she stuffed him

chapter 1 first date - first stuffing

Jess groaned as she knelt on all fours, wiping up the gainer that had been disguised as a latte. She still had the image of her now ex girlfriend in her head. The moment the girl had realized what exactly had been in all those lattes, and threw it at her. The red haired girl had grabbed her now substantial belly and shook it in fury, 'YOU DID THIS TO ME!' she had shrieked. Jess could still picture the way the bloated white belly bounced and rippled as her ex stormed out.

It was a stupid mistake. An amateur mistake, leaving the empty gainer container in the trash. The girl happened to see it when she threw away her tissue. Suddenly the extra fifty pounds made sense and the girl was now gone. Her number was probably already blocked.

Kicking off her high heels and heading to the shower, Jess decided she needed a break from girls. She wanted to fatten up a man.

Two weeks later Jess found herself sitting at a coffee shop, waiting for her date. In all honesty she wasn't even sure what she was doing. This guy was in no way her usual type. He was rail thin, skeletal and sickly. Normally she went after guys who at least had a little starter belly. But this guy was tiny! Oh well. She applied her cherry red lipstick, adjusted her platinum blonde ponytail, and waited. At least it was a pleasant way to spend a Saturday morning. Perhaps this twig of a man would prove to be an intriguing challenge. Maybe.

Wyatt breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Jess sitting at the table. She was way out of his league, and he knew it. He wasn't even sure that she'd actually meet him. After placing his order he took a seat across from her. Nervously running his hands through his black wavy hair, he struggled with some awkward small talk. He admired her unique style- Jess looked like a calendar girl from the fifties. She wore a light blue vintage dress, high heels, and perfectly applied makeup. She looked like a vintage Gwen Steffani.

Meanwhile, Jess internally groaned at the single cup of black coffee he had. At least he had nice eyes. Sparkling, intensely blue and full of kindness.
"So Jess, umm please don't judge me, OK? "
"Well, for what?"
"My order, I see it coming."
Jess almost fell out of her chair. It took two waitresses to bring over his order. Two dozen cream-filled doughnuts, a fudge brownie, three breakfast sandwiches, and a thick coffee milkshake. Her eyes widened. Wyatt thanked the waitresses and grabbed a doughnut in each hand, stuffing his face. Within a couple of bites they were gone. His greedy hands reached out and snatched two more before cramming them into his mouth. He stopped only for a moment to take a swig of his milkshake. Jess took a breath in and crossed and uncrossed her legs, aroused by the sheer amount of food Wyatt was consuming. Her eyes trailed to his belly, it was already rounding out from all the doughnuts.

After six cream filled doughnuts he grabbed the breakfast sandwiches and tore into the greasy sausages. By now his belly ballooned out, if he had been a woman he'd look five months pregnant. But Wyatt didn't stop, he gulped down more of his shake and started ripping into the remaining doughnuts. Jess bit her lip, watching the grease and sugar smear across his otherwise elegant face. He leaned back, rubbing his tight belly. The skin felt hard and taut, slightly itchy. He moaned under his breath, the food he had just stuffed himself with sat heavily in his gut. Suddenly embarrassed he sat up and tried to pull down his shirt. The thin material rolled up, showing off his olive skin up to his belly button.
"Ugggghhhhnnn, I overdid it. You want a brownie? "
"You can't stop now, silly. I bet you can finish." Jess stood up and sat right next to him. One hand she gently placed on his belly and caressed the bloated, tight, aching skin. With the other she brought the brownie to his mouth. Wyatt opened and obediently, albeit slowly, took small bites out of the brownie. His belly hurt, but Jess had a magical touch, soothing the cramping with her gentle hands.
"I don't understand, " Jess said, "you're so skinny. How can you eat like this?"
"Actually, " Wyatt laughed, "I love food so much! Believe it or not, when I was in college I weighed over 250 pounds! But my family are health nuts. They fat shamed me pretty bad, plus I could never get dates with girls like you. So I do this thing called intermittent fasting. For three days out of the week I eat whatever the hell I want. The other days I make sure I eat less than 300 calories. I dropped the weight pretty fast, and as long as I stick to my 'on' days and 'off' days I stay fit like this."

Jess smiled. Things suddenly seemed perfect. She could certainly work with this!

"So Wyatt, what are you doing tomorrow night?"
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