she rubs him the right way

Chapter 1

In a serene and dimly lit room, a beautiful woman with flowing, cascading hair stands beside a large massage table. The air was filled with contentment and a sense of indulgence after a delicious, extravagant feast.Her eyes, filled with love and adoration, gaze upon her 800 lb husband, who is reclining on the table with a contented and satisfied expression on his face. His body, soft and flabby from the indulgent feasts she had made him over the years, rises and falls with each labored breath.

She lovingly massages her husband, their intimate moment filled with tenderness and admiration. Her husband, a proud feedee , had just accomplished a personal milestone, and she decided to celebrate him in her own unique way.

With gentle hands, the woman applies warm oil to her palms, allowing the soothing scent to fill the air. As she begins the massage, her fingers navigate the expanse of his body, embracing the folds of his flesh with tender care. The woman's delicate touch glides over his skin, her fingers tracing the contours of his form, acknowledging every inch of him.

As her skilled hands glide across his flabby and out-of-shape body, she describes each part to him with a gentle voice, conveying her appreciation for his size. With each touch, she expresses her delight in how much he has grown and how attractive she finds him.

Her physical prowess is evident as she gently maneuvers herself onto her husband's expansive frame, using her arms and legs to distribute her weight evenly. Once settled in she grabs her husband's giant puffy cheeks and kisses them telling him that she loves how soft he's become.

As she finds her balance, she gently begins to massage her husband's stomach, kneading his doughy belly,acknowledging the indulgence of the meal they shared. With each stroke of her hands, she expresses her love and admiration for how much he has grown recently. Her words are filled with tenderness and affection, as she gently gave several small kisses to his massive form,highlighting her fascination and adoration for his increasing size.

Her fingers trace the contours of his round, soft belly apron, accentuating its ample size and weight. She playfully mentions how she adores the way it jiggles, emphasizing her fondness for his expanded waistline. The woman's words are filled with unabashed pleasure as she expresses her joy in witnessing her husband's transformation.

Moving on, her hands explore his soft massive chest if he wore a bra as she's so lovingly joked he would probably fill a F cup, appreciating the way it fills her hands. She lavishes him with compliments, describing how she enjoys the sensation of her palms pressing against the layers of flesh that have enveloped his once-toned muscles.

Continuing down, her touch reaches his plump arms, where she takes a moment to admire their thickness. And how soft and pillowy they have become,She acknowledges his decreased strength and how she relishes the feeling of his weight pressing against her when they embrace.

As her hands glide down his expansive thighs, she describes the softness and fullness that has taken over. She revels in the way his legs have grown, barely able to support his impressive stature, but now they serve another function keeping his feet from touching. Emphasizing her delight in seeing him as he is now.
As she continues, her eyes sparkle with affection and appreciation. Each stroke of her hands carries a sense of familiarity, a knowledge gained from countless experiences. She softly kisses his forehead, his cheeks, and his lips, conveying her deep affection for the part she has played in their journey together.

Her words carried a deep sense of love and appreciation. The woman continued her gentle massage, occasionally pausing to playfully tease his belly button, eliciting a soft chuckle from her husband. Their connection deepened as she expressed her fondness for his rounded form, embracing the fullness of the moment and the joy they shared.

Amidst the intimate connection they share, the woman's mind wanders, a realm of private thoughts and desires. She envisions a future where her husband continues to grow, fulfilling a shared fantasy of expansion. In her imagination, she envisions him becoming even larger, embracing his Love of gluttony with pride. It is a manifestation of her love for him, an expression of her acceptance and desire to see him flourish.

Yet, as she indulges in these private musings, her primary focus remains on the present moment. Every touch, every caress, is imbued with warmth and affection. The woman cherishes her husband's body, embracing its uniqueness and finding beauty in the softness and curves.

With each movement, she pours her love into the massage, her thoughts of growth and expansion serving as a mutual fantasy that enhances their intimate bond. She desires to see him happy and fulfilled, knowing that her love plays an essential part in that journey.

Together, they share a connection that extends beyond societal expectations and ideals of beauty. In this quiet sanctuary, the woman's love for her husband transcends physicality, embracing the entirety of his being, both in the present and the envisioned future.
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