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Chapter 1 - Something Missing

Ebony awoke this morning starving. The usual breakfast she cooked right before having her morning coffee and reading over her emails was becoming more and more lifeless as the months went on. She had reached her goal weight of 200 pounds 1 year prior to blowing up on social media as a plus sized model. Ebony being a height of 5'2, the weight she had gained made her belly bulge, along with widen hips. She wasn't as infatuated with being a plus sized model anymore, there was something missing in her life. Something that she hasn't had in over 5 years.

A relationship....

Seeing as though she was totally introverted and typically doesn't leave her condo unless she needs to. Her social interactions in person are off-putting and awkward for an everyday Joe type of person. However, when it came to online interactions, she had plenty of admirers. The only downside to online admirers is that you can never really get a feel for who they are as a person until you've met them face to face. Ebony turned to using online search engines to find locations that would be generally accepting of women & men who just want to come out, relax, and enjoy casual dining.

Ebony eventually found her location or safe haven that she could get out to meet someone after years of being alone and focusing on herself and the things she wanted. The time had come for her to meet her needs as a woman. She was ready to meet someone that would be able to satisfy those needs. Walking up to the bar and taking a seat, she ask the bartender to make her a "Old Fashioned". It was in her opniion a sophisticated drink showing maturity as being one of the oldest mixed drinks compared to others.

She pays her tab and tips the bartender with a $10 dollar bill under the reciept. He nods kindly as he sets the drink down on the table in front of her. Taking a sip of her drink she wonders to herself (Well this spot isn't so bad, just need to figure out a good conversation starter and worthwhile ears to hear them). She gazes upon the lounge and scans for her first target. Eyeing 3 seperate guys she think might be good for convo based off appearance and body signals.

Picking up her drink and walking to the the closest table. A man with slicked back hair. Thick moustache and short beard is watching the game on the big screen. Sitting across from him while he's not looking, she exclaims. This is a really nice place. He looks her direction and say's, "yea it is!, I've been coming her for the past 2 years". "this is my first time here" she say's. He tell's her "One thing your gonna love about this place is that women of all sizes come here, so you will fit right in".

Keep on liking these stories and I'll keep writing them guys. I'm actually having fun building Ebony's character. The build up to her first date will be worth reading towards.
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