so… now what?

Chapter 1 - i’m tired…

In high school, I thought I was fat. 5’6” at 150 felt too high. Looking back at it, I was naive and hot. I was a D cup in a land of flat chests and no hips. I had a body other women envied. I got ogled and groped and I thought that that gave me worth. I buried the pain of the interactions.

But then there was 160 in college. I simultaneously hated and loved my lifestyle. I loathed the number and relished the feel of strong hands running down my waist with greed and purpose.

But I settled down. Leo loved me and made me feel grounded for the first time my life. I married him at 24. He quickly put our firstborn in me within six months. It was thrilling and terrifying. Being a mom was different. I found purpose and love I’d never known possible. I also gained weight.

I had to cry it out alone when I hit 200 during my second pregnancy. I was 27, blessed with a good husband and two wonderful, and completely healthy children, and also deeply unhappy because of a number on a scale that I KNEW made me ugly and worth less.

I checked it when it didn’t make sense. I checked every day. I thought I did it to have control. It was sabotage and self-hate. It made me aware of what I thought was failures constantly.

So, I did all kinds of diets. You’ve heard of it, I tried it for six months or a year. Paid for some. Read about others. They took time and bandwidth. All it accomplished was to go up and down 5-10 pounds.

At 35, I finally realized how tired I was. 7 and 9, my kids had only seen me disgruntled and dieting. I sat and cried after they went to school the day I got it. Long, hard sobs. Then I numbed on my phone for a while.

It was a bleak day and I hated it more than I’d hated myself for a long time. Which meant I needed to make some major changes. I wrote and let my 150 high school days go. I wrote and let go of numbers period. I just wanted to stop worrying all the time about a weight or calorie counting.

I’m tired. Too tired. I just want to eat and live. I feel like that’s reasonable. Or right? Maybe both.
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