swell night

chapter 1

Jack had just finished watching ant man before getting up to see what was in the fridge. It was just him in the house, his girlfriend Tasha was working late at night so he was free to watch whatever. He decided he was going to get something to drink and head upstairs to bed. He stretched his muscular form off the couch and scratched his fingers through his sandy blond hair. He was the definition of a jock tall, skinny, but had the body of Thor. He made his way to the fridge, his blue eyes shooting back and fourth at the contents inside when his eyes landed on a smoothie. It came in a green package and was shaped like avdaninald yogurt. Next to it was a note that said "DO NOT DRINK"! He hesitated, but figured if Tasha wanted some she could always buy more. He grabbed the drink and popped the lid to reveal green milky contents. He tilted his head back and chugged it down. He read the name on the bottle "huh Nutro Fill". He said curiously. He never heard of it before. He tossed the bottle in the trash and headed upstairs to his room. He considered taking his jeans and button up off but was too tired to care from his workout earlier today so he just crawled on the bed and laid on his back. He laid there for a few seconds shutting his eyes but he began to feel weird. He felt tingley all over his body. He opened his eyes and was startled to find his stomach pooching out a little. " That smoothie must have made me bloated" he thought. He touched his belly only to be further shocked. It felt soft! He squished his little belly to feel a layer of fat covering his abs. "What the..." was all he could get out before the feeling returned and he watched his stomach press tighter in his shirt. It grew and grew now straining the buttons of his shirt. His perfectly defined pecks also started to swell bigger pushing into his shirt. Before long, his buttons all started to disappear as they one by one shot across the room. He now laid there with his shirt completely opened. He looked at his circular belly the size of a soccer ball. Every expansion sent a little ripple of jiggle throughout his belly. He could only stare in awe of what he was becoming. He then noticed his pants that moments ago were loose we're now skin tight. He leaned over his ball of a belly as much as he could to see his growing thighs and calves tearing the side of his pants. Not long after, sounds of ripping came from behind him as he felt the seat of his pants stretch then relax in tatters around his growing form. He half rolled over to see his ass was plush and full of soft fat. His arms followed behind his legs as they tore his shirt until that too laid around his fattening body. His fingers were now sausages as well as his feet looked bigger. His socks were ripped to shreds as his size 9 shoes became a size 12 he hefted his bulk of the bed and stood in front of a full length mirror. His hulking body took up the whole mirror. As he looked down, his eyebrows raised at his now thicker shlong pushing through his underwear his growing slowed to a hault the last stretch of expansion jolting his body causing his fat to quiver. He was fat and muscular. He was shocked but felt so sexy. "I could get used to being a bear he said through his fuller face. He couldn't stop touching his body. He got hard as he further examined his thick meat hands and arms and his tank of a stomach. His favorite part was jiggling his big fat ass and thighs. "Tasha walked into the bedroom only to drop her purse in shock " WHAT THE FUCK...JACK?" "Yeah babe it's me I kinda drank your smoothie and the next thing I know I am a big ass bear!" " that wasnt a smoothie dingus, that was a lab experiment from my job it was to help homeless and hungry people fill up on their daily nutrients but it was highly defective. It also caused a huge amount of weight gain but I'll try to see if I can fix it I..." "NO! I like being this way I feel, I feel powerful and sexy!" She stared at him her worried expression turned from shocked to really turned on. "Well if you want to stay this way, let's have some fun she said as she unbuttoned her shirt.'

It had been a couple months since that night and Jack was still just as big. His sec life was far more superior to his cookie cutter jock bod days and his friends couldn't help but stare in envy as they wished they could be that huge. Of course if a guy asked to be his size his now wife knew the formula to help them out. Either way, he now was living the good life
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