six more months of winter

Chapter 1 - prologue: thanksgiving

"I would prefer if you didn't keep stealing cheese or we'll only be having Macaroni & Nothing for dinner." I got after Scott for getting into my ingredients. "Right right, sorry" he scratched his head and ruffled his shaggy brown hair, "I just get so excited by Thanksgiving dinner, I don't know what to do with myself all day."
"Well you can get to grating me some more ingredients for starters"
He mock rolled his eyes "Fine! If I must..." we both chuckled as I got back to preparing our meal. These kinds of happenings were to be expected. The truth was Scott was always like this this time of year. Thanksgiving kicks off what I've affectionately started calling Eating Season for Scott. From November to January there's a good chunk of major holidays that occur in quick succession. And they all seem to have a theme of good eating and hearty drinking.
I first noticed it after we'd moved in together 6 years ago. I'd always chocked it up to him burning off post final exams stress, but we graduated 3 years ago and the past years haven't seen any change in the current formula. I guess if anything it's just a habit for him to indulge this time of year. Of course, as I'm sure others have experienced, this results in a few extra pounds around the waistline come New Years Eve.
Scott is no different. From summer to fall, he's a relatively trim guy, probably 175lbs on any given day. He puts in his 3 days at the gym every week. He's got some good definition in his arms and thighs, but I've never known him to have any serious muscle like a six pack. Honestly I think he just loves food too much to eat chicken and brown rice every day. Which brings us to winter. Every year I watch my Labrador of a boyfriend take a break from the gym and start to soften up around the edges. His definition blurs, his belly curves outward just a bit and his cheeks get a bit more pinchable. And just in case you were wondering, I do mean both heh. It all makes for some good cuddle sessions in the coldest parts of winter, but by summer it all melts away. It makes sense though. The most he usually gains is 15-20 pounds and that can only do so much for a guy whose 6' 4. Still I've started to look forward to it for one reason or another.
Right on queue, once I'd declared dinner was served Scott dug in with zeal. Macaroni and cheese was always a must, as well as the usual turkey, ham, stuffing, and green bean casserole. Even if it meant getting up at 9am on a day off, seeing his excitedly carve away at my hard wake made it worth it. He put away 3 fully loaded plates before I casually reminded him there was still dessert. I gave him a choice of pumpkin pie or raspberry cheesecake. With his stomach bulging, he chose both.
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Theimpatient... 1 year
I read straight through all the chapters smiley This was really great. Honestly, it left me wishing I was Scott haha. I’d love to be in a relationship like that
GrowingLoveH... 2 years
This is well done. It mirrors my own experience getting fat — and being fattened — in my late 20s. I don’t know how I missed this story, but great job!! Write more stories! Please!
FrecherTyp 5 years
yes that was lovely work ^^ and a lovey story
Hurgon 6 years
Awesome work. Delightfully sexy and humorous descriptions of Scott's plumpening bubble butt and belly. Very much looking forward to more of your work! smiley