Chapter 1 - 1

As humanizing modifications became increasingly popular with newly freed androids, Adam often regretted that he was such a specialized model-- there were precious few android mechanics willing to work on him, and even fewer willing to attempt anything complex.

Still, when he decided he wanted to enjoy food the way his owner-come-boyfriend Jack did, the police lieutenant was nothing but supportive. He called nearly as many android mechanics and repair centers as Adam did, and by the end of the week it seemed they had talked to every option in DC. No one wanted to open up a police android like that: not when the procedure was so invasive. In a newer, common model, it would be fairly low-risk, one mechanic explained apologetically, but a model like Adam's systems were too complex. It was possible, but required more know-how then they had.

So when Adam resolved to ask famed AI scientist Ryan Volkov, Jack resolved to be okay with it.

Much to both of their surprise, Ryan agreed to do it two minutes into the conversation-- and for free.

("The amount of money you could afford to pay me would be a rounding error," Ryan had explained brusquely, "so I urge you to keep your two thousand dollars, or however much the procedure costs. It makes far more difference to you than me." This was needlessly obnoxious, but got the point across. He was also wrong about the $2000-- it should have been more like two hundred.)

Still, it almost seemed too good to be true. It was certainly a great relief after the hours Adam had spent on the phone and driving around DC.

Ryan warned that the differences in Adam's charging pathways meant he may have to remain in Ryan's home for as long as two weeks to give the man time to observe that everything was working properly.

Jack tried to talk Adam out of it, but as always, the android's puppy-dog eyes won him over. He swallowed his apprehension and drove Adam up to Ryan's estate that weekend.

If this was what Adam wanted, then he should get it. If Adam didn't seem nervous, why should he?


About five days had passed before Ryan noticed Adam standing in the kitchen in a pair of loose sleep shorts, pinching his inner thigh curiously.

He wasn't sure what he was looking at; only that his body looked slightly different , softer in places barely noticeable. It had a humanizing effect. Adam found he didn't dislike it, per se, but at the very least wanted to know whether this was right. Ryan would know.

Ryan walked up behind him and wrapped an arm around his waist before resting his chin on the android's shoulder. He pressed his fingers gently into the new softness of Adam's belly. The android felt a prickle of embarrassment.

"Mr. Volkov, I'm not sure..." he began apologetically.

Ryan had never touched him so gently and unexpectedly like this, and butterflies tingled pleasantly in his stomach. It was typical of the man to be suggestive, but Adam had grown used to turning down his requests. This was unexpected, but for now, he was somehow uninterested in pushing Ryan away.

"Don't worry, Adam," Ryan interrupted, wearing a soft smile. "Energy from food consumption that you don't immediately use will be stored, somewhat like it is in humans as fat. Everything's working as it should be."

"As fat," Adam echoed curiously, pushing his fingers gently into stomach with his hand. "Is it permanent?"

"Not at all," Ryan promised. "It fluctuates based on your food consumption, and if you have some accumulated, you'll be able to go longer without food or otherwise recharging. Practical, in a strange sense; it's why humans evolved the ability, although your energy storage will occur both more quickly and more efficiently."

"I've never seen another android--" he began, unsure how to word the question.

"It's experimental. You're the first."

Adam furrowed his brow.

"But tested extensively, Adam, don't give me that look," Ryan teased. "I know how long you've been waiting for this; I wanted to give you as human an experience as possible."

He could see Adam relax slightly, and he smiled.

"Thank you," Adam said, voice warm with sincerity. "I think that I like it."
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