stuffing summer

chapter 1

James’s (my) POV

One day after coming home from school I walked into my house where I lived with my dad, step mom and Summer, my stepsister. I noticed that dad and stepmom were gone, it was just me and Summer. This happened often because dad and stepmom had jobs that have them work into the night. So after watching tv with Summer for about an hour I asked if we could order pizza, Summer happily obliged. Summer loved food, but worked out so she was only slightly chubby. We ordered a medium pizza to share. The pizza arrived soon after and we began to eat. It was a good pizza that left both of us satisfied, although for some reason I kept peeking at the sliver of belly poking out of Summers too-small shirt.

Dad and stepmom got home around 30 minutes later, “how would you kids like to go to a buffet for dinner!” Asked dad. My sister being the foodie that she was squealed with delight. We all hopped in the car and drove to a Mexican buffet down the road.
Summer loaded her plate with three burritos, half of a quesadilla and a heaping mound of guacamole, I only got two burritos. Summer started eating like she hadn’t had food in days, saying things like “soo good” and moaning. It was lowkey interesting to watch. Once she had finished her food she said”I am stuffed! Let’s go”

Once we got home I headed towards my room, but never made it there. As I passed Summers room I heard some quiet moaning. I walked in there and asked”Summer? Are you alright?” And only got more moans in return. I turned the corner and saw her on her bed rubbing her belly trying to sooth the aching. “Do you need anything?” I asked. She said”I’m so thirsty, can you get me the grape soda?”
“Alright” I said return as I went to the refrigerator to get the soda. I went back to her room and handed the soda back me saying”can you like, feed it to me?” As she blushed. I agreed and tipped the bottle into her mouth. Summer started to drink the contents while moaning. Once finished she let out a large burp and lifted her shirt so her belly was exposed. She started the rub her distended belly while burping.
“Let me” I said, moving her hands from her belly as I started to massage it. Summer started burping like crazy and her belly was so swollen and rumbling. She soon fell asleep and I went to my room to think about what had just happened
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