sweet dreams are made of this

Chapter 1

Angel had spent all evening getting glammed up to head to the club with her friends. The local DJ Sw33t Tr34ts was playing the new EDM set that had propelled him to some mild stardom or whatever–she didn’t care. For Angel, the night was about getting drunk, dancing, and getting some C-list celebrity to notice her so she might one day sleep her way out of this town and down to LA.
She took one last glance in the mirror, grateful that the eternal summer of southern California had kept her skin nice and tanned, even throughout the winter. And with the comeback of 2000s tumblr chic, she was able to show off her toned abs and thin legs with the help of a white, sparkling mini skirt and a bright pink halter crop top that had KISS written across the chest. Her boobs had always been a bit small for her tastes, but it didn’t matter so much: with the body she had to show off, the size of her tits didn’t seem to matter
An hour later she pulled up to the small town bar. It was different to see colorful lights flashing inside, and maybe it was the fact that she’d already downed a vodka redbull and was running on very little food, but the music actually sounded… good. That was a surprise.
Angel couldn’t remember the last time anyone from this dull town had actually made a name for themselves.
“Eew do you smell that?” A nasally voice said just behind her shoulder.
“What the fuck Kate, it’s vanilla.” Shayna said from her left.
Angel rolled her eyes, who cared what the smell was. She was definitely already feeling it because it did smell good, and drew her and her friends inside the door. There were no cover charges for ladies, and she knew she wouldn’t be paying much now that she got inside, but her attention turned when she heard Kate gasp.
“Oh my god.” Angel was about to turn and smack her friend for being so weird tonight. Even in a place like this, one wrong vibe and they could be kicked out! But then she saw what caught Kate’s attention.
Everyone here was…bigger. They were easily the thinnest people in the room by quite a margin. She knew there weren’t a lot of healthy food options in the town, but come on people. Walk a little! “Fucking pigs” she mumbled under her breath, but a smirk slid on her lips as she noticed the DJ. Despite his name, Sw33t Tr34ts was as toned and tanned as she was, and she knew that she’d be with him by the end of the night if it was the last thing she did.
And it would be the last thing she did that night. Despite the odd crowd, Angel, Kate and Shayna spent all night dancing to the beats, throwing back the delicious White Russians they had behind the bar. Apparently it was a special requested by the DJ, and who were they to say no when they’d been so cheap, and each one came with a cute skewer of marshmallows on top!
“Do these taste funny to you?” Kate asked the others?
It was true, the drinks were a bit heavier than the normal White Russian, but they chalked it up to the fact that they hadn’t had one anytime recently and kept drinking. Although everyone slowed down after that, not wanting to admit that the drink felt more like a milkshake than a cocktail.
Finally, the night came to a close, and Angel let the others it was time to make her move. She prowled through the crowd, undoubtedly the most graceful person in that room, and tried to ignore the sloshing of her stomach.
Ugh, I will definitely not be drinking those again anytime soon, she thought to herself.
As she neared the stage, she did her best to smile sweetly, and walk casually, ready to congratulate him on the set.
“Hey! I think we went to high school together?”
The DJ Laughed, “Ever since getting a little bit of fame, I seem to have gone to high school with everyone. Or their sister.”
Angel gave a small pout, knowing full well they actually did go to high school together, and graduated two years apart. “No, Laudeville high! You graduated ‘14 and I graduated ‘16!”
His eyes widened, oh my god, “Angel! Angel Cormac! I am so sorry for not recognizing you!”
She flustered, “No, no worries, we didn’t speak much before, but I did want to come congratulate you.” He noticed her eyes moving down, but not to her breasts. No, there were no breasts to be noticed. But she did have a body to rival his.
Angel couldn’t help but take in the exceptionally toned arms, now glistening with sweat from the heat of the stage lights. His shoulder length-black hair was pulled back in a half-up way that accentuated the sharp jawline. It made her blood boil looking at him in the loose tank top with headphones around his neck. He certainly looked the part of a DJ, and he played it well too.
She was gathering up the courage to ask him to have a drink with her tonight, but he said he can’t, not tonight at least. He has two more shows at this place he’s playing at a courtesy and doesn’t want to be too tired. But, he’ll go have a drink Sunday night if she’d like!
He lowered her eyes again down to her stomach, and before she knew what he was doing, he poked her now distended belly, swollen from all those milkshake drinks. “Besides” he said, poking it again, “it seems like someone has been enjoying themselves tonight. I’m not sure I’d be able to catch up.” He gave her a wink and turned to head back stage.
Angel’s face turned bright red, she was mortified! Four…Five drinks? It couldn’t have been that much. But she’d taken so little care that she really hadn’t noticed her stomach now pressed out slightly, hiding all of the abs she’d worked so hard to be able to show off.
“UGH!” She groaned, and turned, cursing again at the sloshing in her stomach, and the milkshake moved in her belly with every step. She had to get home, there was no way that just happened.
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