stephanie comes of age - in a big way

Chapter 1 - stephanie

She was 120lbs soaking wet, a scrap of a girl with long blonde hair and those big blue eyes that just made anyone say yes. And ‘yes’ was a word she was used to hearing. A lot. Her parents, not bad people, but just absent were quick to indulge their 17 year old. Shoes, shirts, handbags- whatever caught her fancy in that moment. It didn’t make up for the long weekends alone but now they were both dead she missed deeply what little she’d seen of them. And not just this she’d been shipped off to her only living relative, an older aunt from the bad side of town. Her spoilt heart sunk further. It was the month before her 18th birthday and it looked like the only way things were going were down. Little did she know as she opened the door to her aunt’s humble home ‘things’ were in fact on the rise.
Her aunt was a round cheerful woman, a far cry from her angular, cold mother. Stephanie wondered how they’d ever been sisters, she couldn’t think of two visually different women. And as her aunt started to grab her things and fuss and fret over her she realised the difference didn’t stop at appearance. She didn’t realise as she sunk into the big overstuffed couch and a thick cut of coconut cake pushed into her hands how much she’d missed this. Despite her parents death a few months ago the last time she felt properly cared for was years.
Lost in thought like this she didn’t realise she’d inhaled the sweet cake in front of her. She looked up embarrassed expecting some sort of reprimand for being embarrassing. Instead her aunt, Aunt Vi, beamed at her with genuine joy.
‘I’m so glad you like my baking. I was so worried as I know you’re used to so much, and you’ve been through so much. Oh I’m babbling but I just wanted to be able to give you something.’
‘Can I have more?’ Stephanie asked, smiling at her aunt’s sweet display of emotion.
‘Oh nothing would make me happier my love!’ Said Vi as she lept up and refreshed her plate.
Moments later, Stephanie looked up, ‘More?’ she again asked sweetly. 4 slices later Stephanie leaned back deeply into the chair. She looked down and rested her hand on her domed stomach. She never ate like this at home. Her parents had private chefs with strict nutritional plans. And this warmth she felt in her stomach. She felt filled with love and a contentment she’d not really felt before.
Vi stroked her hair and said, ‘It is so good to have you here. I know me and your late mother God rest her soul didn’t get on, but I always wanted to meet you. Such a lovely girl. Right! That’s me getting distracted again. I need to go get dinner on.’
Aunt Vi bumbled off into the chicken while Stephanie slowly fell asleep.
She awoke a while later to her aunt gently placing a tray over her lap.
‘Don’t worry yourself sweetheart, we will eat in front of the TV tonight. I’m sure you’re so drained from today.’
Stephanie nodded slowly still sleepy as a huge bowl of homemade chicken Alfredo was placed in front of her. The pasta rose out the bowl in a significant heap and the cheese oozed down the sides. Next to it half ciabatta loaf of cheesy garlic bread. Stephanie baulked at the sight but as the smells made their way up she felt a light switch on inside her. She began to twirl the pasta round her fork, one bite in all ‘twirling’ went out the window. She was scooping up the pasta, creamy sauce smacking on her lips mingling with the garlic butter that oozed out of the rich side dish. She amazed herself by eating all of it. But the fuller her stomach felt the better she seemed to feel. Now though her stomach was bulging. Right under her smallish boobs it rose out. She’d never seen it do that before. Excusing herself to the bathroom she admired it in the mirror, lifting her shirt up. It curved beautifully so soft and feminine. Yet was so hard to the touch. She was fascinated. She pushed her finger into her tummy, virtually no indent was left. A ripple of electricity went between her legs.
Her blue eyes widened. Now that was new. She’d been with guys. You don’t have an empty house most weekends and not end up with guys. But this surge of sexuality was something entirely new. She pulled her shirt down sharply, flustered. It was not the time! She rejoined her aunt in the family room. The pasta bowls had been cleared to make room for dessert. Aunt Vi had said she liked baking but Stephanie didn’t know how much. Brownies, shortcakes, sponges of all flavours lay out like the window of a bakery.
‘I didn’t know what you would like so I made them all! We can eat what’s left in the week I’m sure.’ Vi gestured with her hand and let Stephanie at the display. Already at breaking point she went for a reasonable brownie. But that lead to another and another. But that was her breaking point. Barely able to keep her eyes open her aunt lead the bloated girl to bed.
Stephanie noted her stomach brushed against her usually baggy PJ top. She thought as she fell asleep how it would feel if it was pushing against it…
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Math Machine 3 years
FINE! If no one else is gonna address the elephant in the room that is the cover art, I WILL! So, let's get something straight here: Ogres are like onions! End of story! BYE BYE! (see you later)
Ukboi87 3 years
Got some nice pregnantstuffer vibes about it, good story, looking forward to more
Theswordsman 3 years
I wonder what will happen when serge has to go back to france