that will be you

chapter 1

“Alright boys, wheel her in!”

You fuck with us, we will ruin you. Permanently.

The current chubby woman I had in front of me struggled in vain against her restraints, to no avail. She wasn’t escaping, and even if she did, where would she go? She’d get tackled by the guards in no time.

“Fuck you, you fucking asshole!” I quick slap to her face let her know not to spout off, her eyes watery and cheek red from my hand.

“Listen here, you stupid broad. You screwed our company over big time, lots of people got hurt, and we are still recovering from all the damage you did. So, we are gonna make you hurt. We are going to make your body hurt every single day, you won’t be able to breathe after we are done with you. Your existence here will not be enjoyable.”

She got a little fiery at the end.

“What the hell are you gonna do? Your company is ruined, the damage is done. Break my bones, water board me, do whatever you want. I can take it.”
It’s funny. She thinks we are going to break her using clubs and by drowning her. Stupid girl.

Behind me, the men had finally arrived, rolling their cargo on a massive dolly between them. It took several strong men to move it, the wheels struggling hard. Behind, a dainty nurse rolled medical equipment behind. The stupid girl looked dumbfounded.

“What is that? A bunch of pillows and shit? What’re you gonna do, beat me to dea-“ her voice trailed off as she realized that on the dolly, was no mattress or dough or anything like that.

It was human flesh. And alive.

As the men came closer, the captive woman could see more details. The skin was extremely pale, with angry red marks and veins all over. It was a mass of rolls and fat, with adipose tissue starting to hang off the sides of the dolly. It was clear that whatever this was, it was too big.

It wasn’t right.

With her horror increasing every second, she began to pick out details. At the foot of the cart, was two small, dainty feet, being almost completely covered by fat from cankles. Attached to these feet, were enormous thighs that disappeared under a belly that must have alone weighed 600, 700 pounds.

“Get up, now.” I yanked the woman up, moving her closer to the monstrosity before us. “Take a better look.” I said as I shoved her closer.

She could now see that above the belly were two enormous breasts, stretched to their capacity, looking extremely full but also painfully left hanging at the sides. I grabbed one hefty breast, squeezing it roughly and with no gentle care. A rough grunt was heard, coming from the top of the bed like dolly.

“Ah, she’s awake! Good to see she’s still alive after all this time. I’m honestly surprised you idiots didn’t roll a 1400 pound corpse in here.” Hearing “she” and “1400” sure did worry my captive, her face now one of visible disgust and horror.

Closer to the head of the cart, were arms. Arms that looked more like oversized hams than anything else. You could push all the way to the bone, you wouldn’t find a single muscle underneath that fat. Just useless limbs. At the end of the arms were hands, hands that were so pudgy they could barely be moved. And at the top, a head.

Closer inspection revealed that the hair had been shaved off, making it hard to distinguish gender from a distance. A ventilator was pumping hard, seeing as how whatever this thing was had no way of breathing normally. Fat squished the eyes almost shut, and any semblance of a neck was gone. Numerous medical machines were hooked into the fat, taking tallies of just how bad this was.

“This oversized waste of space here is Molly. Molly did a very similar thing to you, and this is the result.”

The woman was freaking out now, hysterically yelling.


“Well, since you asked so nicely, I’ll put it in simple terms. We are force feeding her to the absolute, human limit. We broke her will easily at 800 pounds, you should have seen her crying. Every single day, her stomach is pumped to almost exploding. Her body is crushing her, every breathe she tries to take is just a wheeze, and she has to live this every. Single. Day. Every time she has a massive heart attack or cardiac arrest, we bring her back. Her stomach is about to rupture? We slow it down. Her breathing stops? We force her lungs to work. She has so many drugs going into her body, she probably thinks she’s in either heaven or hell. Or both, who knows.”

The woman was freaking out now, needing the guards to restrain her. Tears falling down, her pleads of mercy falling on deaf ears.

I bought her in closely.

“That is going to be you. And rest assured, you will hate every second of it. And when you finally leave this world, you’ll know that you messed with the wrong people. Molly is going to kick the bucket soon, but you are gonna take her place.”

It seems we broke this one at only 200 pounds, she’s gonna have a rough time at 1600.
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