sloppy desires

chapter 1

Zoe and her friends loved to do weird challenges. They would have some crazy competition, and whoever last had to do whatever the other girls came up with, usually it was some new way to live for a whole year. The one friend, whose parents were avid hunters, had to go vegan for a year, and couldn’t tell her parents it was fake. Another time, the girl had to join a Mormon church, and be active in it. This time around, the competition was based on who could get the most numbers at the bar. Zoe was very hot, with her blonde hair and blue eyes, she had a very cute face, add to that she was 5’6 and only 115 pounds, many guys were always after her. Unfortunately, this night Zoe was not getting the numbers. She ended up losing the competition and had to take on the challenge.

The girls were always jealous of Zoe’s looks, so they came up with a great plan for her. For the next year, Zoe had to take on the persona of a fat slob, she would only be allowed to leave her apartment to get food and had to join websites as her persona. To start her off, they brought in a fat suit for her to wear in some pictures. They went to good will and bought some outfits that looked awful and covered in food stains. They also had her not was her hair for a week and let it get frizzy, and then used some makeup to make her face appear fat and broken out. Adding her glasses, she rarely wore, finished her appearance and then they had Zoe take some unflattering pictures and they decided to have her go as her middle name, Beth, on the chatrooms she signed up for. Beth didn’t have to eat bad, but she needed to act like she did. Beth had been allowed to work from home, so this wouldn’t be hard for her. She figured she would just chat online and pretend for a little bit and the year would go by quickly. She didn’t have to wear the fat suit, but she was not allowed to wear makeup or contacts during this whole challenge.

The girls left and Beth was now alone in her fat suit and food stained clothes. They had filled her house with junk food too, even though she didn’t need to eat bad they hoped that she would. She looked in the mirror and was disgusted with her reflection. Such a fat, slobby looking girl. This disgust was turning her on though she found, and she was excited to hop online and chat as this girl. Beth was bi, but she knew from going into chatrooms that men private message women, so putting Lesbian would be the better choice to minimize unwanted messages. She also stuck in the lesbian rooms mostly. Upon entering, Beth’s first thought was, “wow, these girls are so friggin gorgeous compared to me” as the insecurity struck her, she started munching on the pizza that her friends left. She immediately felt comfortable to this life, it scared her, but she thought, “it’s just for fun, not like it’ll hurt to enjoy this while I can”
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Nok 1 year
where's the cover image for this from?
Karenjenk 3 years
I like this because its short and sweet.
I also like that they try new things and settle on a new experience.
the Mormon thing??? they are all already fat ha ha
PilsburyDoug... 3 years
Thanks, I can't write longer stories though. My ADHD makes me lose interest if they are too long, and when the transformation is so drawn out, paragraphs with no changes, i just lose interest and move on. I'm into quick short stories, i write the fantasie
AndiFive 3 years
please make bigger stories.