short haul

Chapter 1 - short haul

Her heels clicked and her carry-on's wheels whirred softly as she strode through the arrivals corridor. It was only a short trip this time, a one night affair. She would not be there long.

She was happily married. Her doting but understanding husband left at home. The fact that her clients were based all around the world made travel a necessity. She didn't mind. She rather liked it. And they certainly kept her clocking up the air miles.

It was obvious she was a complete head turner, no doubt about it. Always had been. And she had no qualms about using it to her benefit. Tall and toned, the short purple dress she wore clung so tightly in all the right places. From behind her sunglasses she clocked all the admiring glances coming her way, even from those who should know better. The Priest in particular was a pleasant surpise. Even a man of God was a slave to his base instincts when she walked on by. She couldn't blame him. 'In his dreams,' however.

She reached into her bag for her phone to turn it on afer the flight. A slew of new messgaes. They sure kept her busy. She'd deal with them later. Present business came first.

It had been ten months since she had last seen this one. This would be their second meeting following their inital introduction. She knew he'd been good however, as she had insisted on seeing pictures of his food intake. But there was always a doubt lingering at the back of her mind about all her clients' actual dillegence when it came to all this. Taking pictures of food was one thing. Eating it was another. But her services didn't come cheap, so it was their loss if they didn't comply. All they needed was her gentle little 'push' in the right direction, to get things going, set the ball rolling, become complete butterballs. And she never failed, so well attuned was she to her clients' own particular desires, and of course, she was devastatingly attractive to boot. 'Feeder-for-hire' wasn't a tag she particularly liked. It was both business and pleasure to her. And both were booming. She was born to do it. She really felt that way.

She looked at her watch. It was late in the day. He should be waiting for her in the arrivals lounge by now, as instructed. There was only one golden rule. No body shots allowed. She always preferred to see the results of her encouragement in the flesh. She saw no harm in maximising her own pleasure on that front. And the second meeting was always the best in her experience. It was when the change was most obvious. This one had of course been a slim man when they had last said their goodbyes ten monoths ago. Completely dateable, were it not for the ring on her finger. He was too late for all that.

She peered over the rim of her sunglasses as the arrivals corrodior suddenly opened up into the arrivals lounge. A bustling atrium of people. She clocked him straight away, stood dead centre of the meandering crowds. He was on his own. He stuck out like a sore thumb.

'Damn! Boy can eat,' she muttered under her breath as she strolled towards him.

She let her eyes take him all in. He wore the same outfit as last time. 'What a tease,' she thought. Or just in denial, perhaps? Even better. He wore a black jacket, emerald green t-shirt (in medium), and blue jeans. She spied the empty bag sporting the golden arches blazoned upon it scrunched up tightly in his hand. The boy had no self control. He was weak around temptation. It was how she liked them. They always gave in, in the end.

She smiled broadly as she looked at him. His t-shirt didn't fall right at all by now, at least not like it used to. It strained to hold back the obvious heavy-looking paunch he'd put on during her absence. And his belly was clearly becoming too big for his jeans. It still defied gravity however, prising his open jacket apart like Moses parting the Red Sea. She was sure the leering Priest could have filled her in on the rest of that story, but she had no time for that. She spotted that his belt was now on its last notch. The boy was all belly, but the stubbled face couldn't hide that thickening double chin that was now well and truly coming on strong. 'God damn,' she thought, as she caught a glimpse of his side profile as he spun around and looked for her in the crowd. He was packing it on thick. Just that hint of an underbelly on show, those doughy love handles filling out so temptingly. Her stomach flipped. She looked around, competitively, checking out her competition. The other ladies in the arrivals lounge were missing out. It took her every ounce of willpower not to pounce on him there and then and climb him like a tree. What could it be? Fifity, sixty pounds maybe? Or more? F*cking hell, he looked good fat.

"My, my, my," was her opening line as she approached and he finally spotted her and they began exchanging pleasantries. He tugged at his t-shirt and scratched his belly awkwardly. She saw it all. His movement was different, his gait had changed, his expressions less bold. His welcome hug almost killed her as she felt that fat gut squeeze into her toned abs. Warm, soft, she could have died as it shook agaist her as he laughed about how good it was to see her again. All that soft fresh dough on him, and all because of her. Just a little push, that's all it took.

Like a gentleman he took her carry on and they walked to one of the airport's restaurants. She was hungry in many ways, but food came first, especially judging by this boy's gut. That belly bounce with each step, now so obvious against that tight t-shirt, was driving her wild as they walked. She pulled out a pre-prepared note she had stowed away in her purse in case he was on track. He was more than that. This boy would go big, she was certain of that. She squeezed her hand into the tight back pocket of his jeans and deposited the note there for him to find sometime later. She distracted him easily by grabbing a handful of his plump rear whilst her hand was there. She purred seductively in his ear about what a fat, f*cking, little, pig, he had been whilst she'd been away and how it turned her on. This boy liked the little dom streak inside her, and she was always more than happy to oblige. She liked them obedient. She patted his belly with her other hand. It was nice, thick, pillowy-fresh fat. He'd filled out fast, that was for sure. She was good at this. Always had been. And she liked this one. His awkwardness was so cute.

He went to order some drinks once they arrived at the restuarant. She checked out his ass as he went up to the counter. She may have been wrong initally. It now looked like his belly wasn't the only thing that was getting really quite nice and plump. He certainly more than filled out his jeans by now. Nice and juicy, just like a ripened peach. He made delightful eye-candy for a woman of her tastes. She bet he was starting to get some serious chub-rub inbetween those thickening thighs of his. She pictured his struggles with outgrown clothes. That almost generated too much heat for her to handle in such a public place. She tried to calm down. Patience was a virtue.

Salad for her, double deluxe burger 'n fries with chocolate milkshake for him. She tingled all over and almost lost it when his belly shook and jiggled violently as he plopped himself into the booth and scooted across to face her directly when he arrived back with their drinks. 'He was getting way too chubby for that medium t-shirt,' she figured. The food arrived soon thereafter. Perfect.

'F*ck me,' she thought as she began to watch him tuck into the burger 'n fries greedily. In such a fat mess of a state, and still gleefully overeating. It was to be expected, she supposed. But it still shocked and surprised her, everytime, even to this day. Had they no self-respect, no self-control? No willpower? Such big gluttons each and every last one.

With every mouthful he took flashed an image in her mind's eye of her cowgirling him senseless, whilst stuffing cheescake into his mouth. It was torture this line of work. But it paid well. And she and her husband needed to pay off that pool house.

The talk was fun. He was entertaining enough. It didn't really feel like work with this one. She was both his friend and his confidant. The only one who truly understood him. And that was nice. She'd get closer to his true self than any other woman could. Not that there'd be any new entrants into that race now. She imagined his recent gluttony had sent droves of ladies running the other way. Friend-zoned, forever. She smiled. Poor, little, pig. At least he could still love his food. And unfortunately for him, that meant it was only a matter time until he was too fat to reach down and love himself. She knew full well that some tides, once set in motion, cannot be turned.
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FrecherTyp 6 years
Hmmm very sexy altough this woman is married ohhhh i would be tempted to get fat for her ^^

Such sexy good written story
Lovinitbig 6 years
Hurgon 6 years
As dark and delicious as chocolate - and as moreish! Seconding calls for a sequel. Her relationship with her husband might be interesting, and I can't imagine he's a thin man. smiley
Littleextra 6 years
...well be a sequel!
Littleextra 6 years
Thanks for the feedback guys - much appreciated! I know what you mean Built4com4t. Felt the same thing when l wrote it! The lady who actually inspired me to write once again has provided a suggestion on where this little tale could go, so there may very w
Built4com4t 6 years
nicely done... not crazy about her cruel and premeditated aloofness, but that's just me
GrowingLoveH... 6 years
Wow! I love your story, and how you pack so much erotica and weight gain into just a little short story! You are a very talented writer.