special drink

chapter 1

My name is Joanne and i’m skinny, really skinny...and i hate it. i hate being skinny, i see so many big women and i get jealous. i was always too scared to fulfill my desires until today.

i was browsing the internet as per usual and i came across an ad.

“are you unhappy with your body? try body ready!” i was intrigued by the ad so i clicked on it. the ad said that they could change your weight with on drink. i realized that i could finally become the weight i wanted to be, i ordered the bottle of pills and just waited.

3 days later

a knock came on my door. i opened it in my pjs. there was just a small box sitting in front of my door. i picked it up knowing what it contained. i ripped open the box and pulled out the bottle. i smiles and opened it. “using body ready will change your body to your idle weight! all you need to do is say your idle weight take one pill(ONLY ONE) in a couple of minutes the effects will start to take place. severe consequences will come if you take more than one within 3 months. enjoy your product!!” i nodded, agreeing with the instructions. i sat down on my bed and pulled out a single pill, it was green and oval shaped. “800 pounds.” i said and then i quickly popped the pill. i turned the tv on, waiting for the results. 10 minutes passed and nothing happened. i sighed realizing that it doesn’t actually work. i got up to go grab some food. i went into the kitchen and saw all the food and i realized how good it looked. i grabbed almost everything in the kitchen and sat on my bed, as i sat the bed creaked loudly. i shrugged it off and started eating. suddenly my stomach started to puff out. it was working! i got up and ran to grab my rolly mirror so i could see myself getting bigger. as i headed back to my bed i was out of breath. i sat down and the bed creaked loudly. i saw my face start to puff up and a second chin started to appear. my thighs started to spread and flatten. my stomach ballooned outwards and started to fold. my face continued to puff up forming more chins. my legs forcefully spread apart to make room for my huge belly. my belly sank down to cover my vagina. my breasts spread out across my stomach. i watched my fingers and toes plump up quickly, they seemed to shrink as they inflated. I had four chins now and my gut had five rolls on it. my clothes had ripped off of me so now i was naked on my bed. my bed started to creak. as my stomach puffed out more it creaked louder. and then suddenly it stopped. what? i didn’t want it to stop, it felt so good. i tilted my head back and moaned while touching my massive belly. i tried to get up to weigh myself but i could barely move. i liked that i couldn’t, i was so turned on. i grabbed my phone beside me and went online to see if i could find anyone to come and care for me. i saw a servant service and i called one and he arrived instantly. he knocked on the door and i called come in. he walked inside and was shocked at the size of me. “pass me my pills.” i demanded as i pointed to the body ready pills. he ran over and grabbed the, placing them in my hand. i asked him to put one in my mouth and said 100000000
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