spicing up our marriage

Chapter 1

Me and Alice are married for 10 years now.. We are both 34 years old and in good shape..
But after those ten years our marriage was getting boring.. And our sexlife was nothing like it used to be. I was feeling frustrated and often looked at other woman. I was really trying not to cheat, but it was getting harder every year. I just didn't feel it with Alice. And Alice felt the same about it..
So one night we had a conversation about it and we came to a conclusion.. We needed help.
So the next week we went to a therapist and she said it would really help if we could spice up our sex life. We agreed but we had no idea how to do it.. We tried several methods she gave us. Like roleplaying, bondage and that kinda stuff, but nothing seemed to work..
We were really losing our hope and it was not getting any better between us.. Until one day. We had an appointmend and the therapist told us there was only one thing we didn't try. She gave us a tape and we had to play once we arrived home.
So we came home and I put the tape in the videoplayer..
A lady appeared on the screen, it was our therapist..
She told us that one of us had to put out his or her shirt and sit down on a seat.. Alice looked at me and said to me I had to do it.. So I did.
Then she told the other one had to cover my ears and eyes so I wouldn't see or hear anything. So she did that.
Now I was sitting there without knowing what was going on..
After 30 minutes I felt something against my lips.. I opened my mouth and it was a slice of pizza. Alice pushed it in my mouth and the whole pizza followed. I was feeling a bit full, and asked Alice how this was gonna help..
Then she told me to shut up and just eat.. Then she forced me to eat all the coockies we had at home. And several other things.
I was feeling very full and my belly ached. But I also felt my dick was getting hard, it was very weird. It was like the feeling of my stuffed stomach was causing my dick to get hard. Alice noticed it too.. She sat down on me and we had very nice sex..
Afterwards Alice told me she secretely liked to feed me. Mostly because I was getting horny because of the feeding. So I guess we discovered our new kink.. I am curious if this will save our marriage..
We will see.
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