Chapter 1

It was late at night and you should have been asleep long ago. And yet something kept you awake and with way too much time to think, you couldn't help but contemplate this situation you had found yourself in.
For years, you had struggled with your weight, had desperately tried to get rid of the softness around your midsection, hopelessly hunting after an ideal you were never meant to achieve.
Until he had come into your life.
And now, lying in your bed, sleepless, with his hand on your ever growing stomach, the heaviest you had ever been, you had never felt more free. He had made you feel beautiful from the very first day. Where others had criticized you he had encouraged you. When others had told you to slow down, had asked you if you didn't want a salad for a change, he had put on extra helping of fries on your plate. And when you were so full, most would have been disgusted to see you stuff your face like this, he had rubbed your belly, praised you and even asked you if you were sure you couldn't fit at least one more bite
Even now, in his sleep, his hand was kneading the fat that had accumulated on your midsection, a proper potbelly resting where a few months ago there had only been a few pounds too many. The fruits of his labor.
If only your past self could see you now, you thought, as you too ran a hand over your stomach, fingers digging into the soft flesh.
And the two of you weren't nearly done, you knew there were many more pounds to come, and your past self would be disgusted at your reaction to the thought, you were certain, as your hand slipped into your panties.
You could feel his growing erection as you pressed your plush backside against his groin, the hand on your stomach groping your fat.
It seemed he wasn't as fast asleep as you had thought.
His other hand squeezed your ass, it's growth rivalling that of your belly, and as you knew, his second favorite part about your overfed body.
Never before had you felt, and honestly been, so fat. And yet, you knew, this was also the slimmest you would be for the rest of your life.
As he was groping and kneading the fat engulfing your body you closed your eyes, moaning at the thought of there being even more to squeeze for him soon.
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