slobby love

Chapter 1 - the first week

Exposition: Samantha and Alex take two years of from work to live out their desires. Alex is 165 lbs. Samantha is 136 lbs.

"How long did you take off?" Alex asks

"365 days, and you?"

"365 as well"

" Well how do we start?"

Alex is on the phone, calling in some Chinese. Pulling the phone away from his mouth

"Like this"

Samantha just flourishes with joy at the thought of them getting fat together. Before too long the doorbell rings.

"I'll get it" Alex says

"What's the damage?" Samantha asks

"$224, but, a good deal"

They had 27 pounds of food, they had longed for this so. To become the size of whales and live carefree.

As they indulged on their feast they were overcome quickly by the sheer amount of food they had actually ordered.

"Jeez, how much did you order, DAMN! Samantha had reached her breaking point. Her stomach was about to burst her jeans out. While Alex had just begun.

"Don't be a wuss babe, tough through it, we have all this food to eat."
They had ended up finishing, Samantha was stuffed full, as Alex was about half.

"I'm going to bed, feel free to join me when you're ready." Samantha was at capacity.

Alex was nearly full, but not quite.
When he ha finally turned in, he had cleared the fridge. Ridding the kitchen of all healthy foods; only at an exponential rate. When he went into the bedroom, he saw Samantha in full sleep, nothing could wake her up.

"Sweet dreams, my new, full, princess." Alex had said after kissing her on her forehead.

They woke up still full from the night before, but they didn't care.

"Let's do that again!" Samantha had exclaimed as Alex was still groggy. "So when do we weigh in?"

"At the end of the month" Alex answers

"That's an awfully long time, but if you're sure, I'm sure."

They begin the day with some McDonald's delivery. 7 packs of pancakes, 15 McGriddles, 12 Sausage Biscuits, and 5 Chicken sandwiches.

"Well, we can only go up." Samantha reassured herself

Alex, still full from the night before, had only limited capacity, but did he care?

Alex eating 4 of the pancake packs, 9 McGriddles, and 7 of the Sausage Biscuits, was officially stuffed. Leaving Samantha a lot of food.
Which she had enjoyed, seeing she had changed into some Sweatpants.

Alex let out a moan, then let a major Belch.
"Buuuuraaap, Oh my Jeez. How are you feeling?"

"Stuffed, 'bout you?"

"Max capacity, I've never seen so much food, let alone eaten it"

At this point Alex's jeans from the previous night had been stuffed, his gut was hanging over, just, waiting to pop. The later the day got the more they had eaten. Several days past, packing more and more weight, eating more and more. Alex's pants had busted, and Samantha's sweatpants were at the seems.
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