the 1950's husband

Chapter 1 - the love of food

The 1950's Husband

The Husband's Point of View

He's in a cubicle all day, eating whenever he can. Buying every meal out and surprising the fast food servers when he orders two meals - for one person. Despite this day of gluttony alongside work, he knows what's waiting for him.

Stepping into the door of his home, are two of the most gorgeous sights he'll ever see. First, his wife, an absolute knockout and a feeder to boot. Second, the spread of food that's been made for him by his love.

Two hours of gorging and stuffing his face, his stomach - already huge at an easy 350 pounds - is even more distended than usual. Belt and button undone, he waddles finally to the couch to watch the game. His beautiful wife, never out of his mind, returns with a beer in hand.

A few hours later, food coma about to set in, his other hunger rumbles. That curvy beauty, still turned on from seeing her husband's show at dinner, needs to be rewarded. They go to the bedroom, strip down, and despite his girth he mounts her. She screams with delight as his body nearly consumes her. Sex is hard for him now at this size, but despite it he powers through, sweating and breathing heavily, determined to bring his wife to pleasure. He will not stop until her moans reach their climax.

Thoroughly exhausted after the performance, he falls to the side, bouncing the bed. But the night's not over yet, no the wife reminds him. He's burned too many calories during sex, and he needs to regain his strength. Low and behold, there's a gainer shake waiting for him on the side table.

Energy, for the next day, and the next meal, and the next performance.

The Wife's Point of View

After a long hard day of working, my fat hubby comes home he's tired and hungry and he smells a feast cooking when he comes through the door. On the table is a spread that makes his mouth water. He grunts as he sits down on the chair, ready to dig into the feast his big belly is spilling over his belt into his lap

He's been eating so well and at work he sits a lot so he's gotten quite fat since we married, at work he even has a stash of fattening treats in his desk but that snacking all day doesn't make him any less hungry when he comes home...

It takes him two hours to eat all the wonderful food on the table, his belly is tight and hard he undoes his belt with a grunt and a sigh of relief as his fat spills out, popping off one of his shirt buttons as well. He gets up from the table and waddles over to the couch for some TV, I bring him a beer.

Three hours of TV and he's getting sleepy so he gives me the look and we gladly head to the bedroom for some after stuffing sex. He still likes to be on top despite the fact he's already well past 350 pounds, he knows how to use that fat belly to make me so horny that orgasms come quickly. Then he empties his load and rolls off with a grunt. And then, patting his fat belly and grunting as he reaches for the post-sex weight gainer shake that is always waiting for him on the night stand. He knows that tomorrow, he will do this all over again, and at work he always arrives happy and ready to be productive.

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