taste tester

chapter 1

It was a Friday night in October. Peter had just walked into his dorm where his roommate, Liam, was.
"You going out tonight?" Asked Peter.
"Sorry man I can't. I've got a huge test to study for. You know how it is," Liam replied.
"I understand," said Peter, "I'll see if I can bring back a girl for you. To get you in better spirts about the test."
They both had a laugh.
Peter grabbed his jacket, said goodbye to Liam, and headed out. He took an Uber to a bar that he and Liam would frequent. When he got there he hopped and went inside.
Once inside he ordered a beer from the bar. He took a seat on one of the stools and looked around. The place was packed, but this was normal for a Friday night in a college town. He noticed a cute girl sitting over at a table by herself. He wanted to go over and talk to her but he was nervous about it. He took another drink of the beer and stood up. He began walking over to her table. He was so focused on where he was going and what to say that he didn't pay attention to what was around him. He tripped over a chair and spilled his beer on the guy in the seat next to him.
"What's your issue man?" The guy angrily asked.
"Oh gosh, I'm- I'm so sorry I didn't mean-" Peter was interrupted
"You have about three second to turn around and run out that door before I bust your face open boy," The man said.
Peter knew he was serious. He ran out the door as fast as he could and then down another block. He rounded the corner and checked behind him to make sure he wasn't being followed. When he saw he was safe he began to walk down the street. Out of curiosity he just kept walking. It was a street that he never traveled down as it was just a side street. After walking for several minutes he came across another bar. He figured since his normal hangout was ruined for the night he might as well try here. He took a step inside. It was a little smaller than the ones closer to campus, but it was a bar all the same. He went ahead and ordered a beer and he found a table towards the back to sit down at. He didn't want what just happened to repeat itself.

After a couple more beers he was sitting there debating on another one when he noticed two people walking up to his table. He glances up and it is two of the prettiest girls who went to his college. One of them was a short blonde who did a track and field. The other was average height brunette that he recognized from the swim team at the school.
"Hey cutie, what are you doing over here all by yourself?" Asked the blonde.
"Um- well- I-" Peter bumbled.
"I'm Brandi," said the blonde, "and this is Rachel."
"Well it's nice to meet both of you. I'm Peter," said Peter as he was finally able to put his words together. "What are you two ladies doing tonight?"
"Well we were looking for a little fun tonight," said Brandi, "we just needed a guy to join in with us."
"Oh, so like a threesome?" Peter asked.
"Yeah I think that's the best thing to call it." Rachel said looking back at Brandi, "so what do you say?"
"I'm in" replied Peter, "I mean if you both were looking for individual guys, my roommate it single and most like wouldn't mind. We could head back to my dorm."
"No," said Rachel, " we're really just looking for one guy. One that can handle everything we have to offer. We'd also rather go back to out place. He live in a house off campus so it's a lot more private."
"Ok then. I ready when you are," Peter relied enthusiastically.

They got an Uber back to the girls place and walked inside. It was a decent sized house for two college students to be able to afford. The kitchen was bigger than most houses Peter had seen. The entire first floor was a quite large.
"So how do the two of you afford this place. It's really nice." Peter asked.
"Both of out dads are high up on wall street. They would pay for anywhere we want to live," Rachel answered.
Brandi went over to the the freezer. She pulled out a bottle of whiskey.
"I figured this could make things a little more fun." She said as she popped the top. Rachel removed three glasses from the cabinet and set them on the counter.
"I'm going to go use the bathroom and then I'll be ready to throw down."

After coming back from the bathroom Peter saw that the girls already had their glasses in hand waiting for him. He grabbed his glass and they all went to sit on the couch. They sat down and then each through back their glass.
"Let me go grab the bottle off of the counter and I'll pour everyone some more," Brandi said.
"I feel kind of lightheaded," Said Peter.
"Oh come on, you're not a lightweight are you?" teased Rachel. This is the last thing Peter heard before passing out.

When he came to Peter was sitting in a chair somewhere unfamiliar. He started to get up when he realized he was tied down. He frantically yelled for help.
"Oh good, you're awake," Said a familiar voice behind him. Rachel walked out from behind him. She had a smug look on her face.
"What's going on? Why am I tied up?" Peter asked with a mix of fear and confusion.
"Well you see Peter, you are our new taste tester." Rachel replied.
"Your what? I really don't understand." Peter said confusedly.
"Brandi and I really enjoy cooking, but we can't possibly eat everything we cook cook. After all, we are both athletes. We need to stay in tip top shape to win. We need someone to eat everything that we cook so that it doesn't go to waste. That's where you come in. You're gonna eat it all. Whether you like it or not. Not only that, but we're gonna make sure to take videos and pictures of each tasting session. There are people out there who pay good money to watch boys like you eat and eat and eat." Rachel explained.
Peter was speechless. "You can't do this to me. When I get out of here I'm calling the police."
"That's if you get out. You don't know where you are. Along with the fact that you don't even have a phone. You're helpless. No one is gonna find you here. Look around, look at what we have for you."
Peter looked around. The room he was in was nice. He could tell it was a basement that had been finished, but very well. There was a large elevator door on one wall. There was a camera set up facing another.
"That's where we do our filming. After a while, when the chair breaks, we're gonna have to move you the bed over there. From that point we'll just see how big you get." Rachel said.
"How big I get? Like fat? You're gonna make me obese!" exclaimed Peter.
"More than JUST obese. Morbidly obese. Even more than that. You know the BMI for obese is 30. For morbidly obese it's 40. Hopefully yours will be 80. When you were out we took some measurements. 5' 9" at 155 pounds. Average body. We figured you'd be perfect for this since you're pretty much a blank canvas."
"But what about my life. I have responsibilities and dreams." Peter said through shock.
"Those are no more. Your new responsibility is to eat what and when we tell you. Speaking of which, it's about time to introduce you to the camera." Rachel said.
Peter was still in shock. It was all a lot to take in.
"And one more thing," said Rachel, "your name is no longer Peter, you will only be known as piggy."

The elevator dinged as Brandi stepped out with a cart. At first Peter did not think this cart had much of anything on it. As she rolled it closer he realized there was a cake about 9 inches across sitting on it. Rachel leaned forward and turned on the camera.
"Hello everyone, I'm very excited to show everyone our new taste tester! He will be trying all of our delicious foods that we cook for him. Today he will be trying Brandi's new cake recipe! It's a highly dense triple chocolate cake. One slice of cake has 600 calories, and this cake has 12 slices. That's a total of 7200 calories! Thankfully we have a half-gallon of whole milk for him to wash it down with. Let's get started!"
Peter was horrified. He couldn't eat all that! He would surely pop. As Rachel picked up the first piece and brought it to his mouth, he didn't want to open it. Brandi came over, grabbed his mouth and forced it open. Brandi forced his mouth closed to take a bite of the cake. All Peter could do was chew and swallow. Rachel brought it to his mouth again, but he didn't want to open up. Brandi again forced him to take a bite, this time much rougher. He realized she would hurt him seriously if he kept doing resisting, so he relented. He finished the piece without issue. He then finished the second and the third. He was feeling full already.
"I think he looks thirsty," Said Brandi.
"I think so too," agreed Rachel.
Brandi picked up a funnel and a half-gallon of milk. She held the funnel in his mouth while Rachel poured the milk into it. Peter was having to chug it in order to keep it from getting everywhere. After a third of the carton was gone they went back to the cake. He ate the next 4 pieces as well as he could. He felt his stomach stretching like never before. He could feel it digesting the food he had already consumed. The funnel and milk was brought back out. He drank another third of the milk before they had him eat again. The last five pieces were harder going down. He wanted to quit but he couldn't. They wouldn't let him. Even if he was unrestrained he wouldn't be able to do anything. His belly was in pain from the shear volume of food. After the cake was gone they made him finish the milk.
"That's all we have for right now everyone. We really hope you enjoyed it. Don't worry, we will be making content as much as possible with our new taste tester. Check back in later to see any new content!" Rachel then turned the camera off. She turned to look at Peter.
"You did so well piggy. I've never had someone eat that much on the first video. You're for sure gonna a favorite."
Brandi stepped forward to the chair. She reached out and touched the distended belly in front of her. Peter groaned as she began caressing it. It was so tight and round. She couldn't believe it was so perfect. Peter let out a large burp and Brandi laughed.
"You're already my favorite piggy. The others weren't near as hot. You're just a piggy to the core. You gave us control faster than anyone we've seen before. You're going to be irresistible when you get bigger. She reached down and undid his pants and leaned the seat back. Rachel took the cart along with the cake tray and milk carton back into the elevator to clean up. She wanted to give Brandi and their new piggy some alone time. She knew that he was going to be different than every other taste tester before this.
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Fanedfox 1 year
Well written and I do like the plot, and so far, the characters.
I'm curious, we Peter nka "piggy" start to enjoy his new "situation" or will he continue to try to resist?
Fatlover18 1 year
I haven’t decided where I want to take it yet. But I will definitely be continuing this at some point