, "have you, but of course, you would be perfect, I would love to have you!"

The trap was set, the bait was taken and Amanda was about to her honorary Thanksgiving guest.
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Azerty 1 year
Yes please, continue. Thank you it is such a good one.
Clubkong 2 years
Such a great story with Thanksgiving coming next month.
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Love it
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Still one of my favorite story ! And oh so timely in sync with the season
Clubkong 5 years
I love coming back to this amazing story
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Awesome story ! Please more !
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OMG - we need so much more from you!!! You're keeping us hanging like keeping them from cumming - don't dangle - keep going, you erotic genius!
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Doggy375 9 years
Yes I want you to continue with the story!
Clubkong 9 years
Absolutely amazing ! smiley
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