she just got lazy

chapter 1

When I met Margot, she was a true European beauty. She had just moved into the city and was excited to find a job and pursue her dreams. She had the looks of a model, long black thick hair, blue bright eyes, and glowy skin. She was about 5'6 and her body was curvy but thin. She had the type of body most guys like, curvy on the right places, her butt was round and so were her boobs, but her stomach was flat and her overall body was firm.
She came into her new home looking like a star but little did we expected what was about to happen.
During her first month in, we became good friends, she was nice and pretty chatty. She had a cute little laugh that made her adorable and her voice was the perfect pitch.
Since we both loved movies, we would watch one almost every night, after, we would usually make some comments about it and then just chill there before actually going to sleep. She seemed to be really enthusiastic about everything really. She wanted to find a job so she didn't have to have her dad pay for everything, she wanted to meet people, make friends, maybe get a boyfriend... Just a little bit of everything. She would wake up early every morning, go for a run, make herself breakfast, the go to work ( since she started working at a coffee shop ), and then come home, watch a movie with me and have a pretty healthy dinner.
But after months started to go by, she started to seem less enthusiastic about working or waking up early, she just started to become lazier. She started waking up right before having to leave for work. Not working out, spending more time watching movies with me... She just started to stay home more often, almost every day. For a while, she looked the same, but after 3 months we started to notice that her appearance changing. Spending more time home and having nothing to do had taken her down the snacking path and she had started eating a lot more and more often. All the extra eating and not exercising had added some pounds into her body, not much, just about 15 pounds, but enough to be visible through her tight clothes.
Time kept flying by and her routine had faded into a careless set. She would wake up and go to work, then come home and chill on the couch for the rest of the day while snacking on whatever she had around. She lost interest in effort, she no longer tried to look good or put herself together, we were lucky on the days she decided to actually shower. She would just put on some deodorant and head to the living room where she would just lay for hours.
The first time I actually noticed just how bad this routine was affecting her body, was after about 6 months living together. I had just arrived home, it was pretty late but I could hear the tv was still on. I headed to the common area, she was laying on the couch and had fallen asleep watching tv. As I went around the couch to turn off the TV I saw her. Standing at the end of the sofa I could see her body laying there sideways. Her belly looked really big like she had gained 60 pounds in 6 months. It hung onto the couch as her shirt had rolled up exposing it to its true glory. She had one of her hand placed on the lower part of her gut, kind of holding it. Her other hand held a chips bag. I could not believe my eyes. She had molded herself into a larger and lazier version of herself.
The following day, I woke up and headed to the living room. She was sitting there on the couch with her belly rolling over her thighs and pushing against her tight T-shirt. I looked at her as she stood up to go grab some food. Her belly made the waistband of her yoga pants rolled down as she walked to the kitchen. We both prepared our breakfast. I took some cereals and milk and she heated on the toaster two pop-tarts and a glass of milk. I could not stop staring at her, her clothes rolling up or down distracted me as I saw her body showing underneath. She has long red stretch marks on the bottom part of her belly and as she stood there waiting for her breakfast to heat up I looked at her pregnant like body. It really looked like she was pregnant since the only thing that really looked bigger was her belly pushing against her clothes and making her shirt roll up every 2 seconds.
After this day I could not look at her in the face unless I really tried, I could only look at her body. It kept growing. Her bras were way too small, so she started not wearing them at all, so her boobs started to hang on her belly especially when sitting, when they were placed on top of the two rolls her belly folded on. Her clothes started being so small her belly would just show most of the time and I could see her trying to make it fit under her yoga pants. This didn't really work as most times they would just roll down and expose her lard. Her stretch marks had turned while and now she had started getting some on her love handles too, as they had started to grow, making her body look rounder. She had completely stopped wearing makeup or taking care of her skin at all and some pimples had started to appear on he rforhead and cheeks.
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