chapter 1


Weighing in at over 1500lbs.(approximate weight) Steven had always been very fat,and he loved to eat, and eat all the time.
Whether it was main course meals or treats, he always seemed to be chewing on something. He had always been spoiled by his mother and his family, and had several friends (girls) when he was younger, who would hang out with him at school and at his house. They tended to spoil him and whatever he asked for someone would provide it. Food was always available to him and as long as he was awake he was eating something.
He had a large DVD collection and also a very large video game collection. This was also an attraction for the girls.
As well as eating this is how he spent most of his time. Life was easy for Steven,with anything he needed being provided by his friends and family. Most of the time he either sat on the couch or in bed. This is how his life had been since very young, and why he had grown into the immobile, spoiled, obese young man he is today.
The first time my wife and I saw Steven, was when we were picking up our daughter from school. We had recently moved to the area
in the Southeastern U.S.
Steven lived with his mother and his sister, his father having left the family home just after Steven was born. Steven attended the same elementary school as my daughter, and on this day he was attempting to climb into the back of his mother's van.
He was so fat he could barely get up and in. He pulled himself on to the floor boards, and then got on his knees and pulled himself up, then turned around to eventually seat himself.
Totally out of breath after this ordeal he would need help from his Mom to clip his seat belt.His mother looked very young, not overly fat, but plump would describe her.

After living in the area for a while I saw many overweight people there. Some of them, men, women, and children were extremely overweight.This is not to say that there aren't fat people everywhere, but there seemed to be an over abundance in that area. We had never seen a young boy, or girl for that matter, so fat at such a young age as Steven.
He was 6 years old at that time. Not being very tall, Steven was as wide as he was tall, and I heard numbers like 250 or 300 lbs. being tossed around by people. I'm sure he was at least that weight or more.
He was the subject of many jokes and snickers from many of the other kids and adults at the school. My daughter told me that some of the teachers were known to make snide remarks about his weight.There was a certain group of older girls, my daughter included, who watched out for Steven, and took him under their protective wing, so to speak. The girls tried to keep him safe from the bullying types.
The remarks and teasing didn't stop, but, it was not as bad as it would have been without their help. My wife and I were very proud that her and her friends did this.
Most of these girls stayed friends with Steven throughout his elementary school years, and a few stayed friends after they left to go to high school.They often came to Steven's house and played computer games, snacked with him, and just hung out with him. My daughter became a good friend of Steven and his sister Tammy.
One girl in particular Rebecca, or Becca as her friends and family called her, seemed to be very fond of Steven and spent a lot of weekends and holidays at his place.
She was always helping Shawna, Steven's mom, helping to take care of Steven and just help around the house. If Steven wanted or asked for something or something to eat Becca would always be up and ready to please him. Shawna appreciated her and was glad when she came over.
On her way home from school , Becca would get off the school bus about a mile from Steven's and walk to his house. Someone from her family would pick her up later.
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Kendally 6 years
Thank you.
Chrysophase2003 6 years
This is well done. The narrative is from an outside perspective which sees that Steven is being manipulated, to the degree he thinks he likes what's being done to him. And we like it very much, even knowing what it might do to his lifespan.