sibling rivalry

Chapter 1: Introduction and College Send-Off

“No fair Kelly! You always win!” Katie would often yell after her older sister beat her at any sporting challenge.

“I don’t always win! I mean, most of the time I do, but you beat me sometimes too.” Kelly, the older MacDougall girl would answer. The MacDougall’s, Kelly and Katie, were known throughout their hometown as the sporty sisters, girls who would lead their teams to glory due to their athleticism, but mainly due to their fierce competitive nature. Both girls were tough, playing more physical sports such as field hockey and lacrosse. Kelly, the older sister, was the captain of the lacrosse team for the last two years and was the star of the team, able to score and get physical, doing no matter what it takes to win. Katie, a year behind her sister, was better at field hockey, and was named captain going into her senior season. Kelly, who had just graduated high school, was set to play lacrosse for Sterling University, one of the top programs in the country. Katie was getting offers to go there for field hockey next fall.

Both girls had a desire to be the best, and even though they often pushed each other, they did so out of love and wanting the other to get better in the process. Their parents would often have to break up arguments and settle disputes over their games and trivial challenges growing up. Kelly, being a year older, did win more of the challenges and games they played. The challenges would consist mostly of races around the block, accuracy contests, basketball games in the driveway, you name it. Although Katie loved her sister, she still had a strong desire to be the better one. Since Kelly was more focused on sports and was the subject of her parents’ discipline (a downfall of being the oldest), Katie was able to get away with more “extra-curricular activities”, namely parties and boys. Katie was the life of the party, constantly winning at drinking games such as beer pong, flip cup, and keg stands. Katie also got slightly more attention from the boys in school than Kelly, mainly due to Kelly being focused more on sports, like one of her really good friends, Chloe Simpson. Both girls were pretty, and boys would want to be with both. Kelly was slimmer because she focused her training on cardio for lacrosse. She was shorter at 5 foot 4 and weighed 120 pounds. She had wavy chestnut brown hair that fell just past her shoulders that she would usually wear in a ponytail. She had tanned skin from being in the sun as often as possible, which made her green eyes stand out and melt the boys into a puddle when she looked at them. Her cheekbones were sharp, as was her jawline, fitting a textbook definition of symmetrical beauty. Her tits were modest B cups but perky. Her arms and shoulders were small but muscular, clearly showing her strength and athleticism. Kelly had a slim and trimmed abdomen and toned legs, conjoined by her prized asset, her booty. She knew guys were drooling over it, and could she blame them? It was perky and rock-hard from running and squats, you could bounce a quarter off it.

Katie was the thicker of the sisters, but she was still lean and fit. She was taller than her sister, standing at 5 foot 6, and since she was a defender in field hockey, she focused her training on strength, so she weighed a slightly heavier 140 pounds. Katie was the perfect mix of muscle and fat to where she was strong but didn’t look like a bodybuilder. While Kelly’s weight migrated south to her bottom, Katie’s settled into her D cup breasts that she showed proudly when trying to hook up with a boy or get her way. Her legs were muscular, although not as toned as her sister’s, which was the overall theme of Katie’s body, strong but not as toned. Katie inherited the same chestnut brown hair but had big brown eyes instead of her sister’s piercing green eyes. Both girls were among the most attractive at their school.

As the year wound down and Kelly celebrated her high school graduation, the MacDougall sisters hosted an end of the year/college sendoff bash. The guest list was a real who’s who of Franklin High, everyone was invited. The captain of the football team, the entire baseball team, men’s and women’s soccer, and everyone in between. The party was raging, almost like a scene from “Euphoria”. Food was abundant and the drinks never stopped flowing. Katie, being the ever-entertaining hostess, made sure everyone had at least something to drink and chatted everyone up for a few minutes to make sure this was a night to remember. “Hey Jason, I’m so glad you could come by after practice! You haven’t hit that home run for me yet though, maybe next year haha!” “Chloe, if you’re not going to drink anything at least eat something will ya?” “Mark, you’re looking good tonight! Find me later mwah” As Katie made her rounds, she had refilled her red cup at least three times and grabbed a plate full of chips to hold her hunger at bay for a little while. She found her sister with tears in her eyes.

“Oh my God, Kelly! What happened? Is it some boy I need to knock some sense in to?!”

“No, it’s not that, it’s just…it’s just getting so real. College is hic right around the corner and hic I don’t sniff want to let anyone down.” Katie could tell that her older sister was a little buzzed due to the onslaught of emotion and the slight swaying. Katie didn’t want her party to be remembered by Kelly’s tears, so she thought of a fix fast.

“There there Kelly, you’re not going to let anyone down. I know what will cheer you up! A little competition, we haven’t had one of those in forever! Tell you what, meet me by the beer pong table in 10 minutes, we’ll make sure it’s fair for a good old MacDougall challenge.”

“Haha sniff you think so huh? You’re on! Hic!”

They made their way to the table and grabbed a couple of boys to be their partners. Before the game, the rules were made that the losing sister had to do a keg stand. After both agreed, the game was underway. It wasn’t particularly close, as Katie beat her sister by a pretty big margin. Kelly, honoring their wager, made her way to do a keg stand. Katie gathered a crowd to cheer on her sister. “Kelly! Kelly! Kelly!” After chugging for a pretty impressive fifteen seconds, Kelly had had enough. She was lowered to the ground and immediately began stumbling to try and regain her balance. Her usually rock-hard middle was extended outwards to show her bloating and all the food she had eaten. As she recovered and the party started to wind down, Kelly decided to head off to bed, but before she did, Kelly made one last parting shot at her now drunk younger sister, “You might have beatin’ me t’night lil sis, but I’ll get you back! Mark my wordss!”

The summer before Kelly headed off to college, the MacDougall’s were throwing parties more regularly, including a rager during Fourth of July weekend. All of these parties generally ended the same way, with both sisters getting drunk, challenging each other to a drinking contest of some sorts, which Katie always won, before passing out in a drunk and bloated state. The girls were enjoying their summer in more ways than one. Katie had started seeing Jason more frequently, even hooking up with him on a couple of occasions. While she still had field hockey to train for, she wouldn’t shy away from all the food and drinks she could stomach. The increase in calories had actually worked out for Katie, as she gained five pounds of muscle that went to her thighs and butt, making her bottom half even more seductive. Kelly was following her sister’s path of gluttony and drinking, however since she was only focusing on lacrosse in the spring, she was taking the summer training very lightly. This caused her to lose some of her noted definition in her legs and stomach, but she was still considered very sexy.

Move in day finally came and Kelly, apprehensively, said goodbye to her sister and her family and friends to move on to the next chapter of her life at Sterling University. Kelly arrived having gained five pounds to put her at 125, still fit and gorgeous, although her cardio may not be up to her lofty standards. As her sister and parents hugged goodbye, Katie whispered a parting shot in her ear, one final spark to reignite Kelly’s competitive nature: “When you come back on Thanksgiving, we’re having another rager. If you don’t beat me in a case race, I get your car for the rest of the year. Since Kelly was a freshman, she couldn’t bring her car to college, however her bright red sports car was her prized possession. The MacDougall’s were loaded, so as a gift for Kelly’s accomplishments and academic achievement, they splurged and got her a brand-new BMW Z4 convertible with all the bells and whistles. Katie wasn’t in to flashy cars, so she drove a steady and reliable Toyota Corolla. It was reliable and always got her from A to B, but even she couldn’t deny the allure of rolling around town and to school every day in a red Beamer with the top down looking like a Hollywood star.

Sure enough, Katie’s challenge sparked her sister’s unwavering spirit. “Oh you are SO on! See you then!”

As they drove away, all Kelly could think about was how she was going to prepare for such a challenge…
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Cant wait to see them struggle with the first sports team workouts!
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It will be quite the struggle
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