south town bus

Chapter 1 - 12:30 south town bus

The 12:30 Southtown bus rumbled its way down Main avenue on a sunny fall day. The day, far prettier than the road it sat upon stretched out far in an unbroken straight line. The bus was running a bit slow, in part to the added bulk of one of it’s new regulars. Or so they thought. That regular, his name Milos Jeffries, had stared out the window for the last half hour with a sour look on his still slender face. It was a long way to his feeders loft uptown. Long enough to reconsider his choices.

It had started innocently enough. Milos had wanted something no strings attached and a bit wild after his breakup. He had never explored his kinks with his old flame and was willing to try anything once while he was still single. He talked online luring in potential feeders with his slim toned body and the promise of fattening it up. Though Milos never dreamed he would gain a pound. This was just for online, for the thrill. Most potential feeders proved to be fakes or not Milos’ type, but with his master he had felt drawn in right away. Like a fish to deep waters. A little roleplay at first, then a lot, then a deep exploration of what made Milos tick. Then an offer.

‘Come to my place and I’ll stuff you like the pig you are.’

Milos had replied yes before his brain had caught up to his libido. He thought about cancelling but his hand didn’t move. Milos had made his choice.

‘I’ll just go one time.’ He told himself, ‘I’ll get to try it, and honestly I'll probably just get sick anyway. What’s the harm?’

The encounter had been the most erotic moment of Milos’ life. Aching pain as his master forced down course after course of the most fattening foods imaginable. Shock at the distended round shape of his belly. Unbelievable pleasure at his release. ‘One time’ turned to once a week, and now he was headed there for his second time by Thursday. Milos pushed a finger into his softened side disbelievingly and clucked.

‘Should have known when they wanted to push it up to Monday.’

After another minute the bus stopped and let in a few passengers. A lanky teen was the last to board. After seeing there were two seats left, one next to Milos and the rail, and another between two people. Milos went beet red when the teen chose the people. ‘It can’t be that noticeable yet.’ He thought, panic rising along with his heart rate. Milos tucked his shirt, by now a reflex, and coughed before resuming his position staring out the window opposite him.

The bus changed lanes, and mid-turn the sun caught the window and showed Milos his reflection. He swore he looked wider but stopped himself. ‘It’s like a funhouse mirror calm down, we’re putting a stop to this it’ll be fine.’ That’s what he told himself at least. The madness would finally come to an end after these lust filled few months. Milos would stomp in and tell his feeder they were through and that would be it.

He gotten gotten off lightly, really. Just a few shirts that didn’t fit quite right and a pair of jeans tight around his middle. A middle that had gotten considerably rounder. Milos was glad he had come to his senses before any real damage had been done. He would be back in the gym and stave off any more damage the holidays might cause and be ready for summer no problem. Thank goodness he had waited until fall before packing on this little chub.

After another few minutes of unchanging toil down the long road the bus hit one of Main Ave’s many potholes. The front wheel hit it straight on sending a jolt up though it’s many passengers. Milos felt his belly, which hadn’t even existed before the summer bounce wildly at the impact. The shade of Milos’ face deepened as he clutched at it, unbelieving at how much it shook. Even his sides and rear weren’t free from the interminable bounce. To his horror, he noticed the jiggle had untucked his shirt from his pants. Milos let out a deep sigh.

‘What am I doing to myself?’
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Bbman30 1 year
I agree. I want to see how much of a pig Milos can be. We need to see what these two feeders do to him
Kyzarburner 2 years
Man I should really finish this story
Kyzarburner 4 years
Working on it!
GrowingLoveH... 4 years
I like how you set this intro up.
Built4com4t 4 years
Good start