summer of gain

  By Ja82

chapter 1

Amy was as lazy and gluttonous as teenagers come, but her fitness-obsessed parents had always kept her on strict diets and exercise routines, so she'd been slim for her whole life so far. She had no idea about the greediness lying inside of her though. Her parents made her take pills that significantly reduced her appetite, and the constant exercise was simply normal for her. But this summer, everything was about to change.

Amy's parents had recently won a free cruise trip in a contest, and they couldn't resist going. They were about to be gone for 3 months, and Amy was a little nervous.

"Alright, I think we've gone over the list enough." Amy's father was a well-built man who made sure his family stayed in good shape with him. He had prepared a list with Amy's mother that he hoped would keep Amy active and slim while they were away. "You know what you're expected to do, stay on the exercise schedule we've made for you, and don't go over the food limits we've set." Amy's mother chimed in. "Take your pills daily, and we'll see you just before you start school again."

Amy hugged her parents and watched as they piled their suitcases into the family car. She closed the door as they drove off, and sat down on the couch to review the list again.

"Oh, it's nearly time for my afternoon run!" Amy began to get up but paused as she realized her parents weren't there to make her go. "I've still got some more calories before my limit though... Maybe I can have a snack first."

She went over to the fridge, which was practically empty except for some fruit. Her parents had left her with a decent amount of money, and she planned to go to the grocery store tomorrow. Amy grabbed a bag of grapes and went over to the couch. She turned on the TV and happily snacked while she watched a cooking show that was on, amazed at how delicious all the food looked. The show finished, and Amy had completely forgotten about the run she was supposed to take. The list her parents had left her was lying on the kitchen counter. A strong breeze came through the open window and blew it off the counter and under the fridge.
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