switching places

  By Mahi

chapter 1

I've been a reader of the genre for awhile but decided to finally write one of my own. This is the kind of story that I like to read, and it'd be sweet if you ended up liking it too.

(wg, wl, role reversal, figure swap)

Lauren was biking in the rain again. It wasn’t because she wanted to though, its been her only means of getting around since moving down south for College. On the bright side, at least there wasn’t much winter to bare through in Savannah, Georgia. Besides from transportation, Lauren’s bike was her main form of exercise. Pair that with the brutal hot weather and she was rewarded with a trim athletic body that brought stares from many pedestrians and motorists as they watched her zoom by on her ride to work.

Her first office job out of college brought her the thrill of adulthood and independence that she both needed and craved. Living in the city without car payments and saving loads of money on cheap rent put her in her current position working as a contract designer for a local marketing agency named Cove with aspirations to comfortably take the leap and aspire to bigger and better things. She prepared herself mentally as she entered the building after locking up her bike on the rack. Nerves aside. she was ready to announce to her office that she will be accepting a new position up in New Hampshire in a matter of weeks.

Walking into the lobby Lauren caught eye contact with the office’s receptionist, Brianna, with her face beaming with a confident smile. Having the need to now approach her, Lauren scanned the blonde’s radiant figure that rivaled her even her own. She was a bit older than Lauren, maybe early 30’s, so she must stay on top of her routine, Lauren thought.

“Did you hear about the new hire? Looks like you’re going to have a new little rookie in the agency pretty soon! I’ve only seen Linda’s Zoom screen of her shoulders up but she looks hella chunky. Think you can whip her into fighting shape, eh Lauren?” said Brianna.

Lauren thinking about if she should drop the news to Brianna now or later, “I’m sure I can show her the ropes, we’ll have to see just how tubby this munchkin is first.”

Company culture at the office was really quite edgy when it came to body image. It was predominantly young women, seemingly all remarkably in shape. The men kept their heads low and out of the gossip, but if perhaps a chunky girl came to the office it was only a matter of time until the habits of the team leaders were drilled into their head like a freshly signed army recruit.

Lauren got on with her day after hearing scattered words about the new hire. Once lunchtime came and she finished her meal prepped chicken and rice she methodically approached her supervisor to spill the beans about her career move. She hand in hand walked out to the middle of the workplace with her supervisor and delivered the news that was accompanied by a round of applause and a slight tinge of sorrow to see their friend go.

The next two weeks carried out a large amount of planning and organizing for her leave while balancing regular work duties.
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Mahi 2 years
@kjdfduhfjdf thanks for the feedback, I was aiming for it to be a short read but totally feel where you're coming from. Sometimes I feel bored with slow burners that release weekly and this was me doing the opposite
Kjdfduhfjdf 2 years
I like it but I think it needs more detail about the change and an explanation in a gradually way
Mahi 2 years
Hey @Andi22, thanks for your support. I just came to a comfortable stopping point and decided it was time to post it. If I do continue it would be with untold scenes from before the switch contrasted by ones from after.
AndiFive 2 years
please tell me that this story is not over and that there will be a continuation, I really want to see how the relationship of the two will be with these exchange of roles and social status