straining the office furniture

Chapter 1 - First Day

Liam stepped into the entryway of his new job excited in more ways than one. This was his first 'real job' since graduating university, and he was lucky enough to get a job in his field. However he had another reason to be excited, rattling around in his oversized lunch bag.

-------------------------------------- ---------------------

Uni had been a bit of an awakening for Liam, watching the freshman 15 hit so many of his classmates. A little extra freedom, a few more distractions, and the abundance of the cafeteria had been all it took for so many to grow into their new environments. There had been so many opportunities for Liam to observe the tantalizing hints of overindulgence. From straining seams and buttons to the indents from undergarments that are suddenly too tight, Liam had been fascinated.

By the end of the first year most got things under control and their clothes could breath a sigh of relief, but for a select few who were too lazy, too gluttonous, or just in denial, Liam had watched as straining buttons were replaced with loose, flowy, cozy garments, which themselves eventually became insufficient. The cute co-eds who eventually became plump piglets ignited so many fantasies for Liam.

How many more would have followed that path with a gentle nudge towards the trough? How many buttons would have burst before being replaced? How many more wardrobes could have been transformed? By graduation day, Liam knew he had watched enough, it was time he tried to answer those questions for himself.

---------------------------------- -----------------------

The first steps towards making his own personal piglet, were the very same steps he took towards reception, and the redhead behind the counter.

"Hi, I'm Liam, reporting for Duty!"

"Welcome! Aren't you an eager beaver!" She giggled then "I was told to expect you this morning. I'm Olivia, pleasure to meet you." Without pausing for you to respond, she pressed a button, and "Alice, your new hire is here, I'll send him on up to you." Addressing Liam again, she beemed "Alice will see you on the third floor!"

Thanking Olivia as he passed, Liam headed for the stairs. As he walked by he noted that her large personallity only slightly outstripped herself. She certainly filled her chair, but her outfit suited her so well she must have reached some size stability despite the sedentary job. Liam wondered if he would be able to shift that balance.

Bouncing up the steps Liam arrived at the Third floor excited to meet his boss, Alice in person! She was a stylish blonde exuding an aura of control.

"Hi Liam. Let's get you situated. We'll pass by the lunch room on the way to your desk if you brought a lunch" she turned on her heel and began walking, clearly demanding Liam follow. Liam was all too happy to fall in behind her swaying gait. Hoping Alice's assuredness allowed room for fun.

The lunch room was pretty standard, a few tables and chairs, but Liam was happy to note a runner on the side perfectly suited for display. Opening his bag, he popped his lunch in the fridge, then began to unpack the goodies.

Liam had a passion for baking, and had developed quite a talent for it. But for his first day he didn't want to come on too strong. So he pulled out a box of homemade chocolate chunk cookies and set them on the runner.

Liam responded to Alice's raised eyebrow, "I was hoping to make a good first impression, so I baked some cookies." Liam had baked them just this morning and made sure they would still be warm at this point. The delicious scent of freah cookies began to fill the lunchroom as he packed his bag under his arm and headed back to the hall.

Alice nodded appreciatively and followed him out, but not before breaking off half a cookie and talking a bite. Mmmmm the smell merely hinted at the flavour. Silently taking the lead ( her mouth was full), she directed Liam to his desk before giving him a full rundown.

---------------------------------- -----------------------

A few hours later and I was finishing a few notes on how the systems worked and what Alice wanted from me as she left me to it.

Alice's rear had only just shashayed out of view when office chair at the next cubicle rolled backwards. Its passenger, a smirking brunette had clearly waited for the boss to leave before distracting the new guy. "Alice must like you! She wasn't half as curt as when I started last month!"

A little lost for words I just said the first thing that came to mind, "Maybe she just liked the cookie -"

"Cookie!?" My work neighbour's smirk and been replaced with a hopeful smile. "What cookie, where are there cookies?" Seeming to catch herself, "Sorry, I mean nice to meet you I'm Bianca."

With a chuckle, I responded, "The pleasure is mine! Liam. And I baked some cookies and left them in the lunchroom"

"Really? Hmmm, you know I think it would be a good Idea to get to know my new work friend Liam over lunch, don't yah think? You're all set up and will just be reading policies the res of the day anyway right?"

"Sounds like a great idea!" There was no way I was turning down someone who seemed ao excited by the prospect of cookies.

Bianca bounced out of her chair and we walked back to the lunch room. Her outfit fit her slender frame well and looked almost brand new. Mist have updated the wardrobe for the new job too. I did not that her claves didn't look toned, so maybe ahe was just a naturally skinny person.

"Oh this is the best this room has smelled since I started!" Bianca skipped across the room and took a deep breath, before realeasing with a contented sigh.

Meanwhile I grabbed my lunch and a seat. After unpacking I looked up to Bianca reverently setting a single cookie next to her rather meagre lunch.

While we had the generic "what did you do in school? Where are you from?" initial conversation we worked our way through the prepared meals. The lone cookie looking increasingly lonely on its side of the table. Until, "Finally time for a treat!" And Bianca rasied the cookie to her smiling lips and took a bite. "Mmmmmm! This is soo good! You made this?"

"Yup, I love baking, really kept me sane in uni." I wanted to probe a bit, "Are you just a cookie gal, or do any other desserts bring you joy"

While Bianca rattled of a list of pastries that I took careful notes of I glanced around the room which had filled up with our other colleagues. With more people the cookie supply was dwindling.

"Oooh I've always wanted to try to make eclairs, if you turn out to be a good work neighbor maybe I'll try" I responded to the end of Bianca's list and stuck my tongue out. I also noticed a certain sizeable receptionist missing from the room, and asked, "By the way, does Olivia not take lunch with us?"

"Oh she has to be ready at reception until the main lunch crew is done, she usually eats later". Bia ca glanced over at the diminished cookie tray and wistfully sighed, "Suppose I've had enough."

"Nonsense!" I grabbed three cookies from the tray and placed one in front of her. "I can't have my baking making my work neighbour sad. I'm going to make sure Oliva gets some too." As I left I noted Bianca's wide smile as she nibbled her cookie.

----------------------------------- ----------------------

"Hi, I heard you have to take lunch later and didn't want you to miss out on the cookies" I announced as I came up to Olivia's desk.

"Oh hun, that is so nice of you! You didn't need to as I definitely don't need the extra sweets!"

"Oh so you don't want any?"

"Didn't say that now did I! Since you so kindly brought them I'll take one. Just one mind you! A baker should get to enjoy the fruits of their labour too. Now run back along I'll be just fine"

After the whilrwind of voice I found myself walking back to the stairs a vit disoriented but with one fewer cookie than I came down. Behind me I heard a crunch then, quietly "Oooo boy, these are trouble"

I smiled to myself on the way back to my desk. This seems to be going quite well, the test batch of sweets seem appreciated! I thought about returning my spare cookie to the lunch room, but wondered if I could push things with Bianca a little bit.

"Hey Bianca, When I was heading back up I saw this one lone cookie left in the lunchroom, and wondered if you wanted it." It was the last cookie, but my fib was to prevent her from considering someone else's self control.

"Ooooh hand delivered, thanks so much" Bianca took a bite and her face lit up. "Mmmm, I might get used to having a personal baker!"

Oh Bianca, I really hope you do.


Lo ng time story reader, first time writer. This was mostly an idea I needed to stop bouncing around my head. Hope you enjoyed.
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2seatsalways 3 months
Really great 3 chapters. You have a potential for a masterpiece here.
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Something about Bianca's enthusiasm brings a smile to my face
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This has the potential to become my favorite story on here! I hope you add more descriptions of straining clothes and creaking furniture, and maybe some weighing. Bianca is a ticking time bomb 😍
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Premise sounds great, and big fan of this type of setup. Good luck!