Chapter 1 - how they met

The alarm chirped at 5:30am-- a slender hand ran its petite fingers across the worn plastic casing & hit the pencil grey button on top. Claire slipped her delicate feet out from under the satin sheets & into her fuzzy white slippers. She then slid out of the rest of the bed & into a white satin robe, her strawberry locks matted down from the night before. After a long hot shower & slipping into a tailored 6 black pinstripe suit & red 4" heels, Claire grabbed her rosy leather purse, rummaged for her keys, & shuffled out the door.
A duck quacks alarmingly at 5:45am-- a muscular, callased hand slams down on its plastic feathers, silencing the bird. Roger's half-glued eyes blink at the bluing room as he sat straight up in bed, his sweat-stained undershirt clinging to his chest after the rough night before, his blue rubber duck boxers itching around the lowered waistband. Turning towards the green blinds of his window, Roger cracked his back before setting callased foot on his mahogany floor. A hot shower, cold cereal, & change to crisp grey tshirt & acid-washed jeans later, Roger slipped a black leather wallet into his back pocket, picked the keys & duck keychain off the kitchen counter, & trudged his chocolate brown boots out the front door.

"One grande-mocha-cappuccino-frappe with hazelnut & whipped cream please," Claire asked, not even looking up at the coffee shop's menu. The executively-clad woman reached down for a plastic-covered chocolate raspberry muffin, her fairly rounded butt filling the pinstripe trousers just so. Dusting off her pant leg, Claire paid her tab, took her muffin, & waited at the other end of the counter for her coffee.
"Tall iced latte with nutmeg, please," Roger asked, putting his cash on the counter. He walked over to the other counter & glanced over to Claire, nodding his head slightly in 'hello'.
Roger, an average construction worker, had a muscular build with broad shoulders & chizzled features. He usually stood around 5' 7", which made his moderately tanned body a shimmery look as he worked outside. His eyes radiant & green, his smile a little creamy from his morning coffee.
Claire was a legal secretary & was a much smaller woman build wise, with a narrow frame & prominently long, slender neck. Standing on average around 5' 5", her body was proportioned just enough to show off each feminine feature-- her hips slightly wider to hold a fairly rounded butt, her 34B breasts protruding from her bronzed chest with slightly perky chestnut nipples. What she lacked in height she made up for in strength, her slender legs strong in feature as well as power.

What started as a nod became standard small talk- 'nice day, isn't it', 'come here often', & 'see you around'. From small talk came 'bumping into each other' over the weekend. Enough times 'bumping into each other' later, Roger & Claire became fairly close friends- eventually turning into a casual relationship, as both their careers soared into their busy skies.
"Grab your jacket, Roger. I've made reservations 'cause we're gonna celebrate!" Claire firmly stated, closing the door behind her.
"What are we cele--" Roger started, turning around from his chair only to stop mid-sentence as he ogled over her physique. Standing there, in front of his doorway, Claire stood eagerly, a deep blue off-the-shoulder cocktail dress hugging her hourglass figure, gold wedge heels highlighting her peeking painted toes & lacing up her sleek calves. She clutched her tiny gold purse in her left hand, her painted fingernails popped under the flickering fluorescent bulbs.
"I've been promoted!" Her radiant blue eyes gleamed in excitement, sapphires nearly hidden under her smoky makeup. Roger scooped her up instantly, chuckled a little besides himself, & brought his woman in for a rather passionate kiss, unable to keep his enthusiasm still as his trimmed mustache grazed her silken lips.

"The only caveat is I need to live closer to my office if I'm gonna make this work & can't afford the apartments my company's recommending... so I don't know what to do."
"Well, isn't it obvious?"
"What do you mean, Roger?"
"Come live with me- I can see your building from my bedroom window, so it's gotta be walking distance from here. And it's not like I'm gonna charge an arm & a leg to make you stay- though I wouldn't mind the leg," he cooed, tracing his hand along Claire's creamy thigh.
"Do you really want me to move in with you?" Claire asked nervously, holding her man around his strong neck.
"Only if you want to. I know it's a big decision to make--" Roger would've said more had Claire not dove in for another kiss. They never did make it to their reservations... too busy celebrating, you could say.
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