she saw aunt sarah kissing santa claus!

Chapter 1 - Part 1

If you wanted to find anyone that was Christmas mad it would be Sarah Davis. The 24 year old office worker was always chipper and happy at this time of year. Sarah was of average height as she had red hair tied in a loose bun and bangs that framed her face. Her hazel eyes were hidden behind glasses as she pushed them back up her nose. She was good looking as she had a nice figure; she had B cup breasts while all her major curves were in her ass and hips. She was at work trying to finish up for the day as she looked up and saw she was in overtime, and it wouldn’t be bad if the company actually paid overtime. She hit enter and was done as she shut down her computer and stood up to put her grey blazer back over her powder blue sweater that she was wearing over her shirt. Adjusting her black skirt she pulled her scarf on and grabbed her bag before she clocked out and headed to get her usual after work coffee. It was bitter cold as she walked to the coffee shop and ducked inside. She stood in line and waited as she was grateful to be stood in the warm coffee shop instead of out in the cold wind.

She ordered her coffee and then thanked the barista before she turned and walked outside. She was quickly knocked over by a couple of guys, who were rushing by her with the smell of alcohol apparent, spilling her coffee over the pavement,
“Oi watch where you’re going four eyes” they said as they just chuckled and walked on as Sarah sighed and looked at her spilled coffee. It could be worse she told herself,
“Need a hand?” a man’s voice said as she looked up and saw a huge guy standing there looking worried, he was wide and round with medium length dark hair and a full beard. He was wearing a red scarf and green jacket as he held his gloved hand out to help her up.
“Yeah thanks” she said as she took his hand and he pulled her up,
“No manners those guys, bet they make the naughty list this year” the man chuckled as Sarah smiled.
“My Coffee though” she said looking back at the spill,
“Here I have a spare, you okay with a regular coffee?” he asked as she smiled and nodded as she took it.
“Thank you, I’m Sarah by the way” she said offering her hand,
“I’m Chris” he beamed as the two began to walk together and talk more.

It was clear to Sarah that he was as much a Christmas nut as she was as they talked about many things. She could have talked to him for hours if she didn’t have to get home to watch her niece as her sister was working that night.
“Anyway I have to go this way, mind if I see you again some time?” Chris asked his cheeks rosy red, she giggled and nodded handing him her phone number. Sarah had to admit as happy as she was the one thing in her life she was missing was someone to share it with. Sarah returned to her tiny flat and saw her sister was there having dropped her niece off before heading for her shit at the hospital.
“Hey you got back in time, I just put Heather to bed” her sister told her,
“Yeah, guess it’s another hell shift tonight?” Sarah said and her sister just sighed and nodded,
“Remind me why I went into nursing?” her sister chuckled,
“Because you love to help people” Sarah chuckled back as they hugged and her sister then headed off to work. Sarah hung her coat up and then sat down on the couch and saw Heather poke her head around the door,
“Shouldn’t you be in bed?” Sarah said with a grin.
“I wanted to watch a movie with you” Heather said as she walked to the couch and sat by her aunt.

Sarah often let her get away with it as long as she was in bed before midnight. She and Heather were very close with one another as Sarah was with her sister.
“Well what should we watch?” Sarah asked as heather beamed at her,
“Muppet Christmas Carol” Heather said and Sarah nodded with a large smile as she went and got the DVD. As they watched the film Sarah felt Heather dose of to sleep next to her cuddled up under the blanket. Sarah smiled and picked her up to put her in bed before she turned the movie off and headed to bed herself as she yawned. Sarah was awoken the next morning as Heather was bouncing on her bed; it was Christmas Day after all. As Sarah woke up to make breakfast she saw her sister hadn’t come home yet and was no doubt still at work. As they sat down and began to eat they heard the front door go and soon her sister trudged in sleepily to the kitchen and slumped down in the chair. Sarah checked her phone and saw she had a text from their parents who lived abroad saying merry Christmas with a picture to show them doing well in their retirement. They opened gifts and watched Christmas movies and ate Christmas dinner, they were all just happy to be together this year, as that slight pang on loneliness hit Sarah again, she was hoping Chris may be the one to finally fill it this time next year. As she then felt her phone vibrate and pulled it out seeing she had a text from an unknown number before she read it and smiled.
“Merry Christmas and I hope you are having a good day. Chris”

She had a good feeling about him as she text back ad wanted to see him for the New Year as he said he was free and she text back that is was a date. She was rushing about trying to get ready New Years as Sarah’s sister finally had a day off and would be staying at the flat with Heather. Sarah finally settled on an outfit of a red dress that went down to her knees and thick brown leggings. She put a black belt around her middle and did her hair in to her usual loose bun with bangs style. She put eyeshadow on with a bit of eye liner as she then grabbed her white woolly hat with a bobble on top of it. She grabbed her gloves and hand bag and then saw her sister grinning at her.
“Were are you going?” she grinned,
“Out” Sarah said blushing a little.
“Oh you’re dressed up for just `Out`” Her sister teased, “What’s `Outs` name” her sister then asked as Sarah sighed and smiled.
“Chris” she said as her sister just grinned. Sarah finally managed to leave after a flurry of questions from her sister as she waked down the street to the same coffee shop she had met Chris outside of as she looked in and saw him sitting there already. He was in a red and green stripped jumper and brown trousers as he had a pair of glasses on that he was using to read with.

She entered and he looked up and beamed at her, she felt that warmth again as she sat down and smiled at him.
“Hey there, you look nice” she said still blushing as he went rosy cheeked again and smiled,
“Thanks you too, you look beautiful” he said as Sarah was now red in the face as she giggled like a school girl.
“Shall we order?” he asked nervously as she nodded before he stood up to order them a coffee and a slice of cake each. As he sat back down and shifted his wide bottom on the chair to get comfortable he smiled as she thanked him and, finally now warmer, took her scarf and coat off.
“Nice dress, suits you” Chris said as Sarah smiled and giggled again,
“Thanks, took ages to decide what to wear” Sarah said. As they chatted away the two quickly got on well as they talked about their jobs and their families. Chris explained how his parents worked abroad at a toy factory as he helped out from home with the marketing aspect of the business. Sarah told him about her own job, she had to admit it sounded menial compared to his own but he assured her his job was not always fun and rainbows. As they finished up they decided to check out the New Year’s market in town together as they both were enjoying each other’s company.

As they walked together around the stalls they laughed and chuckled as they had a lot in common as she knew she had been right to guess his favourite time of year was Christmas. It was amongst his family too as he told her he was an only child and had no siblings. As the date progressed she felt more attracted to him as he was kind, genuine, and gentle as a teddy bear. She took the chance and held his hand as it was warm and soft to her touch as he smiled at her but she couldn’t tell if his cheeks were rosy from blushing or the cold.
“So do you have any siblings?” Chris asked as she smiled as they approached the ice rink.
“One and we’re close, she has a daughter too, and she is a good kid” she smiled as they paid and grabbed a pair of ice skates.
“You ever ice skated before?” Chris asked as Sarah grinned a little nervously,
“Only a few times, and I’m not very good” she laughed as he chuckled and took her hand. It was going well for a while as Chris lead her and she seemed to be doing well, though very shaky on her feet. However soon her balance gave and she tumbled taking Chris with her as he broke her fall as she was now sat on top of him as they were both laughing now as Sarah had a feeling and gave in. she leant forward and kissed him full on the lips as he kissed back.

As the two made their way out of the rink, they were hand in hand both red faced and undeniably boyfriend and girlfriend now. Sarah was over the moon, she had never felt like this before about any of her old relationships. Chris was someone she just clicked with, like they had always been old friends. She had never had a boyfriend as big or round as Chris was but she didn’t mind, it didn’t bother her at all as his personality was all she needed, plus he was like a giant cuddly bear she thought.
“So I’ll see you again soon I hope?” Chris asked nervously as Sarah kissed him on the cheek and said
“Promise” she giggled and then made her way back home. Sarah was on cloud nine with Chris that the next year passed by in what felt like no time at all. A few things of significance did happen during that year though; first her job wasn’t looking good as the company was having financial difficulties as rumours of redundancies swarmed around the place. Second she had succumbed to what many called `the relationship pounds` as she had put on a good 30 pounds over the year as she had a slightly fuller figure, her new pot belly and wider bottom and hips being the more noticeable addition. And last of all, after Sarah had seen Chris’s tiny place that was smaller than her own, she had, after dating for 8 months, asked him to move into her flat and they were now living together.

Now as Christmas was here again as it was a week until Christmas Day and Chris would be meeting Sarah’s sister and niece for the first time. As Sarah was stood at the photo copier at her work with her belly slightly pressed into the top of it her boss suddenly came into the room and called for attention. He explained that the rumours of financial difficulties were true, doubly apologising as the one word that came out his mouth dropped the mood in the room. Redundancies, some would be losing their jobs from today as she was desperately hoping she wouldn’t be among them. How wrong she was as her boss entered her booth with a grim look on his face,
“Sorry Sarah, I don’t want to do this but I can’t do anything else I’m afraid, you can clear your desk and head home early” her boss said as he moved on to a few others. She felt her heart drop as she shut her computer down and pulled out a box. Sarah cleared her desk and was concerned about what she would do as she needed another job to pay the rent that was due. As she left she had a couple of co-workers hug her and wished her luck as she entered the lift and text Chris that she was on her way home. Her mind was rushing as she got her coffee as usual when she left work and then sighed as she headed home box in her arms and wondering how Chris would take it.

She arrived home and saw Chris putting the last minute touches on the flat decorations as he turned around and looked at her surprised. She guessed he hadn’t checked his phone yet.
“You’re home early what happened?” he asked as Sarah sighed and dropped on the sofa.
“I got made redundant today Hun” she said as he put the decorations down and then beamed at her.
“This calls for a cup of tea and biscuits I think” he said as she smiled at him as he waddled away to the kitchen, he did always know how to cheer her up.
“Don’t forget that Mary and Heather are coming later too” she called and he reappeared around the corner and gave her a thumbs up with both hands. He returned a few minutes later with a tray of custard cream, shortbread and Oreo biscuits with two cups of piping hot tea. He placed it gently on the coffee table and then lowered himself slowly next to her on the sofa as he sifted his weight as to not partially sit on her. She cuddled up to him as he really was like a warm cuddly bear to her, she knew Most would judge Chris by his weight but she found it charming as he was soft and warm to cuddle up too because of it.
“My warm big bear” she cooed as he blushed and chuckled. She placed a hand on his belly and began to draw circles with her finger as they talked and had tea and biscuits as he assured her it would all be fine, he made enough for both of the after all.

They both finished putting up the last of the decorations together as Chris looked at the tree in the corner. It had been left as Sarah usually did the tree with her niece and he thought it was a lovely idea to keep to that tradition. They were sat in front of the TV watching the 1985 Santa Claus the Movie when there was a knock at the door as Sarah stood and let her sister and Niece in.
“Hey there sis, Merry Christmas” Mary said as she gave Sarah a tight hug.
“Hey Mary Merry Christmas” she said as she let the hug go and then knelt down and gave her Niece a tight hug “Give your aunt a big Hug you”
“Merry Christmas Aunt Sarah” Heather said as she then saw Chris as he waddled into the hall. Mary looked and smiled as she walked up to him,
“You must be Chris” Mary asked as Chris nodded and smiled before he was pulled into a tight hug too.
“Well guess she likes you” Sarah giggled as Mary turned around and stuck her Tounge out at Sarah. Heather stood by Sarah by the door for a little bit as she looked up at the large rosy cheeked man as he smiled gently at her. She smiled back as she waved a little before she asked her aunt about Chris,
“He looks like Santa” Heather said as Sarah giggled and Chris winked at them,
“I get that a lot” he chuckled, as his belly shook again like a bowl full of jelly.

They all sat around the living room as Chris again went and made tea as Heather and Sarah started on the tree. As Chris came back in and handed Mary a cup he saw they had got the lights on and were putting on the tinsel. He helped out now and then as the tree was an 8 foot tree and both Sarah and Heather could not reach the top even on the little step ladder. He lifted Heather up to put the fairy on the tree top as she giggled as the tree was now done.
“Wow it looks great, bet Santa will love it when he arrives” Chris said as Heather’s eyes sparked as she nodded enthusiastically.
“Yeah looks great Heather” Mary beamed as she stood and hugged her daughter as Sarah smiled at Chris. They spent the rest of the week in the warm playing board games and watching various Christmas movies. As Christmas Eve arrived Chris set out a plate of milk and cookies as Heather was falling asleep on the sofa and Mary had to go and work the Christmas shift at the hospital again this year. Sarah saw her out and decided it was time to put Heather to bed as Chris went to wash up the dishes. After Heather was in bed Sarah felt tired as she yawned and felt her eyes begin to drop as Chris beamed at her,
“Maybe you should head to bed too, I’ll finish up and be in shortly” Chris said as Sarah nodded and kissed him before she made her way to the bedroom.

Sarah fell asleep fast as she didn’t even feel Chris get into bed as all she knew was she was awake again and saw it was 3 AM in the morning. She heard footsteps outside and slowly got up to check it out and after quietly opening the door a fraction she smiled as she saw Heather sneaking back to the living room. She followed as she saw Heather duck around the doorway corner as she snuck up behind her.
“Hey if you’re up Santa may not come you know” she whispered to her and Heather jumped a mile. She just smiled guiltily as she tried to plead with her aunt,
“But....Aunt Sarah” Heather began before both heard a swooshing noise as they saw a string of bright light appear from the fireplace. To their shock next the light as suddenly as it appeared turned into a man now standing in the living room, a tall round man wearing a long red leather coat with white fur around the collar and bottom. He had white shoulder length hair under his red hat that too had white fur around the brim and a white bobble on the end. He had a large brown leather sack that he swung down and then he stretched and clapped his hands. Balls of Light began to fly out before turning into presents that placed themselves under the tree as he turned his attention to the milk and cookies. He chuckled and they heard him say,
“He always knows my favourite” before he stopped and sighed, “You can come and say hello you know, I don’t bite” he chuckled with mirth.
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Fanedfox 9 months
Good story, I really enjoyed it, the characters were wonderful and great story for this time of year.
GhostFA95 9 months
thank you smiley
Supergordo 9 months
Es una de las mejores historias que he leído, feliz navidad a todos