some extra dinner

Chapter 1 - some extra dinner, part 1


“Harper! Uh, you’re home early…”

Harper shut the front door behind her, cocking her hip and raising an eyebrow. She stood holding the extra-large pizza she had promised to bring home while eyeing her girlfriend’s super-sized McDonald’s meal.

“I told you I was bringing home dinner,” Harper said, giving Lisa a smirk.

“At six. It’s five,” Lisa huffed, pouting a little, her cheeks taking a little color.

Harper laughed coming over to the couch where Lisa was sitting and setting the pizza down on the coffee table next to the McDonalds containers. She placed a hand on Lisa’s wide, round belly and leaned forward to peck her on her pudgy cheeks.

“Most people wouldn’t eat a whole meal an hour before dinner was coming, you know. No wonder you’re getting so fat lately.” Harper smirked and winked while squeezing at Lisa’s chub.

Lisa blushed a little, but leaned back so she could push her belly towards Harper. “And who’s fault would that be?”

“You for eating so much,” Harper hissed.

“No, you for letting me.” Lisa stuck out her tongue. Harper just laughed and kissed Lisa again.

“Well, regardless, you better get going. You know I don’t like to see a single crumb left behind.” Harper said, patting Lisa’s stomach before rising from the couch. “I’m going to make myself a salad for dinner.”

“You jog three miles a day, I don’t know why you also insist on eating so healthy,” Lisa teased, reaching forward to grab some fries and dunking them in a chocolate milkshake as she watched Harper’s perfectly sculpted body move across the room.

“Because I like it when my girlfriend’s eyes follow me around,” Harper said with a grin, striking a pose that showed off her slim, athletic figure best. Lisa hummed appreciatively, enjoying the sight and stuffing some chicken selects in her mouth.

Harper laughed before ducking into the kitchen and quickly throwing together a spinach salad with grilled chicken. She came out and found her place on the couch, crossing her shapely legs and resting her bowl on top of them.

“So, sweetie, how was your day?” she asked as she used her fork to toss a little.

The girls lapsed into easy conversation as they munched. Harper picked at her salad slowly, taking small bites, as Lisa opened a burger and filled her cheeks with it. She worked through the fast food at a smooth pass, sitting back in between big bites to give her stomach more space.

Lisa had been tipping the scale at 300 pounds lately, and seeing her eat it wasn’t hard to guess why. Her rounding belly, widening ass, and thickening thighs had been straining her clothes, when she sat on chairs they were starting to creak and buckle under her. And yet, none of that seemed to slow her down…

Lisa finished the last of her fries, pushing the empty containers and wrappers aside and licking at her fingers.

She grabbed the pizza box and grinned as she opened it and took a good whiff. “Harper, you’re the best! You know just what I like.”

“Of course I do, I love you, stupid,” Harper laughed, reaching out to pinch Lisa’s side. “I know how to take care of you. Maybe a little too well…”

Lisa blushed. “You don’t mean that.”

Harper smirked. “I don’t. I love spoiling you much too much, as that belly of yours can attest.”

Lisa made a face again before grabbing a slice of pizza and moaning as it hit her tongue.

“I noticed you didn’t bring dessert…”

Harper’s eyebrow lifted. “You haven’t even finished dinner.”

Lisa shrugged with a mischievous grin on her face.

Harper rolled her eyes. “Tell you what, you finish that and I’ll make sure you get a treat that will blow your mind.”


Harper winked. “You love me for it.”

“I do.”

Harper set her empty salad bowl on the coffee table and scooted herself so her back was against the arm of the couch. Then she spread her legs and patted the couch in front of her. Lisa grunted as she adjusted and scooted over to sit in front of her girlfriend, leaning her back against her.

Harper let out a bit of air. “You’re getting a little big to keep doing this, hmm?” she commented as the bigger girl pressed down on her.

“Sorry, should I move?” Lisa leaned forward, but Harper put her arms around the larger girls torso and pulled her backwards.

“No, no. I love this too much to give it up.” Her hands found Lisa’s belly and began kneading against it, enjoying its softness, pressing until she could feel the hardness underneath. Then she took a hand full of belly, gave it a squeeze and let it jiggle. “You’ve really let yourself go though, look at all this.

Lisa blushed once more, squirming a little. “I know. But my girlfriend likes it so I’m not worried.”

Harper chuckled. “That she does.” She tucked her hands under Lisa’s shirt and let them find Lisa’s breasts, which she began playing with. Lisa hummed, shoving more pizza in her mouth and closing her eyes to just enjoy.
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Fattenssbbws 2 years
If you were to continue this story or start another like it, I certainly wouldn't complain!
Fattenssbbws 2 years
Love it!
Chubbybellytoy 2 years
Very very very good. Thank you for writing this one!
LitMistress 2 years
Thank you!
Theswordsman 2 years
Nice one