summertime slob

Chapter 1 - exams over, eating on

Out you walk from your final exam for the year, the hot, sticky summer air making you all hot and bothered.

A few coursemates are heading to McDonald's to celebrate, 'yeah, why not? Free cheeseburgers on demand'. You adjust your pants from slipping down your wide a** and waddle over to the car, they've freed up the front seat for your wide cargo to plant itself into. The suspension creaks a little as you wiggle your squishy butt into comfort. "Steady on Podgy," Dan says getting into the drivers seat with ease. You look at his muscular figure and handsome face, how could his ex have cheated on someone like him. The girls in the back giggle at his remark, but Dan smiles, a smile that carries comfort and warmth.

As you pull up to McDonald's, the girls hop out the back and make a dash for the door, giggling all the way. You and Dan step out calmly, you adjust your jeans as they're slipping for the 20th time this hour. "Loose fit?" Dan calls, sarcastically. "Quite the opposite," you reply, "How can be outgrowing a 32 waist already? I was a 30 back in April" "You're still a growing girl, need all the room to fit that belly into, even if you become a planet." "Or a pig," I remark. "Let's see which you are - c'mon podgy," Dan heads towards the entrance, you waddling behind obediently.

You and Dan catch up to the girls bickering over Maddie getting a chicken burger while the other two are getting salads. Another till operator becomes available and you make your approach. The girls stop harassing Maddie as they overhear you ordering a large fries, 2 big macs, large coke, a selection of iced doughnuts and McFlurry. As well as the free cheeseburger. "Jeez, Nicki, you're really stocking up," Sammie exclaims. "Well it was a long, hard exam," you snap back. That hour really knock out those carbs from breakfast, brunch, elevensies and lunch. "Leave her be," Dan steps in, "She can have what she likes." At this point, Dan seems to be fondling your love handles from behind, not visible from where the girls are standing. You are overwhelmed at how much he is appreciating you for being a fat piggy.

He joins you back at the table, and while the girls look over at you, whispering and pointing at the disproportion between your selection and theirs. You ignore them. You're too busy ravishing on your greasy treats. Dan sits down opposite you and looks deep into your fixated eyes. It takes you a minute to notice as you stare down another doughnut gone in 3 bites. Dan whispers with a charm "Maybe it is a pig after all".
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