sir's piggy

Chapter 1

I call him Sir. We fell in love in our hardest times. I am his to use for all pleasures.
I happily accepted his collar. My neck was too fat. He laughed and ordered me a new one.
I felt excited that I had begun to grow a little bit again. Feeling his collar around my chubby neck made me desire being his piggy pet even more.
I am to be collared at all times. I am now a pet, a sub. I so hope to become his piggy.

"I'm just not a feeder." You say one day. But I know how much you love fat and food. You like me as your sub, I want to be your piggy pet.

"Have some extra, my sweet." You say as you add more to my plate. You have been doing this a lot lately and I'm noticing some changes in my clothes. I also have noticed the way you look at the extra rolls with a small grin and a tighness in your pants.
"Thank you, Sir!" I know you're enjoying these extra pounds that have been added these last few months. I will be your piggy pet, I know it!

We are crawling in to bed one night, and I informed you I wanted to order a nighttime snack.

"You really are a little piggy!"
He said it! I am my Sir's little piggy. My dreams of him owning me as his sub and piggy pet are coming true!
Maybe this means he does want to watch me grow!

He ordered me a huge snack of chicken burgers and a milkshake. "I hope this will fill you for tonight."

"I may need a belly rub to fit this in!" I giggle as I unwrap a chicken burger, its deep fried and has little bits of juices and grease leaking out, dripping down my fingers as I take a huge bite.

"I think my piggy can do it!" You laugh, but begin to rub and squeeze my belly hang, testing its weight.
"You really have gained weight, haven't you?" You ask me, I feel afraid you won't like it, but I look down and see how hard you're getting while squeezing my excess flesh.

"Mmmmm," I mumble in reply, my mouth too full, and my head swimming with a new lust for you. I want to feel your hands all over my soft flesh, more and more. I can't get enough.

I feel my panties begin to dampen, and I whimper just a bit. I can't keep eating with this other heat driving my lust. I reach my hand over and touch your hardness gently, and I feel you twitch in my hand. I giggle and unzip your pants.
I stopped drinking my milkshake to take you into my mouth, loving how excited you are watching me turn into your piggy.

I can't wait long before I climb up on you and feel you deep inside me. As I rock against you, I wonder how long I will be able to ride you like this. Will I get too heavy for you?

I can't think about it long. My body starts to spasm as an orgasm rushes through my body. I can't relax long, another wave hits me and I press my fat mons against you and rub hard, feeling you fill me, and rubbing my clit just the right way I burst. I scream my Sir's name, just as he begins to raise his hips hard into me cumming deep inside.

I lay down beside you and continue to finish my milkshake. You kiss my head and smile.
"You really are a good piggy."
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CuddlyFluff 6 months
I'm thinking about adding more to this story if there is interest!
Attentive Guy 9 months
You should keep writing. Some may think this is just a story but I think you put yourself to paper and reliving recent happenings, good for you.
CuddlyFluff 9 months
Thank you!
Its entirely a work of fiction... for now hehe